Well, they kind of look like they’re playing golf…

They certainly weren’t playing frolf. The Washington Post reports:

And in today’s final round on NBC’s Today show, host Matt Lauer and Kelley skirmished about whether Lauer had actually played golf with the former President Bush, as Kelley had said yesterday, and which Lauer then denied.

Lauer showed video that showed him carrying a golf club alongside the former president. But Lauer said he was serving more as a golfing prop for Bush than as a golfing partner — and complained that Kelley’s innuendo suggested otherwise.

Was Kelley talking about this?

President Bush did an interview with Matt Lauer for the TODAY Show on his FieldTurf putting green. President Bush loves his new putting green, so much so that he decided to challenge Matt Lauer in a putting contest. Check out the video to see who wins.

(Thanks to Blair for the WP link.)

PS: Why the fuck does Lauer care anyway?


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I don’t get it, but I’m easily confused.


I think Lauer cares because he’s coming face to face with the embarrassment of having compromised his journalistic principles (…such as they are) to get some inane footage of him wasting everyone’s time playing golf with Bush Sr., when he should have been, you know, doing his job (or A job; any job!)


And why do people like Lauer–rumored coke-whore by the way, not to be a gossip-mongerer or anything–think that they can lie like that when there’s freaking video evidence? Seriously, I think some people still think we’re in a pre-Net era where they could lie and people couldn’t instantly get a rebuttal via Google.


Even if he had never committed any other crimes, Poppy still deserves to be shot for wearing that red-white-and-blue jacket seen in the video.



He cares because he’s an asshole. He’s just mad because miss kitty is trashing his hero.

Can’t have that.


Maybe he’s bitter about being used as a prop because Bush didn’t actually want to play golf with him.


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