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What to do about it? Well, here’s one thing, at least.


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I’m not exactly sure why everyone’s so shocked that the House Democrats by and large rolled over and showed their bellies to be rubbed by the Bush Administration and, more importantly, taking away citizen rights to the benefit of corporate interests and political power. In the past eight years, you can almost count the times these cats stood up to the Powers That Be on two hands and still have a pair of middle fingers to flash at the families of soldiers killed in Iraq, those left still homeless after Katrina and the vast bulk of us trying to figure out how in the hell we’re gonna aford to buy milk once gas hits five bucks a gallon. I mean, ain’t y’all been paying attention? The fact we didn’t vote most those motherfuckers out of office in 2002 and 2004, regardless of party affiliation is as much evidence to me as anything that the Great American Experiement has been bought and sold for 30 pieces of silver, stock options and a pundit’s gig on Fox News.


This seems appropriate, somehow.


I find it ironic that “small government”Republicans seems to believe that private businesses should do whatever the government tells them to do.

Oh well. More purges of crappy democrats this year, I guess. What kind of severance packages do Congresspeeps get?


There’s absolutely no reason to be pissed at bush/cheney and the republicans on this one. Like the asp that never quite made it to the other side of the river, they merely did what they do. It is, as has been said, their nature.

But here’s the thing. This didn’t need to happen. Every time McCain and the republicans hollered that without this leglslation we were all gonna DIE, and yet, nothing bad happened, the fear mongering approach to political campaigning simple lost a little more cred.

But for some reason, Stenny Hoyer, Rahm Emanuael and Nancy Pelosi decided it was more important to push the bush agenda than it was to push their own.

A suspicious person might wonder if they were afraid of prosecution. But laws are funny, slippery things, and one suspects there might be a loophole or two that they didn’t expect, much like the Spanish Inquisition. John Dean tonight indicated that they could still be hauled into court on criminal charges.

Whatever. Consider it a Rubicon crossed. Party loyalty can eat old, moldy shit and die. EVERY single one of these bush-enabling criminal pandering sellout fuckwads is a target. And many of us, Glenn and Jane and so many more, are willing to go to war against them. Give to the PACs, but even more, work against them. As much as I like her, and as proud as I have been of her position, I will personally commit to working to end Nancy Pelosi’s political career. Because she alone, without anyone else, could have prevented this. This bill did not have to come to a vote. It did not have to come to the floor today. Many options existed, and her incoherent explanations are just sad lies. She’s afraid of being prosecuted, and she hid. At long last, no courage.

Fuck ’em. No more blind support for any fucking shithead with a “D” in front of their names. If you’re just there to play the DC game, you’re done. That’s the news…



Peooople please get this through your frickin heads. The Democratic leadership did not “epic fail” they just fucked you over because quite frankly this bill is in their interest too. They didn’t “roll over” they got exactly what they wanted and they threw you under the bus because they don’t really give a shit about you.



Looks like I’ll be calling my Senators AGAIN next week. Sure get a better reception from Sen Boxer’s office than Sen Feinstein’s. Gotta do it, though, this is too friggin’ important.


Here’s one thing you can do: http://www.votenader.org


Breaketh the law …
Breaketh the law …


I am an idiot dupe and wipe up Republican splooge.


Ah, if only Larry Flynt had some juicy dirt on Hoyer…

Are there no hookers out there willing take down a Blue Dog?


And Obama’s backing it? Sheesh, it’d be nice if we vote for someone who’s not a complete sellout at least once! I guess “change” means “not so much”.


Sheesh, it’d be nice if we vote for someone who’s not a complete sellout at least once! I guess “change” means “not so much”.

Well he IS a gay muslim so that’s something.


Nancy Pelosi had best be glad that I don’t live in her district.
OTOH, there are an awful lot of people who are going to remember her continuous capitulations. Cindy Sheehan isn’t going to win, but I’ll bet she’ll make the Speaker look over her shoulder a whole lot between now and November.


The most effective thing you can do is CUT OFF the DCCC and the DSCC and give your money directly to Members of Congress and challengers who show integrity and courage. Otherwise your donations end up in the coffers of douchebag Blue Dogs and other alleged Democratic scum.


What Stevenovitch said.

