Oh, Please

Here’s Robert Farley, in a spectacularly irresponsible parenthetical aside to an otherwise sensible post about the Christian fundamentalist-AIPAC alliance:

loathing of “latte sipping elitist intellectuals” is recognizable as anti-semitism to anyone with eyes open

You have got to be shitting me.

This is the sort of gift to the right-wing Identity Politickers and Corporate Whores that only a well-paid, hippie-hating academic can give. In one phrase, Farley’s outdone in spades all the Julia Gorins and David Brookses and Norman Podhoretzes of wingnuttia’s “Let’s Cheapen and Expand the Definition of Anti-Semitism Until it Means Nothing Yet Applies to the Entire Left” brigade and at the same time utterly smeared and potentially hamstrung the entire Left Populist movement.

Fuckola. And the sad thing is, he’ll probably get away with it and the formulation will gain traction even on the Left because of sore feelings about so many pro-Clinton bloggers sneering at “latte-sipping elitists” in bad faith. Blargh. The truth is, there are too many latte-sipping elitist ‘intellectuals,’ Sensible Liberal and Wingnut, who couldn’t give two shits about American poor people. And saying so doesn’t make one an anti-Semite. It isn’t an Obama vs. Clinton thing; it’s a Creative Class/New Class/Middle & Upper Middle Class (over-represented on the internet) vs. Working Poor/Blue Collar (under-represented on the internet) thing. (Indeed, the first person I think of as a “latte-sipping elitist” is Brad DeLong — a WASP.) Farley’s a nice guy in e-mail, but such things don’t make up for his political cluelessness. He should stick to writing about baseball, a subject on which he is perceptive and righteous.


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Well, Farley thinks he knows what other people think of ‘LSEIs’.

And you think you know what ‘LSEIs’ feel.

And I think that ‘LSEIs’ are a definable group, all with the same thoughts, desires and prejudices.

It’s possible all three of us are wrong.


I fucked that up.

I meant I don’t think…

[slinking away]


I’m more of a latte slurper. Where does that put me?


Stuff like this is always reminds me that Americans, and maybe people in general, tend to view politics dualistically until they train themselves away from it. That there could be more than one group that hates “latte-sipping elitist intellectuals”, and that the anti-LSEI groups might not even be allies, apparently doesn’t cross Farley’s mind here.


And, full disclosure, I might be described as an LSEI.

Ann Althouse's Slowly Tilting Wine Glass

Oh, this will end well.


I’m more of a latte slurper.

Yeah… what about us?

And the espresso mainliners, what about them?


Holy shit, I just read the “Why are left-wingers so mad about Pinochet?” post from 2006. Whoah. WTF?

not even an mba

And the espresso mainliners, what about them?

Fucking lattes, waste of a perfectly good espresso machine.

“Let’s Cheapen and Expand the Definition of Anti-Semitism Until it Means Nothing Yet Applies to the Entire Left”

Maybe some Jews hate teh ghey and colored and Mex-islamo-commies more than they fear the thumpers. But the Anti-Semite! Anti-Semite! Anti-Semite! chorus means it’s hard to call them out on it. I look forward to the day when we have progressed to the stage where minorities who act like assholes can be called assholes.

Argo-chock full o'-nauts

Well, since I am a latte-hating semite-loving elitist intellectual, it’s clear that Italian coffee is the link to anti-semitism. Drink it and be damned.

Wossamatta U., ’67

Emperor U.S.A. (the naked truth)

Well said, Mencken.


Latte for breakfast, espresso for the rest of the day. Sleep? Sounds dangerous, what is it?


I’m more of a latte slurper. Where does that put me?

Hatred of latte slurpers is recognizable as homophobia to anyone with … ahh, I can’t do it.


Starbucks has 38 stores in Arkansas, 62 in Kansas, 72 in Alabama.

The “latte-sipping elitist” bullshit needs to die.


I loved the way Obama added “sprout eating” to the dreaded latte liberal list.

Man gets it.


I think this is a mountain-out-of-a-molehill post…a commenter down the thread over there helpfully points out that the word “New York” was left out.


I don’t think the Mountain Dew-toting pedestrians are that big on the Jews either. I assume that, at least, when I see ’em walking home from the Greyhound stop – I think to myself, An alliance with them is not sensible. Hey, wait, I feel an op-ed coming on…


Mountain Dew-toting pedestrians

I only toted it once, and I didn’t imbibe.


