CBS, meet a can of whoop ass

Brought to you by Rep. Chris Cox, R-Calif:

Rep. Chris Cox, R-Calif., sought an investigation.

“Despite the growing abundance of evidence that CBS News has aided and abetted fraud, the network has declined to reveal the source of the disputed documents,” Cox wrote to the chairman of the House Energy Committee’s subcommittee on telecommunications and the Internet.

The letter asks Rep. Fred Upton (news, bio, voting record), R-Mich., to “commence a subcommittee investigation into the continued use by CBS News of apparently forged documents concerning the service record of President George W. Bush intended to unfairly damage his reputation and influence the outcome of the 2004 presidential election.”

Because as we all know, if there’s one thing Bush has going for him it’s a stellar reputation for his service in the National Guard and his behavior in the 1970s:

At a press conference in Columbus, OH, NBC reporter David Bloom, pointing out that the current White House background check says, “Do not limit your response to the last 7 years. You must go back to your 18th birthday,” asked Bush if he had not used drugs since he was 18. Bush dodged the question, saying, “I have made mistakes in my life. I have learned from those mistakes.”


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Yeah, he learned from his mistakes all right. He learned not to ever admit mistakes.

Say Seb, you ever gonna blogroll me, or what?



Look, I admit that I don’t have any documents to prove this, even forged ones, but can we just put Occam’s Razor to work here?

The most likely reason for Bush’s sudden disappearance from the TANG and sudden interest in doing community service in Alabama is that he got busted for coke and Poppy managed to pull some strings and grease the palm of some friendly Rethug police chiefs/prosecutors and/or judges to keep Junior’s name out of the papers and off the police blotter.

Does anybody have a more logical explanation?

Maybe we’ll find out the truth, someday in 2014.


Cox’s silly gesture makes me think he’s angling for a significant position in the new administration (he hopes). Don’t think this is anything more than dirty water off CBS’s back.


PS: The cool nonchalance with which the White House has greeted all this Guard stuff makes me think that, whatever Bush didn’t officially get caught doing, they know he’s not going to get caught now. Somehow they’ve managed to keep it under wraps and they’re very sure they can continue to do so. That’s why I’m thinking: hospital or rehab. No names. No lists to press.


Cox is an ass. Where was his outrage at the lies the swift boat liars were peddling?

Anyhoo… Killian’s secretary said tonight that Bush “thought the rules didn’t apply to him” and that he was indeed ordered to get a physical, that he didn’t obey the order, and that he was pretty much a punk-ass chump. Albeit a polite one.

I’m certain the WH will be releasing police records detailing her secret life as a transexual madam by 8:00 am tomorrow.


Bush admitted to making mistakes? I am shocked, just shocked, I tell you.

Now if he would he please admit the same about this quagmire he has gotten us into.


A quick google search indicates that Cox is also on a committee that overlooks Homeland Security. Nice to see this twit has his priorities straight…


Anyone wanna bet the “source” of the documents, ultimately, was Karl Rove, or another of the Straussians in the Whitehouse?

Gotto admit, they play a mean game of chess…


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