Obama doesn’t have money worries. The Democratic Congresswhores do. They count on that sweet, sweet cash from the telecoms to plump up their campaign coffers. If Obama’s not opposing it, it’s because others in the party have leaned on him not to cut them off from their dealers.

If anyone needs to be targeted on this, it needs to be Obama himself. He needs to hear from us that a “yes” vote on this is unacceptable if the immunity provision remains. It won’t hurt him in the least, though the Republicans will try valiantly to equate a “no” vote on immunizing big corporations for breaking the law as being “soft on terrorism”. It’s not, most people know it’s not, and he’s gifted enough to explain his position.

Nazi war criminals weren’t let off the hook for going along with what their leaders told them to do. Not all of the telecoms went along with the illegalities – Quest for example, who was driven out of business for refusing to go along (shut out of government contracts). When there’s no upfront incentive for obeying the law, and massive upfront disincentive for breaking it, going back later and rewarding the lawbreakers with immunity simply guarantees more bad behavoir in the future.

If you haven’t yet emailed the Obama campaign on the issue, do it. It won’t stop this abortion from passing, but it will at least put our candidate on the record as not being ok with rewarding criminal behavoir.

Then email everyone else and raise bloody hell with them about it, too.


What Mikey said above, times eleventy.

I’ve spent 8 years defending my vote for Nader in 2000, and while I won’t do that again this election year (President McCain might well bring about the apocolypse), I will never apologize for what I did 8 years ago. I saw no reason to vote for a Democrat over a Republican then, and the only reason I have now is the aforementioned end of times. That’s how bad it’s gotten: the Democrat is somewhat less likely than the Republican to kill us all, so he’s got my vote.

But seriously, fuck the Democrats. Do you really need further proof that they’re useless? Just what exactly are you waiting for?


It is not impossible to fight the powers that be.
It is, howerver, impossible to mediate, mitigate, stop, thwart, redirect or in any way compel the powers that be to behave in such a way whereby they account for their actions or otherwise report to the citizenry of this country in a fashion befitting a representational democracy. Without being compulsed, that is. Oh, by all means fight the powers that be. But force the powers …? Well, that takes guns and numbers and whatnot. Nothing doing.


Major CYA going on. If those Reps & Senators aren’t being blackmailed, which is quite possible, they are colluding with the Repubs and Phone-Internet companies.

Pelosi, Hoyer, Boxer, Reid and their lil’ pals are rich and have become richer (I think Feinstein’s husband is a billionare) during their terms. Not to mention cheney and his no-bid Haliburton shares. They are all good pals with the CEO’s and major shareholders of AT&T, Verizon and such. Naturally they’ll protect their friends.

Things will improve somewhat if & when all elections are publicly financed, (tho I believe that is the case in England, and look at them).

I am trying to hope that this administration and the corrupt Congress which enables them will lead, like King John’s Reign 800 years ago, to a better and stronger constitution. Good *can* come out of bad.

I was going to send $100 to Obama, but it is going to the Strange Bedfellows instead.


Just another nail in the fucking coffin.

R.I.P USA, 1776-2000

I weep for my country. Again. More.

And mikey, if you come up with any good ideas to unhorse Pelosi, I’m with you. I actually voted for her in the primary because she seemed to be starting to employ reason in respect to the primary silliness. I’m never marking next to her name again.


owlbear1 said,

Ah, if only Larry Flynt had some juicy dirt on Hoyer…

Are there no hookers out there willing take down a Blue Dog?

That might be the problem. I suspect Rove already has a file on some of these guys. You don’t think they’re just spyin’ on them raghead mooslims, do ya?

That’s how J. Edgar Hoover did it – a nice fat file of photographic proof that the Kennedy boys were banging Marylin. Rove is easily as evil as Hoover. If his Blue Dogs don’t play along he goes right to Faux Nooze and spills.


The fact is, my penis is going to conduct unwarranted surveillance on your liberal asses.

In the Heartland, no less.

Gary Ruppert's Brain

The fact is, here in the heartland


If those Reps & Senators aren’t being blackmailed,

In my book, probably the lion’s share of the reason that the administration absolutely cannot have any sort of oversight on any of this.


Good *can* come out of bad.

Indeed. I’ve been saying something like that for years now. Unfortunately, it is my belief that things need to get worse, much worse, perhaps Great Depression worse, before they will get better. These fucktards have become incredibly adept at surfing the public’s last nerve. They will bury us all by increments and piss on the mound as soon as our legs are stuck.

