She may be innocent, but is this the best you can do?

Alex emails us this BBC story:

Baby murder claim ‘beggars belief’
Lawyers for a mother jailed for life for murdering her two baby sons have told
the Court of Appeal the case against her “beggars belief”.


But on Thursday her lawyers told the Court of Appeal the jury which convicted Cannings of the murders of two of her three dead babies must have come to the extraordinary conclusion that she was “giving birth in order to kill”.

Michael Mansfield QC said to suggest she went on having babies over a period of 10 years, knowing she might be overcome by an urge to kill the children like a character in a Greek tragedy, “beggars belief”.

Mr Mansfield told the judges: “This conviction doesn’t make sense.” [Emphasis added]

The story has been changed since it was sent to us — you can download a PDF of the original version here.

There is much on the internet about the case, including an earlier BBC story which casts doubt on the “expert” testimony offered by the prosecution:

The case against Angela was supported by the same experts who got it wrong in the prosecutions of Cheshire Solicitor Sally Clark and pharmacist Trupti Patel.

However, if the defense’s case rests on the idea that it simply doesn’t make sense for a parent to kill his/her children, we’d suggest hiring a new defense team.



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