Uh, where did you people come from anyway?

Somehow our first announcements for gmail invites only generated a few emails. Yesterday’s resulted in over 30 emails to our inbox, leading many around here to wonder just what happened to this little business of ours. 30?!? Something funny is going on. And the sad result is that even though we got more invitations from Google today we just can’t meed the demand.

Because all the requests we received were from long time reader (imagine that,) we decided to award the invites on a first-come first-served basis. (With an exception made for the couple who included this in their email:

I was just trying to find a gmail account today! This puts you ahead of Pete in my book!


So if anyone else out there has a gmail invite to share with a fellow S,N! reader, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Otherwise, well, that’s a shame.

Update: Thanks to the very generous Katie of katieweb six more lucky people will get their wish. (She also has an interesting post on the suit against Unocal🙂

In January, 2004 the PBS show NOW with Bill Moyers covered the story of a lawsuit filed against the company Unocal for atrocities committed on its behalf during the building of a natural gas pipeline in Burma.

The Center for Constitutional Rights reports that the lawsuit against Unocal will proceed allowing for a jury trial. The case has withstood several legal challenges to allow the plaintiffs, Burmese villagers, to finally have a chance at justice.

Update 2: More happy customers thanks to Gail. (Though not everyone is happy if the comments to this post are any indication.)


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I have 6 invites, katieweb -at- gmail.com. Just send one e-mail with 6 of the addresses and I let them know you referred me, thanks.


I have six invites to give away as well. If you have any one else who wants one (or if anyone reading this wants one), just email me at gaillucas@gmail.com.



We love you (yeah yeah yeah!)

We’ll send a list of the current people in our gmail queue.


God freaking damn it, I do not want to read this shit. Put a permanent note on the front page or something, but please stop posting about gmail.


Thanks to Seb and Katie for my new account!

TPS, honey? If you don’t want to read about something skip it. Seriously, it only takes about 3 seconds to recognize that a blog entry is not interesting to you. Relax a bit; you’ll live longer.


Reba: tps is a regular here and we assume he was just being sarcastic. (We’ll stop now so he can drop by and reply “sadly, no!”)


I read it anyway and I don’t even want a gmail account.


Well, I am not actually very upset. I am not going to call for boycotts or anything. But I really am tired of gmail posts.

Plus, your update made this one show up in BlogLines again as a new post…double damage!


Plus, your update made this one show up in BlogLines again as a new post…double damage!

Oh oh — we can hear the boycott coming…


I have three invites if anyone’s still looking…



During the last round, two S,N! readers emailed me for a gmail account. But gmail says I still have 6 invites anyway…so I guess 6 more could click on my name and email me if they want one. And thanks again to Seb for my account in the first place!


This puts you ahead of Pete in my book!

Who is this traitorous couple?!


I don’t know what a gmail is, but I want one too, please. email address is merl_allen@hotmail.com also a Stuttgarter Hofbrau would be nice.


I’d like one, if you still have any.
Plus, a tip for a great book: “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” by Azar Nafisi.


I have 5 invites if anyone needs one.


Get and give free gmail accounts, without the catches:


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