It may, ultimately, come horribly undone. If it does, I only hope that it is horrible enough that none will be quieted until those responsible swing. Giving them the option to simply slink off and regroup is just not going to cut it.

Anybody that can’t see that the swiftly approaching $200 a barrel cost of oil is Enron writ large isn’t paying that much attention. For an item that has spent virtually its entire time as a commodity, barring one other instance of organized market manipulation, at very near the same price, adjusted, of course, for inflation, the current spike is nothing short of absurd. Sure, blame it on China, wink, wink. Oh, it’s “speculation”, nudge, nudge. It was not so long ago that the President of the United States said on national TV that the price of crude was going up due to the lack of US refinery capacity, and nobody just said “I’m sorry, but that’s sheer, unmitigated bullshit.” Then again, everybody on TV has quite a lot of practice not saying “I’m sorry, but that’s sheer, unmitigated bullshit” to the President, but I digress…

TL;DR, we’re fucked. We’re being fucked. We’re likely to stay well and truly fucked until such a time that we’re so fucked we don’t even have a hole to shit in, or out of. At that point, and not likely any sooner, blood will flow in the streets of the Capital, and we’ll have to start this whole fucking experiment over again. Hopefully, this time we’ll include mandatory public facial-bear-trapping for the ilk that steal the food from the kiddies so they can rent another hooker, literally or figuratively.


But I’m not bitter, or anything.


Forgive me if this is a trite thought, been said before, but we might be seeing a political version of what’s been happening across traditional media/business lines: to wit, a fundamental split along what democracy means in the Internet age. A number of pols have embraced the netroots, they “get it”, and understand that an informed populace is actually the best thing for an honest politician…while the other half, the “old media” politicians, the Reids and Pelosis and Liebermans (well, he’s just a psycho more than anything), see the groundswell of patriotism and political activism from the ‘net as a terrible thing, a huge existential threat to their god-given superiority to the rest of us.

The new partisanship isn’t R v. D — it’s THEM vs. US.

And they are not yet aware of all internet traditions!


I think if NO ONE gave a cent to Obama for the next week or two he might get the point.
Don’t think this didn’t happen without his approval and encouragement.


OTB: “And they are not yet aware of all internet traditions!”

And yet for so many years they happily yelled “Frist!”


I just left the Democratic Party. I let Obama know that I did, and that I won’t be contributing to him for the near future, as my political contributions are going to the PAC to punish the Dems who have betrayed their oath to the Constitution.

As bklyn said, make sure Obama gets the message, and send him a message, literally, that you now have new political priorities.


Some historical on this references and musings on America today. http://www.tagg-theangrygayguy.com

Emperor U.S.A. (the naked truth)

Oh, come on, guys! Don’t be such negative nellies! Why, Atrios has unleashed the power of his mighty “wanker of the day” on Obama for this, so I’m sure he’ll realize what a grave mistake he’s made by crossing the netroots! They might send him their money still, but they sure won’t be happy about it, by gum!

Oh, and mobetta Democrats. Do what we tell you this time, guys, or…oh, fuck, who are we kidding, we’ll vote for you no matter what, you know that because we keep saying so. Second verse, same as the first.


Unfortunately, it is my belief that things need to get worse, much worse, perhaps Great Depression worse, before they will get better.

This sounds perilously close to the wingtard theme/meme where they cream their jeans hoping for another massive terrorist attack on home soil so that the liberals and other dhimmis and dupes will finally wake up and see what they’ve been saying all this time.

Let’s not fall into the trap of wishing for bad and worse shit to happen just to prove our point of how fucked up things are.


6/20/08 will go down in history as 9/11/01 of both general concern-trolling and, more obviously, pearl-clutching by HRC dead-enders.

Settle down, people. Take a deep breath…


Joe Max said,
June 21, 2008 at 8:36
That might be the problem. I suspect Rove already has a file on some of these guys. You don’t think they’re just spyin’ on them raghead mooslims, do ya?

That’s how J. Edgar Hoover did it – a nice fat file of photographic proof that the Kennedy boys were banging Marylin. Rove is easily as evil as Hoover. If his Blue Dogs don’t play along he goes right to Faux Nooze and spills.