You elitists and your foreign coffee drinking habits. I only drink DIET COKE because it’s AMERICAN.

And stuff.


The connection is obvious. Tevye was a milkman. You don’t like lattes, you don’t like Tevye. You don’t like Tevye, you don’t like the Jews. Read your Sholem Aleichem.


loathing of “latte sipping elitist intellectuals” is recognizable as anti-semitism to anyone with eyes open

I gotta say, that’s never even crossed my mind.

Are Starbucks lattes kosher?


Diet Dr Pepper is where it’s at.


Are Starbucks lattes kosher?

Depends on how you kill them.

not even an mba

Hey, it was all a big misunderstanding! What he meant to write is
latke sipping elitist intellectuals
Although I don’t know how you’d sip them. I guess that’s what the sour cream is for.


latke sipping elitist intellectuals


Comrade Rutherford

I am more ‘liberal’ than any one else I know (except for my wife – yeah we got married, but only for the health insurance!)

I drive an old volvo, I wear sandals, I certainly am intellectual.

But Lattés SUCK! Seriously, an ounce of foamed milk with a drop of coffee flavoring? EEEWWWW! and it’s such a ripoff! As far as fancy European styles of coffee, I stop at Cappuccino, at least then your getting some coffee in the cup!

And Starbucks is more evil than WalMart. I watched them come into NYC. They handed landlords huge cash rents to try to displace ancient, famous coffee shops run by 4th generation Italian families. And in many cases, the landlords took the bribe money and kicked the small businesses out to let the faceless multinational corporation take over. Starbucks is EVIL and will NEVER have a dime of my money. Anyone that spends money at Starbucks is supporting exactly the GOP excessive-greed mindset that has ruined America forever.

Real Liberals Don’t Drink Starbucks!

Comrade Rutherford

“Starbucks has 38 stores in Arkansas, 62 in Kansas, 72 in Alabama.

The “latte-sipping elitist” bullshit needs to die.”

The reason Starbucks is there is so that when President-For-Life Cheney declares Martial Law (sometime before 1/19/2008), it will be easier for all the rednecks to hunt the liberals: just shot everyone near any Starbucks!

It’s just like putting out a salt-lick to attract dear during hunting season. Sure it’s illegal to bait dear into your kill zone, but who’s gonna stop ’em?

Comrade Rutherford

Uh, that should be 1/19/2009…


I loved the way Obama added “sprout eating” to the dreaded latte liberal list.

That was a good one. Tom Buffenbarger’s addition of “Prius-driving” would have been good if he hadn’t been serious about it.


I’m not saying that people who eat sprouts are Nazis – perish the thought. I’m just pointing out that Hitler loved salads, and vegetables are the food of the so-called “master race”. Some might point out that they are also the food of rabbits. I do not attempt to deny this. Indeed, it is central to my point. Volkswagen named one of their cars the “Rabbit.” Any one of these things could be a mere coincidence, but all of them? Critical thinkers who think thinky thoughts for themselves are forced to conclude that liberal elite sprouts-eaters are the ideological descendants of Nazis the Volkswagen Engineering Department, circa 1975 Bugs Bunny this guy.

not even an mba

Hey Jonah, just read your latest. You seem to be getting fixated on food, which hurts me a lot since I swore off fat jokes just a few days ago. I’m glad to see your depth of understanding us fascist liberals or else I wouldn’t know that I had to oppose privatization no matter what. By the way, how’s the new book coming?


Comrade Rutherford, both cappuccinos and lattes have one shot of espresso; cappuccinos are usually 1:1:1(so 1/3 coffee, 2/3 milk in various forms), lattes 1:3, with little or no foam. But don’t be such a hater, they’re breakfast drinks, for crying out loud! Not everyone wants to mainline coffee bean slurry first thing in the morning.

not even an mba

Real Islamo-lefty-atheistic-terror-loving-homo-lie-bruls drink turkish coffee.


Does wood shop count as a Creative Class?


After McCain’s latest foray into lit-crit, we have to add “Roth-reading” to the litany (no word on whether Henry, Joseph, and David Lee are included).


Not everyone wants to mainline coffee bean slurry first thing in the morning.

Speak for yourself tigrismus!


Well, now, I figured the “not everyone wants” implied some do. If your perfect cup makes you say “mmmm, chunky” well hell, more power to you.


Tigrismus, don’t take this the wrong way, but every time I see your handle I think of this.

Did you intend anything like that?


