Drinking Sadlyly Liveblog (Hic!)

Above: Fur and abs abound at the PDX Drinking Sadlyly

gavin takes two shots. t4toby approves

There was a point there at the beginning when we could have said No. Glad we missed it…

[Marita: I’m wondering if I posted a link to our registry, how long it would be before Gav noticed and removed it…]

mikey here. What are we doing again?

Hey, I have to actually live on in this town… somewhere. –What bar is this again?


[Marita adds: more updates soon. As the designated driver, I am the only sober person here. Umm….. open thread?]

[Marita updates: Lessee – Toby #1 has been beatboxing for a homeless busker, Mikey has an adorable little laptop and a veritable armory in his bag… what am I missing?]

[Marita updates: Almost everyone is over at the pool tables playing 8-ball, and our table has been displaced by the DJs who are setting up. Toby looks like he’s focusing on not falling over. He’s decided that the coat hanger on the wall is a Klingon message. Hmmm…]

[t4toby updates: blargh blargh argh… trying to update… zip…]


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It’s about goddamn time!


Mikey is there ?!?! That would have been worth driving down from Seattle for!


I face west with a beer in hand and join you (spiritually speaking).

Party hard, people, you’re representing.


mikey here.

I’m sorry, I’m drinking. Can I get back to you?



Hope that everybody fits into Marita’s car at the end of the night. Have fun. Enjoy the fact that everyone east of you has to go to bed soon.


Marita adds: Oh, a lot of people are staying within walking distance from here. I’m mainly just Gav’s designated driver.






Well you should see if they all fit just for the fun of it then.


Marita adds: I’m not sure the clown car drill is the best way to be left alone by the cops when I pull out of the parking lot. We’ll consider it though.

Oh look. Now some of us are comparing abs. And chest fur. Not me, I should add. I’m lacking chest fur.


Oh sure, torture the midwestern gay guy just before bedtime. sigh. g’nite guys.


My son lives in Olympia, but is not yet twenty-one. Otherwise I might have suggested he drive down and sadlyly drink a beer with you tonight. But those Evergreen College students are ferocious about observing the drinking age laws. Anyway, this is the final week of the quarter, so a mid-week party would be out of the question. I hope.

Here’s a quote I heard on TV tonight from our Dear Leader that you will probably appreciate in your current condition of heightened awareness.”I urge the Congress to be very careful about running up enormous costs for future generations of Americans.”

He read it from the teleprompter with a straight face.



Marita adds: don’t leave yet gbear. There’s a fur picture coming right up…


Somehow, I imagined your wasted liveblogging would be something like this. I’m wasted, so I should know.


Well if it is any consolation I’m drunk also. Go figure.

Ah nice to chekc in with you. God speed


i’m in ur sadly box postin in ur namz


marty here is seattle, but t4’s comment box is on so now i can really confooz you drunk folk

Malfunctioning Glenn Reynolds Robot

Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric.Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric. Heh. Indeed. We’re winning! Read the whole thing. Obama doesn’t back up the rhetoric.Heh. Indeed.

[edited for brevity]


you know if it was a live blog it would be a LIVE blog… you’d be responding as I typed….


hi T4!!!! I stilll lerv you


Is M.G.R.R. at the party? He must be a joy to chat with.


That robot is making me rather bitter.


I drink to Sadly, No! West.


I’m just surprised MGRR didn’t either crash his browser or cause some kind of overflow error in WordPress.


I feel like I’ve been violated…


drinking lonelyly … 🙁


By the way, D.A., yur thread is up to the year 1865 (in case you hadn’t guessed).


I’m still waiting for it to hit Rasputin, ‘cos that’s when we’ll really know it will never die …


Have a lovelyly time!


Hubba hubba!, although the look on that face tells me that he won’t remember my name in the morning when he wakes up….

Have a fun night, guys and gals.


[Marita: DA, are you ready for a road trip?]


Judging from that picture, PETA activists just threw a bucket of red paint on the Drinking Sadlyly: The Portlanding krew …



Shorter robot.



Oh look. Now some of us are comparing abs. And chest fur. Not me, I should add. I’m lacking chest fur.