When I called Hoyer’s office yesterday I asked if Bush had planted bombs all over Congress and threatens to set them off every time he doesn’t get his way.

I got a nervous chuckle in response…


AWH, thanks for coming out and defending the indefensible. I mean, who gives a shit, right? Who cares if the policies are hard right as long as the candidate has a (D) next to his name? And nice sexist aside there, too, by the way. Classy.

I’m with Stevenovitch up-thread, of course. The Democrats don’t “cave”. They do these things because it’s their function in the power structure to do so. Their role is to give the appearance of caring about the things that actually matter to the people, to create the illusion of democratic choice, but selling them out at every turn. (Obama is made for that. Perfect fit.)


Yes, it is Us versus Them.

Expecting an apocalypse isn’t the same as wanting one. We know it’s going to take a national, cataclysmic event to wake up this country and it’s not terribly wrong to want to see the end of our country’s corrupt institutions.

Since we have given our government so much power it is also inevitable that they will continue in this manner until they have left us with nothing to lose. That might take a decade or two, which is a long time for us to pay the government to kill people all over the world for the American Way of Life

Maybe our AWoL is wrong.


“Things will improve somewhat if & when all elections are publicly financed, (tho I believe that is the case in England, and look at them).”

It is not the case in England.


Res ipsa loquitur, complete with an attempt to make it about sexism.


slippy hussein toad


I’m checking out for a week, people. Before I go, I ask the Oh Noes to contemplate the following:

In 2000, I voted for Nader on the basis that the traitorous Democrats had passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I will give you a cookie if you can tell me how that’s impacted my life versus how the Iraq War, Permanent Recession, Collapsing Dollar, Mortgage Bubble, and Gas Prices have affected it.

Then I will ask if you think I believe it was worth it to spite my face. Hell, don’t ask me. Fucking hell, ask these guys if it felt good.

FUCK! People are IDIOTS!


Hear that folks? We need to all be quiet so we don’t upset Congress or Obama.

Shhhhhh, they are sensitive souls.


You know what slippy, just because you idiotically voted for Nader in 2000 (not saying it was idiotic to vote for Nader, but it was idiotic to do so based on a copyright act) doesn’t mean we are idiots, too. Clearly, you like getting screwed over. Good for you! It makes life much easier. Let’s talk again when Pres. Obama has attacked Iran, given away billions to the insurance industry, appointed winger number 5 to the supreme court to demonstrate his “bipartisanship”, and laughed into your face all the while. Then you can triumphantly point out that McCain would have attacked Iran twice, so everyone should just shut up and quit whining, as is fitting in a “democracy”.

In the meantime, you might want to contemplate if there is, just maybe, a tiny little difference between copyright issues and the constitutional right not to have your phone calls recorded by the state.


Your ideological purity was teh awesome, slippy hussein toad.

(1) Win
(2) Fix Shit

(1) Gratuitously and negatively differentiate self from McCain on national security issues in the minds of just the dimmish Ohio State fans you need to convince to vote for you.
(2) ????
(3) $$$


And from the smattering of Dem toadies all over the place, I imagine its been a busy weekend for Hoyer’s and Pelosi’s staff…


82% SAY US on wrong track.

Don’t ya think just maybe the continued Capitulations will DRIVE AWAY all those pissed off Americans?

As in, ” Aw fuck it! There is NO POINT in voting this year”.


Yes, Christian, when President Obama attacks Iran, we’ll talk.

Hopefully, not before then.

This really is the fucking 9/11 of concern-trolling.

If I call you “hysterical” (in both senses) of the word, is that sexist too?

After all, it’s from the same etymological root as hysterectomy…


Maybe what has to happen is for Obama to assume office with all the executive powers that Bush has given for himself. Then as if by magic, outraged Republicans will oppose those powers, and the very serious media will pronounce solemnly upon how troubling it is to have a president with too much power. The congressional Democrats will roll over and enact legislation to correct the balance of power. Problem fixed!


Hey, AWH knows Latin! Wow, I surrender. For the record: I’m not a Clinton fan, or a fan of any Democrat for that matter. And yes, “HRC dead-enders clutching their pearls” is sexist crap. Par for the liberal course, I guess.


