How to survive a hurricane without really trying

Passing this along:

Just stay really drunk at all times. Thats how i was in New orleans. I went for Mardi Gras and the whole week is just a blur. i bet the hurricane wouldn’t seem so bad if you were fucked up.

(Thanks to COE for the link.)


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Good call, unless New Orleans ends up under 20 feet of water like they were worried about. Hurricane Jeanne is expected to hit the east coast early next week. We can’t handle much more water around my neck of the woods, I can only imagine how bad off the poor folks in Florida are.


I’d say that’s pretty good advice for any situation, be it a natural disaster, wedding, baseball game, work, etc. Nothing seems as bad if you’re completely wasted. It’s only after you’re through being wasted that things seem bad, which can be easily recitified by just never being done being wasted.


By a happy coincidence, I bet that blog wouldn’t seem so bad if you were fucked up either.


That’s probably true. Alcohol makes your bones resilient, or something, which is why drunk drivers so frequently walk away from fatal accidents.


I also suggest getting really trashed before eating pretzels or writing a bike (or really anything that becomes more dangerous when you’re drunk), at least if your initials are GWB (Good at Whackin’ Brush).


Sounds like chlorine for the gene pool to me.


So, four hurricanes in as many weeks? Can anyone say “God’s retribution for the 2000 elections”?


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