You are aware… that we’re not native English speakers

Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure that someone who is “twelve” isn’t considered to be a “teenager.” K-Lo writes:

Actress Ellen Barkin would force her teen daughter to abort.

Meanwhile, in the article K-Lo links to:

“I am the mother of a 12 year old. If she was pregnant, I would take her kicking and screaming to have an abortion,” Barkin said at a press conference Tuesday to publicize her new movie.

In the film, Barkin, who starred in “The Big Easy” and won an Emmy in 1997 for her role in “Before Women Had Wings,” plays the mother of a teenager girl who is forced by her parents to have an abortion.

The heroine, 12 year-old Aviva, wants to be a mother. After a neighbor impregnates her, Aviva’s mother (Barkin) insists on the abortion.

Must be something in the National Review water cooler.


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What is the world coming to when I’m forced to agree with K. Lo (of course unlike K. Lo I also believe the girl should be able to have an abortion if she so chooses–without any parental consent either) after the whole point of pro-choice is the choice aspect.


How is forcing a daughter to have an abortion any different from sending her away and forcing her to give it up for adoption after it’s born? Isn’t that what those compassionate Christians used to do?


Officially, you’re right, “teenage” or “teen” usually refers to children ages 13-19.

As a teacher, though, I’ve seen my share of 10 year-olds that were “teenage.” A mixture of a difficult home life and raging hormones will do that to a person.


Funny how wingnuts are 100% for the parental right to control 12 year-old children, except in cases where 12 year-old children demand the right to squeeze puppies out of their 12 year-old vaginas.


Urg…I’m not exactly *agreeing* with K-Lo here…and I do this fictional teen has been fictionally raped, at least under the legal definition…but I wouldn’t be forcing an abortion on anyone, even a 12 year old. Freedom of choice is freedom to choose, even if the one doing the choice is 12.

It’s still the 12 year old’s body. She’s the one who gets to decide.

I would provide her with relevant information, though, about what bearing a child at that age is going to do to her body, and what the odds are that that child will suffer birth defects, and so on. I’d do what I could to make it an educated choice, in other words.


I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to drag her kicking and screaming. But I think the doctor would likely balk.


Thanks, Amanda, for bringing a tiny bit of reality into the mix.


The National Review isn’t really objecting to the 12-year-old’s right to choose being impacted; they just think it’s better to put a 12-year-old through pregnancy and childbirth than for her to have an abortion.


I would force Kathryn Jean Lopez’ mother to have an abortion. Even now.


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