Starbucks has 38 stores in Arkansas, 62 in Kansas, 72 in Alabama.

And 237 stores in the half-mile between my home and my office. You’d think just one of those could be open 24 hours, but noooooo…..


Does wood shop count as a Creative Class?

Depends on what you build there. If you make a gun rack, no. If you make frilly scroll-sawed stuff, yes.

And if you build a solar cooker, you’re a DFH.


And Starbucks is more evil than WalMart

There are a lot of legitimate criticisms that can be made of Starbucks, but this one is ridiculous.

They handed landlords huge cash rents to try to displace ancient, famous coffee shops run by 4th generation Italian families. And in many cases, the landlords took the bribe money and kicked the small businesses out to let the faceless multinational corporation take over.

I’m curious: does that make the landlords more evil, less evil, or exactly as evil as Starbucks?

One thing you don’t see Starbucks do (which WalMart does) is drive out competing shops with predatory pricing strategies, and then jack up the cost for a latte as soon as all the indie shops within a two-mile radius are closed. I know several independent coffee shop owners who have told me that they *like* having Starbucks around, because the big bad corporate chain has the power to establish a high standard price for the same product they’re selling. Additionally, I’ve seen evidence that having a Starbucks in close proximity to an independent shop actually *boosts* the indie shop’s business by bringing more coffee drinkers to that block. Starbucks is actually aware of this phenomenon and does not like it, but has so far been powerless to change it.

So go ahead and affect your anti-corporate pose if you like. There’s a lot to hate about corporate America, and Starbucks is certainly part of that. But when you write stupid things like “Starbucks is more evil than WalMart,” you really come off looking like a poseur with a chip on your shoulder.


Atheist: nope, I didn’t intend anything like that. Or anything else for that matter, it was intention-free. I’ll have to study the poem for a while to decide if I should be offended or not, though… 😉


” Not everyone wants to mainline coffee bean slurry first thing in the morning.”

In that case, go for the coffee enema.


And here is the definitive Jewish observation about latte (2:10 mark on)


Thanks not even an mba, the book is going very well. One of the chapters is about Mandeville and how he is the central, intrinsic and driving forces in modern leftist thought. I, however, am unfamiliar with his work and I have neither the time nor the interest to become familiar with it before making it such an important part of the subtitle that it actually has to be included in the book, itself. So if any of you out there are Mandeville scholars, I would welcome the opportunity to exchange a few emails with you, which I feel would be sufficient to make me informed enough to comment on him in a book. I know I will receive criticism from the gatekeepers of the ivory tower “experts” for taking this approach, but as I’ve pointed out before, the information they’re so proud of (have liberals never considered that a little humility might get them farther? evidently not) is no match for my superior judgment.


Oh ho, you guys are SO fucked.

I’m over here. I have no college, I’ve never even tasted a Latte, I’m pretty sure that nobody would be able to find much with which to accuse me of being an elitest.

So madcap lefty that I might be, it’s starting to sound like when they come to put you doods in the camps they’re gonna walk right past me.

Like I’m invisible.

Hee hee…



I think lattes suck and are a total ripoff. I like that chunky variety of coffee they sell for $1.50 a large cup at my local Korean grocery store and at the Salvadoran bodega. I mention this in hopes that it might make me seem authentic and not like some oppressive-creative-class-elitist who cares not a whit for people less fortunate than me. But if I ever non-ironically use breakfast beverage choices to classify my political enemies, would somebody please kick me right in my ass? Or at least throw a pie in my face? Pretty please? I might get pissed off at first but I would appreciate it somewhere down the road I’m sure.


They handed landlords huge cash rents to try to displace ancient, famous coffee shops run by 4th generation Italian families.

Famous for what? As I understand it, New York always had something of a reputation for having shitty coffee. But that kind of thing happened to a lot of cities in the 90’s; blaming it just on Starbuck’s is a little silly. Blame instead your shitty local government which allowed/encouraged it. Here in Portland they mostly “displaced” things like a Winchell’s Donuts, a 7-11, a parking lot, and part of a Safeway store, while the number of independent coffee shops has exploded. So it’s hard to get real worked up about them.


In that case, go for the coffee enema.