Which one of the SadlyFurs is that? It’s almost begging for a sammich.


I see the mysterious abdominal fur person has been disappeared. also, sorry, meant to italicize the first sentence in the comment above…


Marita, I hope you’re going to have an opportunity to get your bachelorette party drink on at another party…being the designated driver’s no fun!


[Marita: picture back up. It’s hard to keep control of the code when there’s a table full of drunks pecking at the computer.]


especially w/ those dudes……yikes!!! t4….i’m still in ur box


Btw, now have an entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica:


It is backhandedly positive, I guess.


Marita, I hope you make up in abs what you lack in fur.

And yeah, how did one of the honorees end up designated driver?

Sheesh. Planning, people. Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

I personally have neither abs (well, I suppose technically I do, well hidden under the blubber) nor fur so in that way it’s probably for the best that I drain my drink from afar.

Dammit. I am soooo jealous.


[Marita: Oh, I’m the designated driver because we’re staying with my folks out in the sticks and no one else will be driving there. It’s no big deal. This is really Gavin’s thingy. I made him come to the bridal shower so that’s fair, I think.

Oh, the DJs just started. Let’s see if we can get one of the Tobys to dance.]


That’s alright. You kids have a nice time. I’ll just sit here. In the dark. Sober.



Simply put, Sadly, No! is a political groupblog written by liberal alcoholics who aren’t cool enough for a seat at the adult Democrats table. While other political blogs strive to debate their opponents on the left or the right, Sadly, No! strives to mock them, or attend their gatherings hopped up on goofballs and cheap plastic bottle booze.

Almost acceptable.

… cool enough for a seat at the adult Democrats table.

Failure. Equates adult Democrats table with cool.


I saw the edit fairies working there…


Marita: Bubba, I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Populated by basement-dwelling lunatics, the comments are an ongoing circle-jerk

DA, that’s hardly fair. Several of us are a few floors above ground.


Who’s winning at the pool table?

And how are Jonah’s pigtails holding up?


I didn’t write the ED entry … no idea who did. But we’re finally on a ‘pedia!


I can’t figure out Encyclopedia Dramatica – is it one of those South Park things where nobody approves of anything, or one of those super-elaborate in-jokes like Subgenius?


Marita: I have no idea what’s going on in the pool game. That’s over in the smoking section of the bar, and I’m over here cowering in my asthmatic’s corner…


commenters in basements may have infiltrated the far reaches of the wingnut community and are doing undercover work

Marita, if you’d had the event in Vancouver BC you’d be in a non-smoking environment. Soon the smoking ban will extend to bus stops and other outdoor places where people congregate.


does this make your hair stand on end or what?
US accused of holding terror suspects on prison ships
Report says 17 boats used


SamFromUtah: As far as I can tell, yes to both.


Toby: Anyone find t4t ?


i am sad and unhappy that i cannot join you all.

drinks on me, if by me i mean gavin.


Well, that was more fun than a call girl in a phone booth.

Now I’m back at FOB mikey, room service bacon and bleu cheese burger in my face, it’s raining, I’m semi fucked up and quite satisfied.

This was an ass kickin thingie, and know what? Life can’t have too many ass kickin thingies in it…



EEEUW! Oh well. Chest hair displays aside, I am consuming a shot of Courvoisier, fresh cherries, and some fine Italian cheese for dessert, in honor of the occasion.

"Oh Stewardess, I Speak 'Nut"

From across the big pond, I raise a glass to all the Sadlyly’s.


Are we ever gonna get a DC edition? I wouldn’t ask Leonard Pierce to come back here until the PTSD wears off, but surely someone else must have some occasion to visit Our Nation’s Capital sometime soon. C’mon it’s nice here in the summer!

I’m quitting my job soon and promise that I would attend and behave in a totally irresponsible manner.


^Tried to do a “/lie” tag after “nice here in the summer” above but the Intertoobz thought it was a real tag and hid it.

It’s fucking awful here during the summer. But the interns dress like total whores, so we got that going for us.


The fact is, the liberal far left will keep loosing. here in the heartland we support the free market and god and the support of troops and USA powere, wher the mission and our Commander In Chieft in Wartime is supported you cannot suppor tthe troops if mission is not supported, otherwise is biased.


