So we can’t be friends anymore, is that it?

You call someone bad names a few times, point out they can’t add or calculate probabilities, and what happens? If this comment posted by the management of Trying to Count is any indication, this:

Yeah, but that’s your bit, right? Running around the internet pointing out falsehoods and mistakes and fucktards? Why bother with me when there’s an enormous “sadly no” event going on in the world? Because it doesn’t support your worldview? Because you get bigger kicks out of pointing at the little guy? This is right up your alley, but you’ve said nothing. If you’re going to be a heartless bastard, then be one all the time. [Emphasis added]

Heartless bastard, moi? (Besides, we don’t run — we scurry.)


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Sounds like somebody has a hair across their ass.

Pity, that.


I wasn’t aware they had friends to begin with.


So, she claims you focus disproportionately on her falsehoods.

Maybe she can perform one of her famous statistical analyses to prove this point.


Seb used French on her.


Oui, Oui, Francwa! Whuo, Whuo!…..

Errrrr….I got nuthin.



La fucktarde, elle n’aime pas les Fran?ais, ni les francophones. Si on parle fran?ais aux Freepers, il leur cause la douleur physique extravagante.


Is there a statistical measure of thin skin?


“La Fucktarde” ..oooh I like it. It puts a classy sheen on the ol’ cutdown; maybe it’ll save it from oblivion. You’ve resurrected one of the true internet classics!

It’s the word I’ll use next time that damn Kato comes into my house, tripping over shit and smashing glass.

What’s “asshat” en francaise?


Geez, you were actually comparatively nice to TTG in your last takedown. You didn’t call her “clueless,” “fucktard,” or anything like that — even though she richly deserved it.


“Sounds like somebody has a hair across their ass.” -I agree, maybe this was really Rush, again trying to get a deferment.

Should we really be surprised at how ill-informed some can be ? after all, there are enough to possibly elect Bush!


I dunno; I only studied French for a little while. I can’t actually cause Freepers to bleed internally with it the way a native speaker can. All I can do is make them howl and cover their eyes.

Asshat — un chapeau de cul? I think “le asshat” would be correct.

Can anyone translate “tinfoil-hatted fuckbat Freeptard?”


Where TtG == Trying to Grok:

TtG = -CFD


You know, she sounds kind of hurt by it all, but she dosn’t say you are wrong.


Why bother with me when there’s an enormous “sadly no” event going on in the world?

I was just wondering what this refers to.


oh, wait… the Fucking Stupid typewriter thing. Gotcha.

“Hey entire world, let’s pretend we live in a universe where Charles Johnson is credible and intellectually unassailable, but where 60 minutes is completely credulous, and where low-quality pdf files are proof of… well, whatever the fuck ever!” Woo-hoo.


“Why bother with me when there’s an enormous “sadly no” event going on in the world?

I was just wondering what this refers to.

What, nobody invited you?


Looks like Sarah’s mellowing a little, Seb. Today she’s says you’re not really the enemy. You didn’t bomb the World Trade Center, as Saddam Hussein and the other Iraqis did. Oh, wait. I guess you’re just a benighted librul Bush-basher who knows how to count — all of which is bad — but you’re not an Islamofascist per se.


In the first line, “she’s” should be “she.” I’m such an ignorant slut.


Okay, what’s “ignorant slut” en francais?

I really think we should revamp all these tired insults into french; the effect on freepers will be not unlike topping a chocolate pie with lollipops and ice cream and shoving it down a diabetic’s throat.

mcnett, you’re really on to something…


Sadly, it turns out that I’m not merely an ignorant slut, but also a complete fucktard. I had thought that “fucktard” was a word you had made up, but it turns out it’s a well-established word.


Will the supposedly-forged documents about Bu**sh**’s military ‘service’ turn out to be authentic?

Sadly, yes, TTG!