As someone who has actually tried this (mostly for the hell of it) I can only give it 3 1/2 stars. Yes, it does give you a great zing. However, it doesn’t really help the gross factor of the discolored water, knowing that it might just be the coffee. In fact, it kind of makes you wonder about coffee from there on out. Also, you want to get the temperature right.

not even an mba

And Starbucks is more evil than WalMart
Personally I despise Starbucks and their fruitifying of real coffee. Quit jamming ridiculous vowel-sound ending words onto the names of your beverages, some of us just want coffee, not a coffee experience. But Starbucks is not anymore evil than any other huge multi-national. Significantly less than Wal-Mart at least. Spencer’s made the excellent point that Starbucks doesn’t kill local businesses and empty out towns. I’d like to point out that they treat their employees orders of magnitude better.


First they came for the lattes, but I said nothing, for I don’t drink lattes.
Then they came for the espresso, which kinda pissed me off, but I said nothing, for I prefer Turkish coffee.
Then they came for the Darjeeling, and there was no one left to pour me a refill.


Wait… you call the guy who pours your Turkish coffee “the Darjeeling”?

not even an mba

You don’t pour turkish coffee, you chisel it out.


Little Georgie Butch travels with his own pillow. Won’t go anywhere without it. Can’t sleep on any other. Can you get any more pampered and elitist than that?


RB is correct — it’s the “Noo Yark Cit-tay” appellation that’s supposed to identify Teh Jews (aka “the brand of Semite it is not good fReichtard policy to hate in public”). The trope goes back a lot farther than Jerry Seinfeld; at midwestern Moo U in the mid-1970s, when I told other freshpersons I’d grown up in NYC, I was suprised that approximately one out of five immediately assumed I must be Jewish. Even the nice Jewish kids from Royal Oak and Dearborn thought *all* New Yorkers, including red-headed bogtrotters like yours truly, should be considered Jewish until proven otherwise.


I just assumed that all New Yorkers were jive-talking black guys, ethnic cabbies, evil yuppies, and hookers with hearts of gold.


I’m not really a coffee drinker to begin with, but Starbucks coffee doesn’t even *smell* appealing to me– they over-roast it.

Their green tea lemonades are nice if a bit overpriced, though.


I just assumed that all New Yorkers were jive-talking black guys, ethnic cabbies, evil yuppies, and hookers with hearts of gold.

Let me assure you that I, personally, am all of the above. Also a dessert topping and a floor wax.


Latte Beer for breakfast, espresso mugfulls of black poison half-full of sludge for the rest of the day.
This is what I remember from Prague.

War-Mitzfah War is Tikkun Olam

AIPAC’s problem for Liberals is that it uses the support of Christian Fundamentalists. There’s no problem with AIPAC itself, afterall jews are to liberals and neocons poisecuted minority number one, “ve vere in zee ghettos foist, oy it vas terrible I tell you! No bagels!”

These Judeo-Neocons and Judeo-liberals are the reason for this secular “tollerant” war (faught by all races and creeds of the great America!) for Israel that has killed millions of Iraqs in the name of “freedom”.

Only the “anti-semite” and “racist” (the tribalist, much like what we fighting in Iraq) is vindicated from the tyranny of this war.


[…] I respectfully disagree. While I can’t vouch for the original author, I do feel that two things are both very true and very alarming: […]

War-Mitzfah War is Tikkun Olam

America: a contest for who is the least anti-semitic, and who is philo-semite number one, to which everyone and everything else is comparatively anti-semitic.


Man, I keep forgetting which economic class I’m supposed to be:

I own my home (mortgage free) – but it’s all of 600 sqare feet in size;
I live in a rural community packed full of rednecks – who are union sympathyzers;
I’m a high school dropout – who loves parasitology, theology, engineering, and Mental Floss;
I write for theatre – and hate Italian candy-drinks that fake being coffee;
I’m in favour of estate taxes – and have inherited about $250,000 from oil wells in Alberta so far.
I work in a Big Box Store – and love going out for $250 meals.

What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks am I? Lower middle class? Oil-rich poseur? Pretentious middle brow?

Could somebody do a chart or something? Please?


I didn’t know John Kerry was Jewish.

McCain's Third Trophy Wife

I reserve my contempt for Cadillac welfare queens, family farmers crippled by the estate tax, elves, and unicorns.


Just what this country needs:

Yet another person who thinks that sneering at intellectuals as opposed to real (TM) Americans is the path to success. Except, this time, it will help progressives. Does this work like the underpants gnomes in South Park?

Appealing to superficial class stereotypes doesn’t do us the slightest good. Farley is actually right here…


Hi, I’m from the deep south. And well, crazy evangelical christians DO believe that coffee shops are full of communist jews who want to destroy rural American christians.

