I’m even more depressed now:

U.S. Allowed Chinese to Interrogate and Abuse Gitmo Prisoners

The Pentagon allowed Chinese officials to visit and interrogate Gitmo prisoners. It even softened them up for the interrogation.


Buried in a Department of Justice report released Tuesday are new allegations about a 2002 arrangement between the United States and China, which allowed Chinese intelligence to visit Guantanamo and interrogate Chinese Uighurs held there.

According to the report by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine, an FBI agent reported a detainee belonging to China’s ethnic Uighur minority and a Uighur translator told him Uighur detainees were kept awake for long periods, deprived of food and forced to endure cold for hours on end, just prior to questioning by Chinese interrogators.

Susan Manning, a lawyer who represents several Uighurs still held at Guantanamo, said Tuesday the allegations are all too familiar. U.S. personnel “are engaging in abusive tactics on behalf of the Chinese,” she said Tuesday. When Uighur detainees refused to talk to Chinese interrogators in 2002, U.S. military personnel put them in solitary confinement as punishment, she said.

I know this is just a left-wing pipe dream, but I want the entire Bush administration prosecuted for war crimes.


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I realize that there may not be a better term, but I feel like “war crimes” doesn’t quite get it. Mainly because there isn’t really a war going on right now, at least in the traditional sense.


How about ‘crimes against humanity’?


So, China outsources torture to us?

Holy shit.


This Empire can’t end fast enough.

Garrigus Carraig

Mainly because there isn’t really a war going on right now, at least in the traditional sense.

You have brought snark from another world.


B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but Glenn Reynolds sez John Yoo is innocent, and this is a witchhunt, and heh! Indizzle!


There doesn’t have to be an actual *declared* war going on for one to be guilty of war crimes. “War crimes” describes the actions of the Bushies just fine. “Crimes against humanity” works too.


It’s an exchange program, right?

American spooks were invited over to CC for a firsthand looksee of internal spying and suppression of dissent?


The USA – China’s boot boy.

Thanks, wingnuts!


I think somebody needs to give WordPress the Heimlich maneuver.


Is the next Republican National Convention going to be in Tienanmien Square?

Can I drive one of the tanks?


The Chinese probably feel that since they’re paying for the war they should at least get something out of it; Bush is working to restore the balance of trade one broken body at a time.


Doc, If you’re going to get a tank I’ll get you the coordinates of Norm Coleman’s house. Should be an easy shot from downtown St. Paul.

(Finds his best Foghorn Leghorn voice to say ‘Ahh said ahh said it’s a joke, son’).

I am seriously concerned that downtown St. Paul is going to turn into Tienanmien Square before the convention is over. The republicans are going to be totally paranoid and desperate by September and I’m sure that they’ll set the security threat level at blood red level for the entire event. I wish it was happening in Arkansas instead of here.


DocAmazing wins.

my unified field theory of everything remains: when ford pardoned nixon it became obvious to those in power on the right that there was simply nothing they couldn’t do with impunity. bill casey put together october surprise because of this, the plan b guys (wolfie et al), the whole reagan administration (which remains the most subpeonaed in history) and iran contra and fucking inslaw and…i could go on for quite a while.

the republican party has institutionalized criminal behavior, realizing that in a two-party systems as long as you pay fealty to the broad strokes about 50% of the populace has no choice but to swallow hard and pull the lever for you no matter what. so why not lie cheat and steal “feather the nest and fuck the rest yes yes” to quote jaz coleman.

Ann Althouse's Slowly Tilting Wine Glass

I understand that the “My Parents Got To Waterboard Some Dude At Gitmo And All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt” T-shirts are selling like hotcakes.


…in Mandarin.


Odds that these actions will be defended by all the unhinged neocons who were writing books about the coming global nuclear war with evil empire China until 9/11 gave them something else to blather about: 110 millionty-billionty percent.

Changed Everything indeed.

not even an mba

For additional despair, looking up uighur in wiki leads us to this WashPost story. According to Robin Wright, most of these guys were declared NLEC in late 2003. It’s 2008 and they’re still in Guantanamo.




“The USA – China’s butt boy.”

Fixed it for ya…


Since this all began with Nixon, and the Usual Suspects show up continually to THIS DAY, I think it’s past time we investigate this friggin’ thing and brought it to a conclusive end.

I think everyone is still “misunderestimating” the evil of that man, and his unsung ability to find other evil people to carry on his dark work.

Or he was, all along, an alien bent on destroying the earth through political leverage, brainwashing, and the boundless energy that springs from sprinting ahead of one’s own madness.

Either one works for me.


I want the entire Bush administration prosecuted for war crimes.

Now there’s something we can all agree on.

Also, I think we can agree on beer:

San Francisco Bay Area Blogger and Reader happy hour Thursday 5/22, 6pm, Glen Park Station.


I think hanging’s too good for this administration. However, I’d really enjoy the irony what with Saddam Hussein and all. It’s a conundrum.


Hey we could let the Mahdi army lynch this one too!


Hey, it’s just supply-and-demand at work. The free market. We have ’em, they want ’em. The only problem is our geniuses screwed up the price. Think how much the Reds would pay for access!

The Invisible Hand can deal out slaps and water up your nose too.


I know this is just a left-wing pipe dream, but I want the entire Bush administration prosecuted for war crimes.
Or at least one person above the rank of non-com.


Perhaps the Chinese were recruiting for their gymnastics team? ‘Cause if a Uigher can hold a stress position for hours, in the freezing cold, then stick the landing ……….. well, how hard can it be to walk a balance beam while wearing a smog mask?


Maybe we underestimated Mitt Romney?! Maybe we do need to double Guantanamo. Business is booming, it seems…


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