You can call me whatever you want, AWH – the whole dictionary forwards and backwards. It’s when you start abusing HRC supporters with sexist stereotypes that we have a problem. Just as I imagine it would be recognized as problematic if you applied racist stereotyping to Obama supporters. Recognized by people who aren’t completely tone-deaf or exhibit cult-like behavior, of course – so that might not include you.


Yes, it’s plainly teh sexist to employ a widely-used political snark used to describe Victorian-level hypersensitivity by people on both sides of the political aisle, most often white Republican men …

dear lord … why even bother…

Talk to me when Hussein Obama X bombs Iran. Please, no more until then.


Serious lack of snark here today. Probably indicative of many pissed off people. Me too.

Dammit. And here I was, beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, things could change and this country could become the place that we would all like to think it should be.

I’m a gullible doink. I want my clown hat now.


“Hypersensitivity” = “concern for the constitution”. The modern liberal mind is a wonder to behold. The vast emptiness of space… all in head-sized bowl.


Obama bombed Iran?

"Oh Stewardess, I Speak 'Nut"

Susan of Texas, shining light that you are, on this sad day, the day when hope has died, you made me see for the first time the similarity between AWOL and AWoL. Bless you and your good humor (you should have your own blog); but it is clear thanks to the bipartisan corporate police state the AWoL is AWOL and is not coming back.


Is it too much to ask sites wanting to raise serious cash for a serious cause not to use words like “cronies” twice in one sentence? Some professionalism, people.


Grab a fiddle and watch Rome burn. The Dems aren’t going to change. Most of them are simply bought off. The rest are cowards or idiots or both.


Grab a fiddle and watch Rome burn. The Dems aren’t going to change. Most of them are simply bought off. The rest are cowards or idiots or both.

That’s a productive and useful approach.


Yeah, wow. This is Overreaction City, here.


Facing reality is a productive and useful approach. Then you can do something abou it.


I will give you a cookie if you can tell me how that’s impacted my life versus how the
Iraq War

Supported by Democrats.

Permanent Recession


Collapsing Dollar

A result of long-standing fiscal and trade policies that far predate Bush. Inevitable.

Mortgage Bubble

The same.

and Gas Prices have affected it.

A combination of factors led to high gas prices; I’m not convinced Bush has had a serious effect on them, nor that any other president would have dealt better with the problem.

Don’t get me wrong. I revile George W. Bush. But he’s not an aberration. He’s simply an unusually shameless figure from the slightly more thuggish wing of the US ruling elite. The fundamental principles (and lack thereof) which fuel his warmongering (American exceptionalism, capitalism, etc.) are just as firmly held by the Democratic Party.


Has anyone mentioned that a majority of Democrats voted against the bill? Seems germane to whatever it is that’s being argued.


Is anyone really surprised that Obama is tacking right for the general election campaign?

He’s going to be wrong (from my perspective) on lots of things, but I still think he’s going to allow more space for us to build constructive ideas than anyone in recent history.

Fiddle in your spare time, folks … nothing wrong with fiddling per se, just with addictively relying on it to avoid noticing reality.


I am sick to funkin’ death of people whining that the D are the same as the R’s and what’s the point.

THIS election season we have as clear a difference as humanly possible in the early 21st Century.

Yeah, I loved what Kucinich said. He’s not the nominee.

Clinton’s a fighter. But she’s not the nominee.

We have to have the votes of people who don’t know their ass from a groundhog hole, politically speaking. A lot of them still haven’t woken up to the present situation and what has caused it. The only thing that woke them up is $4 a gallon gas.

We need somebody those people can vote for.

Hell, if things made sense to the electorate, McCain would be a 5% and dropping.

So that’s the reality we need to work with. It would be great if the American people did realize all the shit being pulled in their name.

But we work with what we have.


Quest for example, who was driven out of business for refusing to go

Qwest (their spelling) did the right thing, and though they have been shut out of government contracts as punishment and it looks like their former CEO’s insider trading prosecution was just more Bush Justice malicious retribution for that disobedience, they sure aren’t out of business. I was into them for $181. this month, as they are my DSL internet, landline, and cell phone provider. (I’ve got a package deal.) They’re still a giant provider from the Pacific Northwest through the Upper Midwest. (Not sure where else they are prominent.)

Otherwise, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Obama needs to be pressured on this. We can’t afford to let that precedent be established. These guys just can’t get away with this stuff and still expect our votes.

