Today’s probability for being busy is…

…very high. Yet we wouldn’t even think of leaving you without some kind of entertainment, which is why we’ve decided to offer two DaimlerChrysler TV commercials to keep you busy.

  • The one and only smart forfour spot. It’s the one all the cool kids are talking about! (6MB, WMV.) Watch the commercial and go out and buy one already.
  • The soon to be released new Mercedes-Benz A class. (Which, for some reason, features a song by Christina Aguilera. Who came up with that idea, we don’t know.) [8MB, MPG.]
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    The smart forfour wishes it were a mini. And having Robbie Williams tout it doesn’t help in the coolness factor.


    OT (as if there was a topic!):

    Neiwert. Nail>Head

    “It wasn’t, in other words, a Democratic administration that foolishly, through its own arrogance and incompetence, handed Al Qaeda leadership nearly everything it hoped for at nearly every step of the drama: a lax mindset regarding security, an escape through Pakistan, a gift invasion of Iraq that diverted precious resources from the serious work fighting terrorism, a mishandled occupation that provided a groundswell of recruitment.”

    “Wrong leadership is not strong leadership.”


    Actually, it doesn’t look all that different from my Civic SI, which I bought after looking into the Mini. Same horsepower, and about $5,000 cheaper than the Cooper S.

    It is really nice to have a small car like that if you live in the city.


    Any reason you went with the Si over the Acura RSX? I ask since I ended up with a 2004 RSX.


    The A-Class isn’t at all new. At least not in the sane part of the world in which small cars aren’t taken to be a sign of effeminacy. Indeed, EasyCar had been renting them for years, though it’s now widened its fleet.


    It’s always interesting to see Sacco-designed front ends. To me, everything from the Frieghtliner std cab down through the M-class and into the A-class (which is sort of like a Sprinter) looks strikingly similar. Not that that’s a bad thing…but will there be an (r)evolution?


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