Well, I’m up getting ready to go vote in the primary – Ed Fallon for Teh House, down with Boswell! – and go to class. Business & Corporate Law. Basically, the whole class consists of contracts. Contracts! I have a morning class for two hours and twenty minutes where I have to think about frackin’ contracts!

While I’m in Iowa on a rainy morning thinking about contracts, I offer to you, if you will accept my premise, that I won’t have to consider contracts from a hungover position. At least there’s that.


Seriously, I’m glad you all had fun and hope that no one suffers too many after effects, and that no one had to be bailed out of jail early this morning.


here in the heartland we support the free market and god and the support of troops and USA powere

and furry abs.


I am so-o-o-o-o-o jealous! [sobs]


It’s rough to be a Sadlie in the hinterland I tellsya.


Hey, where’s our Morning Hangover Liveblogging!?


Well. Morning in Portland. Leaden skies, drizzling rain, low speed wobbles. A bucket of Stumptown’s finest sumatra and 20 minutes under this wacky but altogether wonderful shower and I’m getting operational again.

Last night was a very special episode of “Life with mikey”.

Gavin and Marita are very good people, smart and kind. Kind of amazing they let me in their life. Ssshh. Don’t say nothin, maybe they won’t notice.

Marita, by the way. I can certainly understand why Gavin is marrying her. Amazon athlete scholar warrior princess, she is impressive in ways very few can be. Not only is she smarter than everyone in the room, but she can beat up everyone in the room.

Now it’s time for a mess’o meat and eggs and a stroll thru Powells books.

Southbound train leaves this afternoon. And so far? Nobody with a badge has even insisted I be on it…



All right, as a straight guy from the Midwest, I would like to speak for all in pointing out the 800-pound gorilla in the room:

Who is the guy in the pic?

I, having neither abs nor fur, have no particular interest myself in the answer, but that individual certainly assumed or expected that he would be know for… uh… that.

I also wonder, was the guy on the right of him actually puking or just retching? Somehow it matters…

I know the culture here is opaque and insiderish, but I can’t help but ask.

Duros Hussein 62

hope that no one suffers too many after effects, and that no one had to be bailed out of jail early this morning.

I’d be disappointed if they didn’t.


Seconded, all the eloquent and very true things Mikey said about G&M. Lovely people. That was a terriffic time last night, but now i’m sitting in the cube trying to think about ways to look busy. Commenting on S,N! is not one of them.

Great meeting you all last night. Safe travels all.



Hey Mikey, good to hear everything went so well. Congrats to all, some for not getting stoopid drunk and others for other things 😉

Its really amazing how important the relationships built online can be, and really how nurturing online communities can be sometimes. And all of you meeting together are a lifeline to those of us abroad, and there be many.


That was me to the right. Neither puking nor retching, just trying to keep clear of the hairball. I wasn’t sure what was going to be subsequently revealed…



So the real question now is, if we put together a Windily, No! Fest here in Chicago, who will come from the Outer Borderlands? Who from the Heartland? Who from the Places Beyonde The Sea Where Bee Dragonnes?

By the way, Gavin and Marita, would you prefer to be referred to as “Gavirita” or “Marvin” from now on?


By the way, Gavin and Marita, would you prefer to be referred to as “Gavirita” or “Marvin” from now on?



tbati, making the front page of Sadly, No!, albeit only halfsie…did you show everybody your “special” chest?



LACJ, I’m guessing that the fur displays must have been a the result of talking about furries (the costumed kind) and consuming lots of demeanor-altering substances. Sounds like he is going to remain the-exibitionist-who-shall-not-be-named. The attending sadlys seem to have circled the wagon. At any rate, he’s a bit too skinny to be a my-type.


Ha ha too funny. 5 minutes worth of comments from all ya’ll and I am laughing too hard to post.

T didn’t know what the hell was going to go down, that’s freaking awesome. He’s like (bail)

But I really am from the Midwest. Just to clear that up.


oh man TalkLeft right now is astounding

someone needs to eat like 10 aspirins and post about this

apparently Obama and David Axelrod are conspiring with the AP to suppress voter turnout by planting a story about Hillary conceding

Duros Hussein 62

At any rate, he’s a bit too skinny to be a my-type.