Iowa’s two freshmen Dems voted the right way on this. (Braley and Loebsack.) That son-of-a-bitch Blue Dawg Leonard Boswell did his usual bullshit and went along with Pelosi and the rest of the Bushies. I loathe that man. I supported his primary challenger Ed Fallon, who I can state with certainty would never have approved this monstrosity, but Boswell had so much money and so much support from corporate insurance and agribusiness concerns that Ed couldn’t really win. Damned shame.

Boswell sent out flyers, paid for with taxpayer money, smearing Fallon in the most Rovian ways. A secretive insider group headed by a player in the construction/developer trades sent around even worse ads. I am not voting for Boswell this fall. I just can’t. I’m going to write in Ed Fallon. Boswell’s just gone too far one too many times.


Gee, what’s up with the strangers coming in here and flaming each other about how bad “this site” is?


Has anyone mentioned that a majority of Democrats voted against the bill? Seems germane to whatever it is that’s being argued.

Yes, that is germane. I was going to point out that, in the microcosm that is my state, two of the three Dem reps voted the right way. Then I started frothing at the mouth about Boswell (a name I can’t say without spitting) and didn’t tie it in. But absolutely, there is a HUGE difference between the vast majority of Dems and the Thugs, especially on social policy, and it needs to be pointed out. loudly and frequently.

Where would we be now if Al Gore had been Pres this past 8 years? I’m morally sure we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.


Where would we be now if Al Gore had been Pres this past 8 years?

There is very little reasonable doubt that we’d be better off, but that’s an easy one. We’d have been better off with Pat Paulsen.

I’ve grown a bit tired of all the worship of the hypothetical Gore presidency that never was. Sure, I like what Gore is now: an ex-politician free to speak his mind, and he’s done a wonderful job of it. Gore the elected official, however, was a very different person. This is not uncommon in politics, though Gore is probably the most extreme example of this turnabout.

It’s why I was never enthusiastically on board the draft Gore express. The minute he’s back in electoral politics, folks, it’ll be like you don’t even recognize him.


There y’all go again.

Great solution. Holler at each other. Call each other a buncha names.

Here’s the news. None of you are responsible for what happened.

In fact, except in the most generalized, indirect way, it’s not about you.

The problem is the system, the people that ended up in power due to that system, and an old way of doing and funding the peoples business.

If there is a solution, it is as simple as it is obvious. Use the unprecedented collective and organizing power of teh Series of T00bz™ to support and fund challenges NOT ONLY to the opposing party, but to any member of our party who sells out to the opposition, regardless of the reason.

In fact, endless speculation about the reasons is ultimately pointless. Does it really matter if they feared the political costs of looking “soft on terrror™”, or if they are being blackmailed, or if they fear prosecution for participation in the felonious excesses of government? From my perspective, how is one different from the other?

Greenwald is on to the only possible solution. Time will tell if it can work, but there’s no other practical approach. Logically, if we can make the political cost HIGHER to play the DC game than to buck the entrenched system, bucking the system will be the obvious path.

I found the poll showing the Democratic controlled congress more popular with republicans than democrats to be epiphanic. I don’t accept the premise there is no difference between dems and repubs, but there is no difference, for some reason, between the acts of the individuals on either side of the aisle.

They CLAIM to stand for different things, but they don’t act on those claims. Therefore, they have to be replaced. And with today’s technology, we actually MAY have the power to do so…



Believe me, Me, I don’t worship a hypothetical Gore presidency, although I’m sure it would be Teh Awesomest Preznitcy Evah, by way of comparison to the Shrub, but that’s not my point. Or rather, it’s central to my point in that there is definitely a difference between the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats. We may not be able to get everything we want in a candidate, but they have to first get elected. The proof is in the post-election pudding. Would we be in Iraq if Gore were president? No, we would not be. That oughtta be enough for anyone right there.

I hope that everyone who, like me, has a Blue Dog for a Rep or Senator works against them in any primary challenge and bedevils their staff constantly with phone calls, letters, and petitions. We need to get actively involved, each according to his or her abilities. That’s the only way we’ll ever prevail. If it still can be turned around, which on bad days I sometimes doubt, that is the only way we can do it.

