Hmm, delicious lead…

Who could have known that when Dick Cheney told us that if we didn’t vote for him in November he was just following the lead of Pierre Legrand of Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

Our Lives Depend on Your Re-election
Pierre Legrand – Baton Rouge, La.

President Bush is a man of honor and its easy to see why some believe he was destined to be here in our countries greatest hour of danger. Never in our history have we faced the danger we face now; never in our history has an enemy plainly desired to kill us in our cities murdering for the sheer bloody joy of seeing our misery. We will need President Bush’s steadiness in the coming war. This war is unique not only in the desire of the enemy to murder us in vast numbers but also unique in that the public only hears whispers of the enemy before thousands of us die. Unlike any war in the past our enemy hides, forcing the president to remind many of us constantly of our mortal danger. How easy would it be for a feckless, easily swayed president to declare the war won?

We’d add some comments except that the whole thing is pretty much sarcasm proof. Besides, Pierre is one of Sadly, No!’s biggest fans:

Sadly, No! takes to task the new documentary by Vietnam Vets called Stolen Honor and sadly simply demonstrates that lead poisoning does indeed affect ones ability to comprehend. Put down the lead chips and step away from the keyboard.

You have a choice either English is your second language or your reading abilities don’t match your ability to spread manure. Which is it?

Well, column A is correct but as for B,* Pierre, we’d suggest taking a look in the old miroir. The Swift Boat’s claim, that Kerry testified before the Senate that he had witnessed (or committed) atrocities is, in fact, incorrect.

* That comma was for you,** John!

** That second one too.


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I got a comma! And some say that just one man can’t make a difference.

Could you give some commas to Pierre, too? I mean, English is my second language as well, but even I can tell that he is in dire need of some punctuation. Especially if he’s going to rag on someone’s language skills…

Pardon me while I post triumphantly about getting a comma.


How easy would it be for a feckless, easily swayed president to declare the war won?

Yeah, like…Mission Accomplished!



Feckless and easily swayed. That’s Bush! You’re talking about Bush! But you forgot venal. Bush is also venal.

“Mr President, what does ‘venal’ mean to you?”

“Well, it means, like when you’re venal, it means you have the quality of being venal. You have veins and such. And when you have veins, you are venal.”


How easy would it be for a feckless, easily swayed president to have a 20-foot wide banner strung up on an aircraft carrier after pretending to land a plane on it?


Oh No! Sadly, No! Is gonna try some of that Splendilicious sarcasm on me. Oh me…Mommy!

Oh deary me what is a naturally dumb conservative to do when those wickedly sarcastic wits over at Sadly No come a knocking?

First off let me just say how flattered I am that those kindly souls took the time to google me, I am absolutely floored by …


Oh No! Sadly, No! Is gonna try some of that Splendilicious sarcasm on me. Oh me…Mommy!

hehe…you guys are hilarious. Correcting my punctuation…how clever.

Pierre Legrand


Who wants to bet that “Pierre LaGrand” has a few extra chromosomes to spare?

Congrats Seb, your entire post just flew right over his head.


Sounds gay to me, and worse, French!


Darling Pierre,

I’m sorry, but your hero is venal (Harkin Energy, other instances in which he has placed his personal financial remuneration above ethical interests), feckless (TANG obligations, no exit strategy for Iraq, abandonment of Afghanistan), and easily swayed (there is an entire web page devoted to his flip-flops, though I can’t recall the URL at the moment). In addition, he is easily flummoxed (“Didn’t know you’d ask me difficult questions at a press conference”, seven minutes of being a deer in the headlights while America was under attack).

While I can provide precise and clear factual support for my assessment, you have given us only empty rhetoric. The notion that George Bush is an “honorable” man is absurd. Honorable people fulfill their obligations.

As for your grammar, you started that little flamefest. Personally, I learned to avoid grammar and spelling flames on the ‘net almost twenty years ago.

And yes, we’ll beat the hell out of you with sarcasm and satire. We like to smile, you see.

but thanks for the empty rhetoric and the easily dismissed target.


Is that “led”* poisoning or “leed” poisoning–you know, the kind you get from reading too many headlines?

(attempt at phonetic spelling)



Free-Fire Zones are against the Geneva Convention, and both John Kerry and John O’Neill participated in them.

Commanders were ordering that war crimes be committed during the Vietnam War.


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