To quote “the Poorman” (via Hullabaloo)

Let me save everyone a whole lot of time. They are genuine. How do I know? Because the internet is currently awash in wingnuts claiming the memos are fakes. Ergo, they are for real. Q.E.D.

Some people may feel that I’m just being flip here. Is that so, some people? Tell me: how rich would you be right now if, every time something was posted on a right-wing message board, or everytime Drudge had an exclusive, or any time Rush Limbaugh revealed a secret truth that the liberal media won’t tell you, you called up your bookie and put down $20 even money on “bullshit”? The correct answer is: “pretty fucking rich”. The correct answer is: “I would never, never lose.” So, if anyone doubts my methodology, I have a crisp new $20 bill that just told me that I’m 100% right and you’re just too dumb to see it. If any of you champs out there think me and Andrew Jackson are both wrong, well then, today’s your lucky day, because we’re paying 2:1. If you need us, we’ll be on the couch playing ESPN NHL 2K5. Peace.


I can’t believe every piece on whose comments board I write comments, gets linked to every OTHER piece for which….

There are what, sixty thousand hundred * 10^24 blogs (not counting the Dark Window, which updates so slow it’s more of an entity like the fall J. Peterman catalog)…

This is weird.


mcnett – there are only like 10 bloggers out here, doing all of them. It’s this massive con game – actually, it’s an elaborate psyche experiment. Michael Berube’s several – I think he’s not only David Gelernter but also Fafblog, the way he spontaneously starts channeling them (or slipping into character) and c’mon, we all know that Amber is Seb’s brainchild, and the reason why Pete doesn’t update enough is that Pete is another of Seb’s alter-egos; Tacitus is probably Markos’ Darkside persona (as jealous of him as Mr. Hyde of Jekyll), with Bird Dog being his wacky side allowed to cut loose.

How many of us are Real bunnies, and how many of us are sock-puppets? Muahahah, you’ll never know!!!


[Bellatrys, Go onto Pete’s comments for the last entry, from a hundred million years ago, and see my theory.]


wait, you were already there today while i wasn’t looking.
[shriek, scream]



(comments, ‘clinton big loser…’)]


What’s this web enfolding?
I follow four…no, FIVE blogs (counting the I Have Something Better To Do Most Days Window, a.k.a., the Drunk Window).
Over it now, sorry. Past it. New Day Tomorrow. Better In Every Way.


Huh, you notice Seb had no posts on September 11 — probably out committing acts of terrorism.


Typical freeper reaction. She doesn’t address the criticism, just points out that somewhere in the world someone/something else is worse. Useful for everything from math (“Who has time for math? For God’s sake, there are typewriters out there!”) to torture (“So what if a few people did some things they shouldn’t have at Abu Ghraib, Stalin killed millions and Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton!“)


Typical freeper reaction. She doesn’t address the criticism, just points out that somewhere in the world someone/something else is worse.

True. Someone who was actually trying to make a serious, coherent argument would welcome reasoned criticism of it.


mcnett’s a sock-puppet of mine, don’t believe anything s/he says!

(ObLarsonRef: The innocent left hand was unaware of what the right hand was doing “killkillkillkill”)

BTW, did Seb tape this recent episode of Big Brother? And are we going to get to see fun controversial screen captures?

Fredereck – some of them are trying very hard *not* to make a coherent argument: this has been the stock deflection tactic of the supposedly “reasonable” conservatives since as long as I can remember, which along wtih the sexism helped push me out – I’d read an article in National Review or Crisis and think, but they just changed the subject! I’m not allowed to do that in Phil 101! They just used a second definition of the same word – that’s not cricket!

But others – I fear all of our currect crop of wingnuts – learned their arguing styles at the knee of Buchanan or Buckley, and quite literally *can’t* make a decent syllogism or identify their own logical errors or understand why they’re important…


mcnett’s a sock-puppet of mine, don’t believe anything s/he says!

If so, we’ve been posting way too much this weekend, when we have work to do and a list of chores to finish. I’ll take over here while you mow the lawn.


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