Maybe, but he’s r-r-r-r-ripped like Jesus.

MileHi Hawkeye

“At any rate, he’s a bit too skinny to be a my-type.”

Lookist!11!!! Us skinny guys need to be loved too…


I’m almost exclusively a lurker here, so I’m sure my vote doesn’t count, but add me to the list of those wondering who the guy with his shirt up is. Maybe it’s one of the higher-ups at Sadly No, thus the secrecy. (Could it be…GAVIN?)

MileHi Hawkeye

Travis, I thinking Percocet’s may be more in order to wade through that land of looneys.

These are the same people who were waiting breathlessly for the Michelle Obama “whitey” video to drop yesterday.

I may have to go poke the bear and see if I can banned as a blogclogger later.


Define “blogclogging”?


Define “blogclogging”?

I think that you automatically become one by questioning the concept.

Test that theory—go over to TalkLeft, ask that question, and see how quickly you get banned.

MileHi Hawkeye

Per TL…

“Courtesy of TL reader Cream City, we have a new name for the recent influx of visitors who are clogging up the threads with multiple comments in an attempt to dominate, hijack or otherwise disrupt the conversation: Blogcloggers.”


Oh right, I forgot about their ridiculous standard for banning people (which is copied verbatim by C&L and others). It’s really amazing to me that people who seem so insanely devoted to their choices have no desire or ability to defend them when questioned.


No, Gavin has complained that he has bad teeth. I can sympathize.

This is someone else….

Hmm…. a mystery wrapped in a enigma…


LACJ: Also, re-reading the beginning of the thread, I note that Gavin remarks on his lack of fur. Maybe it’s Travis.


No I believe that was Marita posting, but yeah that probably ain’t the G man.


This was a bachelor ‘s party, right?

I’ll bet it was the dancer.

Picked by Marita.


Y’know, even if they were going to say who it was, now that everyone is convinced it’s a big secret and trying to figure it out, it’s going to be much more amusing for them to watch everyone try to solve the mystery.


What happens in Flapdoodle stays in Flapdoodle



Some post-poteen prose for the Portland posse:

Of the miseries regularly inflicted on humankind, some are so minor and yet, while they last, so painful that one wonders how, after all this time, a remedy cannot have been found. If scientists do not have a cure for cancer, that makes sense. But the common cold, the menstrual cramp? The hangover is another condition of this kind.


Some words for hangover, like ours, refer prosaically to the cause: the Egyptians say they are “still drunk,” the Japanese “two days drunk,” the Chinese “drunk overnight.” The Swedes get “smacked from behind.” But it is in languages that describe the effects rather than the cause that we begin to see real poetic power. Salvadorans wake up “made of rubber,” the French with a “wooden mouth” or a “hair ache.” The Germans and the Dutch say they have a “tomcat,” presumably wailing. The Poles, reportedly, experience a “howling of kittens.” My favorites are the Danes, who get “carpenters in the forehead.” In keeping with the saying about the Eskimos’ nine words for snow, the Ukrainians have several words for hangover. And, in keeping with the Jews-don’t-drink rule, Hebrew didn’t even have one word until recently.


As for hangover remedies, they are legion. There are certain unifying themes, however. When you ask people, worldwide, how to deal with a hangover, their first answer is usually the hair of the dog.

Some dog hair for your howling kittens, y’all.

(Found it via Sully this AM; it was too timely to not repost…)


“Hmm…. a mystery wrapped in a enigma…”

…and covered in hair.






Another county heard from!


Chicago could maybe be remotely do-able. Are there enough Sadlies in the southern plains to justify a KC or (gag) DFW convocation?


If I had known that shirts would be lifted, I would not have left so early.

Clearly my job requires too much of me if I have to sleep through such exhibitionism.


…Ex-Portlander living in Hawaii is saddened…

(brightens up)

How ’bout Drinking Sadlyly: Waikiki?


Does the train go there?



Sadly, no!


We haven’t heard from you know who.

I’m a bit worried.


