If the story’s not bad enough…

…why don’t you change the details, and pour some gasoline?

MedienKritik writes:

The article reports as a success of the “European-Iranian human rights dialog” that a 16-year-old girl will [Actually, she was hanged last month. –S,N!] not be stoned to death, but rather hanged.

Sullivan “summarizes” the post thusly:

A NINE-YEAR-OLD HANGED, NOT STONED: The fruits of German appeasement of Iran’s mullahs.

Andrew: do you ever fucking read what you link to?!? (While sticking the blame for the execution on Germany is just another in a long series of lows for Sullivan. As though, somehow, Iran’s mullahs would be dissuaded by Germany’s condemnation. Not that you would know about the execution from the US media, mind you, which has managed zero articles on the topic.)

(Sullivan’s post, arguably, is par for the course given that MedienKritik translates the German headline of the article as “A less cruel execution,” when the German text, Eine Hinrichtung, die weniger grausam sein soll, means “An execution that should be less cruel.” Added: A reader argues a more accurate translation would be: “An execution that’s supposed to be less cruel.”)


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It should also be pointed out to Sullivan that Germany condemns all executions while the US still carries them out.

native german speaker

“Eine Hinrichtung, die weniger grausam sein soll”

Actually in german this reads as:

“An execution that’s supposed to be less cruel”



Wanted to do a joke about being hung and stoned, but I think I’ll let it pass.


Official: (suspiciously) Are there any women here today?


The boys at Medienkritik worship Sully. Haven’t heard them comment on his recent anti-Bush conversion.


I’m here and I think I’m going to link to this post on my blog.


Done! Although, I’m not sure how much traffic that’s going to generate, since my blog is very new.


MedienKritik says 16, Sully says 9.

They’re all teenagers to K-Lo!


Aren’t sixteen year olds considered legal adults in Iran? I believe they can vote, get married, etc.


The US kills 16 year olds all the time.


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