Beer and house cleaning now. And a nice cheap but oh so delicious malbec for relaxing later. No more politics today. I wrote a letter to the editor this morning excoriating Boswell and I’m taking the rest of the day off for purely selfish concerns. Sometimes I just have to step back, for mental health reasons. Happy Saturday!


It’s stoopid hot here today.

I don’t wanna go outside – it is to suffer mercilessly.

So I’ll screw around the house, listening to music, downloading songs, watching sports, playing on the t00bz, maybe check out some porn, not gonna do laundry or turn on the oven, so all in all?

Not a productive day scheduled at mikey HQ…


Um. With any luck the power won’t go out.

Tends to do that on really hot weekend days…


We’re lying on the floor panting like dogs, here. 93


The dems who voted for this didn’t “compromise” or “cave” or “capitulate”. They aren’t being threatened by anyone — to jump to the tinfoily conclusion that Rove’s minions must be blackmailing them with hookers relies on the assumption that they actually want to do the right thing, but are too scared. On the contrary, they voted for it because they wanted it. No “fail” here.

Pelosi et al are willing to dismantle the constitution if that’s what it takes to protect their rich friends and benefactors in the telecom industry and cover their own complicit asses. They’re going to get what they want. That’s called “success”.


It’s 97 degrees here, and too hot to swim–we’d get burned by the sun. And it’s not even July yet, let alone August, when it really gets hot.


[…] — via Gavin at  Sadly, No! — here’s action you can take about telecom immunity if you’re […]


With any luck half the country will be in concentration camps by the end of the summer. That’ll learn us.


About 85 degrees right now at 7:30 pm EST here in the glorious border state. We’ve had a few of those beautiful, perfect days lately where the haze burns off and you can see the mountains for miles and miles and miles and don’t automatically run the car AC even in the morning or you’d faint from heat exhaustion. But now that, as of today, summer has arrived, this bliss will soon disappear and it’ll be 95 or above just about every day until late September.

I was just thinking the other day about how back-to-school in the long-ago years of my youth meant wearing corduroy and light wool from day one.



And riding a motorcycle in northern california meant you probably wanted sleeves in september and a jacket in october.

Now? Jeez, maybe you need a jacket after new years.

Keep lying, Inhofe, ’cause nobody’s noticing the changes…



“Has anyone mentioned that a majority of Democrats voted against the bill? Seems germane to whatever it is that’s being argued.”

The problem is that the Democratic leadership supported the bill, and once they did that it was a foregone conclusion. With Obama supporting the bill the result in the Senate is likewise foregone.

No, not all Democrats are to blame. But the leadership is, and sadly that includes Obama.


Keep lying, Inhofe, ’cause nobody’s noticing the changes…

Yep. ‘Cuz it has always hit 90+ in Boston in late May.

I’m torn – it’s yucky hot, but skirt season started early this year.
Last couple years, too, IIRC.


It hit 105 at my house yesterday. Supposed to be cooler today.


Repeal FISA is up and running. Anyone who wants to is welcome to sign up and become a Poster on it. The purpose of the blog is to organize a drive to repeal the FISA laws and all laws that pardon or give immunity from prosecution anyone who has violated the Constitution during the Bush Administration.

That is why we want everyone to be able to Post so they can start a conversation about an idea they have to make this happen.

Stop on by and check it out. By all means leave a comment and sign up to blog with us as we figure out what needs to be done to return our Fourth Amendment Rights and our rule of law.



Here’s an idea:

Morgan Tsvangirai just threw in the towel in the elections in Zimbabwe after his supporters were murdered, tortured etc by Mugabe’s thugs. Since he’s available, and political opposition is now one of those jobs homegrown Americans think is beneath them, why don’t we just import him? We need political opposition that doesn’t scare easily, and Tsvangirai needs a job and a new home.

Sounds more plausible than waiting for the Democowards to grow a pair.


The most effective thing you can do is CUT OFF the DCCC and the DSCC and give your money directly to Members of Congress and challengers who show integrity and courage. Otherwise your donations end up in the coffers of douchebag Blue Dogs and other alleged Democratic scum

My plan is to wipe my ass with their fundraising mailers and return them.

Do you think I should include a note, or is that enough?

The Reality-Based Dave

Q- What’s the difference between Democrats & Republicans?
A- Sometimes the Dems use Vaselline.


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