I’m a mystery wrapped inside an enigma.
Get inside of slave one I’ll track your homing signal.
Give you a head start, cause I’m a sporting guy,
Hope you have hyperdrive if you plan to survive.

No chickenhed antics?

Enraged Bull Limpet

I’m now convinced that my camera got surreptitiously *disappeared* ‘cuz it contained several shots far more compromising than that watery vanilla. Oh well, it was long past time to upgrade for my next degrading event.


Enraged Limpet – you should check with the folks at Ringler’s. There’s a *chance* that your cam turned up when they cleaned up for the night. There’s a *chance* someone didn’t put it in thier pocket. There’s a *chance* I’m not psychotic.

And one more thing – we found a camera at the table when we left. I have it. Anybody else lose a camera? Maybe you picked up the wrong one?


So lemme get this straight. A camera was lost. A camera was found.

And these are NOT the same camera?




Imagine a bar where cameras change form…


Oh, hey, that was my camera. Can I have it back now?


Define “blogclogging”?

It’s when you take a shower and your hair gunks up the tubes.


virtual shower that is. with webcam.


I’m here. Went to my friend’s hotel, passed out on his couch.

That was fun, but didn’t I tell you guys I don’t do shots?

Or shouldn’t?

My eyes are swimming a bit, but I’m fairly together.

No, scratch that. I have a hair ache.


I always beatbox with homeless buskers when I get loaded.

Great to meet y’all.


the comments are an ongoing circle-jerk
I think I preferred the comments section when it was an echo chamber.


A circle jerk in an echo chamber. I hope everyone had fun last night- I know I’ll regret missing it, but I couldn’t face downtown after 5 hours of drum students.


t4t – Glad you made it safe and sound. That was a good time. Have a good trip up the freeway.
The other Toby


t4 – good to see ur k. We wuz worried boutcha.


I am the mysterious furry stranger, the lurker known as Cocktailhag at UT….
I’m really Tony from Portland, but I trust y’all with that secret.
Great fun last night, although installing a bunch of slate flooring with a throbbing hangover today was less than ideal. Glad to hear everybody made it home ok.
Thanks SN, for a great time, and some further infamy, as though I needed it.


I didn’t want to give you up Tony, in case you wanted to preserve what little anonymity you had left…


Glad to hear you’re OK, t4t. I thought you had left sometime before the DJ set up — at least, all of a sudden, the only people around were PeeJ, mikey, Gavin, and Tony.

Great crop you have there. I envy you.

Thanks for a great evening, everyone, and far more whiskey and beers than could ever be advisable. If a Seattle area event comes together, I’ll try to be there.


Thanks, tbati… but I just heard from a guy in Germany that much more compromising photos than that (oops) came to him in an email. As Ted would say, “Aw, Hell.”


A circle jerk in an echo chamber.
I thought that was my hangover.

My favorites are the Danes, who get “carpenters in the forehead.”
What’s more, the carpenters are arguing loudly about who forgot to bring the feckin’ #9 plane, and who’s feckin’ job it is to connect the light switch, and where is the feckin’ sparky anyway?


whose feckin’ job.
Bloody apostrophe-misusing carpenters.


KC, of course. I have no fur.


Awwww, I missed all the fun. Got The Omnivore’s Dilemma yesterday, finally, and had to spend all night reading it, so that today I could read In Defense of Food today.
So when is the NYC Sadlyly Drinking?
You all realize the rule is the rest of the world is supposed to come here, right?


Today… today.
Today? Today.
I hate when I make stoopid typos.


The last time I lifted my shirt like that in a bar, there was general panic and a stampede for the exits.

No one was hurt, but I did get a reprimand from the fire marshal.


henry lewis… It was a Monday night, after all; fire marshals usually have that night off.


Larry Johnson is a why’d supremacist!


Whew! Nice pic….
Wish I was there! Just took the last med I have left in my arsenal in a cheer to y’all drinkers. Live it up!

Oh, and keep showing those bods…..this could quickly become my even more favoriter site…


Which naturally leads one to wonder what, pray, your other favorites are.


cock–eh, the snarkier the better. But few touch the SN.


Those are not ripped abs. That is fur strategically combed and styled to resemble abdominal ripples.


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