So, I think he’s right about the antisemitism when it comes from the likes of people like Hagee.


Sigh! Yet another liberal bringing a knife to a gun-fight. You don’t fight the right by sadly deploring the overuse of the charge of anti-semitism; you turn it against them. “loathing of “latte sipping elitist intellectuals” is recognizable as anti-semitism to anyone with eyes open” is freaking brilliant. That’s somebody I want on my side.


I’m semi-intellectual in the midwest and I’ve got to tell you, Starbucks is much more popular here in Mizzourah with Republicans than with liberals. I loathe Starbucks myself, but it seems to have filled a niche here. Imagined (or real) inferiority can be cast off by sporting a coffee milkshake as a prop.

David Lloyd-Jones

Factoid du jour: the average estimate of all Americans asked “How many Americans are Jewish?” is about 40%.

It may be just because we do about 40% of everything worthwhile in America…

Now of course we do about 25% of the fuck-ups, but on balance…


Farley is too quick in this post to call anti-semitism, but many of you gloss over the the fact that in anti-semitic lore, the Jew is likened to a cosmopolitan, plutocrat elite of suspect ideology with no allegiance to country. This is a very important theme in the history of anti-semitism which rears its head perioidically in wingnut rhetoric. That’s what the right is invoking when they rant about George Soros.


[…] contempt for cultural and political elites anti-Semitic and rightwing in origin? Apparently it is: Farley’s definition could not be broader. Since I, like many (most?) poor people, despise a large portion of the […]


FOX News Gets The Fever…

Apparently the producers at FOX News learned the lessons of Richard Nixon and Lee Atwater quite well. Via Sadly, No:

Wow. A Princeton Bachelor’s, a Harvard J.D., employment at Sidley Austin, the City of Chicago and the University of Chicago only ge…

If You Want To Avoid Getting Ripped Off, You Better Read This:

If You Want To Avoid Getting Ripped Off, You Better Read This:


WARNING…..If you use the yellow pages to find a business in Los Angeles for a wide variety of service-oriented businesses, you WILL encounter these scum sucking PARASITES that have taken over the phone books.

They buy up COLOUMNS of phone numbers in the directories that all get trunk-lined to the SAME PHONE NUMBER AND PERSON. You think you’re getting estimates from different businesses and that must be the going rate…….it’s likely NOT.

MOST of these vermin don’t even HAVE businesses of their own……they take the calls and charge a fee to OTHER Israeli businesses for the referral….so you pay TWO PEOPLE instead of one for the service.

Like any opportunistic PARASITE…Israelis have found the weak link in the system and exploited it to the point that you now have to MAKE A REAL EFFORT TO AVOID THEM.

Think I’m kidding?

Try calling a tow truck for a 3-block tow out of the Yellow Pages in Los Angeles, or any other city that has an Israeli presence. Ask the operator to give you any three numbers. The same rude arrogant voice will answer every number you call, and quote you $120 for a tow that a private company will charge you $40 for. It’s the same for plumbers, home remodelers, locksmiths, heating and air technicians, electricians, on and on and on, and they are NOT above threatening you if you refuse to pay their exhorbitant price. (hint: call a wrecking yard for a referral tow, cheapest price you’ll find)

These people truly think Americans are inferior to them, and that it’s their divine birthright to rip us off with any dirty deal or scam they can come up with. People who have experience with these phone book scammers know exactly what I’m talking about.

ANOTHER favorite tactic of theirs in the roofing, construction and remodeling fields is to take your information and then send out a succession of representatives, from SUPPOSEDLY different companies. The first company gives a really high bid, to see if you will bite. The SECOND company gives a moderate bid, but will deliver the cheapest goods available, like particle board cabinets etc.

If you take the lowball bid from one of these companies….you might not get anything done at all. The next phase of these shell-company rip-off artists is to take people’s deposits/down payments or the first few job payments and never show up again. They just close the shell company names that get “too hot” (have too many pending litigations or liens/judgements) and simply start a new one…..with of course, the same vile and crooked motive.

THE ONLY SURE WAY to avoid these CROOKS anymore is to get a referral from a friend of someone trustworthy they’ve used before, because the phone book is pretty much TOAST.

If you think this fucking reeks……read Walt and Mearsheimer’s book on the Israeli lobby. In Washington, It’s EVEN WORSE.




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