The Worst Wimple in the World


Above: Elizabeth Scalia aka The Anchoress

The hypochondriacal shut-in who daily rises from her deathbed, puts on a pretend wimple, and blogs as “The Anchoress” is, of course, opposed to condoms, and particularly condoms for people in a country where God has sent a typhoon to wash all the condoms off the store shelves in order to assure that hunger and disease can be augmented by AIDS and unwanted pregnancy.

Priorities in order, the UN sends 200,000 condoms to Myanmar, which the government has accepted. Perhaps those poor people can inflate them, tie them together and float out of there on them.

Perhaps this poor woman can take her rosary, tie her hands together with it, and never touch a keyboard again.


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t Winslow Howell

HR 2419


Bah, that’s nothing. Obama would send a million white Christian abortions over there. Bloody pikers.


She’s a truly sick person, but the sickest part is that her own longing for sex obscures the reality of it for the people living through this kind of a disaster. She still thinks that sex is something that other people do recreationally, a luxury, an elite pastime. She’s never been in a real relationship where sex is a natural part of the union and she can’t imagine that couples will continue to need each other even in the face of this disaster. But even worse she shows a childish, spiteful, fearful inability to recognize that in this devastated area women and children are going to be forced into prostitution just to survive. Don’t they deserve some protection against aids and pregancy and std’s? Its sure not going to be the anchoress who shows up to tell them about god’s love and preach celibacy and starvation.



But, but, can’t she look at the bright side? That’s 200,000 condoms which aren’t going to some white country which means we can save ourselves from the Mooozlim overpopulation about to overrun us?


t Winslow Howell, I think I get your point, now what would you like me to do about it? Shall I grab my pitchfork and torch and march on Washington?


Maybe the Wankeress can shove them up her fucking ass. Yeah lady, it’s the fact that their government is giving them condoms that’s going to be the last straw for the people of Myanmar. Why are the lady wingnuts all such freaks anyway? Most of the boys are just idiots or hacks with just a few outright psychos, but the women are all OUT THERE man.


Can we get a volunteer to give her a good fuck?


Perhaps this poor woman can take her rosary, tie her hands together with it, and never touch a keyboard again.

Words for all our trolls to live by, as well.


I suspect her husband has a mason jar collection to rival Jesus’ General’s.


I am reluctant to explain what the troll is banging on about, because it may only prolong the misery, but here goes.

ONE: T. Howell is fretting about this (relevant blog post), the Farm Bill, which props up First World agricultural subsidies. Connection to Obama.

TWO: Many commenters here are only vaguely aware of the Farm Bill.

THREE: The fact that T. Howell knows all about it, and the commenters do not, proves that T. Howell is a genius, and his heart throbs with love for the poor and downtrodden, and the commenters are selfish troglodytes because they do not click links left by trolls.

FOUR: The fact that T. Howell keeps trying to bring the subject up is proof that he is a tireless seeker of the Good, and exceedingly brave, and the fact that people are ignoring him proves that liberals are evasive and can’t handle the truth!!!!

FIVE: T. Howell is a dazzling wit, and everyone else is a “midget” (and therefore ridiculous and horrid).


Nobody ever has sex during a national emergency anyway. It’s like there is a little evolutionary alarm that goes off in the back of people’s minds that says, “HEY! The world is coming to an end! If you don’t reproduce RIGHT NOW, the whole species will be wiped out forever!” Then everyone just sits back and hopes that happens, cuz boy did we fuck this planet up.





“In Yangon, Kachin, and Shan, MSF provided medical care for 16,000 HIV/AIDS patients, half of whom were receiving anti-retroviral treatment by the end of the year. Focusing on high-risk groups including sex workers, intravenous drug users and migrant workers, MSF also provided health education, distributed over 3.5 million condoms and provided needle exchanges.

’cause you know how junkies and prostitutes like to take a little time off when the weather’s bad.


Good to see there are still some bastions of Bush-worship: All I know is the only Republican actually taking on the Democrats (and the press) is George W. Bush. Heroic W is taking on the Democrats and the press! And he’s doing that how? By tapdancing? Begging the Saudis for help? Violating Godwin’s law? Whatever her other sexual hangups, she sure loves her some President Codpiece.


“Nobody ever has sex during a national emergency anyway. ”

Uh-huh. That is why there is a routine spike in births about 9 months after them.

As to the Wankeress, perhaps she can blow up her head (which is quite obviously empty) and just float out of our lives. Just because she has never had sex does not mean the rest of us share her perversions.


“Celibacy is the most unusual of all perversions.” — Oscar Wilde


Fuck the condoms. My favorite gem was this:

I mean, It’s not like Michelle flew jets in wartime and dropped bombs on people, which I guess you could argue Bill Clinton, as CIC did, too. Although somehow that didn’t bother the Dems before. I’m sorry, I can’t keep these ever-changing standards straight.

Her complaint is that Democrats said that military experience was good for John Kerry, but bad for John McCain. If she had said that, she would be obtuse, but not necessarily insane. Instead she seems to think that ordering a war is literally the same as flying bombers in a war, spouses are equivalent to candidates, and boogety bob di wooga blahva EEE! EEE!! EEEEEE!!!


Uh-huh. That is why there is a routine spike in births about 9 months after them.

I may have forgotten to close a snark tag .


On the same post, this retarded wench wrote:

In 2004 John Kerry was a good guy because he was drafted and stayed on the ground in Vietnam for 16 weeks.

Kerry joined the US Naval Reserve while in college at Yale. After graduation, he took his commission and enlisted as an officer. He was not drafted, you silly, fact-challenged bitch. Even DFHs like me know that you don’t get made an officer when you get drafted, and you don’t get drafted into the Navy!



ped, I think you meant to say

boogety bob di wooga blahva EEE! EEE!! EEEEEE!!!


Oh, and there’s this too:

So, Michelle made a remark about “whitey.” Liberals are always badmouthing “whitey!” It’s not a racial thing, it’s an elitist thing!

Jebus K Rist on a pogo stick – who the hell uses the word “whitey” anymore? That shit went out with afros and granny glasses. I don’t even think you’d find the word “whitey” on the Nation of Islam website, much less find a left-leaning blog that used “whitey” in any context except tongue firmly in cheek.

She doesn’t get out much, does she? I guess that’s self-evident.


who the hell uses the word “whitey” anymore?

I use it ironically… but usually only around white people.


Priorities in order

Yeah. I mean, could the UN stop thinking about cock for like 2 minutes? Of all the irresponsible… you’ve got people clinging to palm trees over there- still- as the water rising all around them, and the UN is flying in, flinging some condoms at them and zooming away. What the fuck. And don’t pretend you don’t know what people are going to do with them- they’re not going to make balloon Jesuses out of them, I assure you.


This woman’s disgusting. She has a maudlin, pious article exploiting her brother’s terminal illness to advance her political agenda.

I say wall the Anchoress in.


Might as well go for the trifecta…

Why should his wife Michelle be off limits when Hillary’s husband wasn’t and John McCain’s spouse won’t be?

Hillary’s husband was the president you blithering idiot, and therefore a political target. Cindy McCain has extensive ties to corporate lobbyists and has bankrolled his political career (after he divorced his crippled wife in the hospital to marry Cindy, his filthy rich beer-heiress mistress.) I’m sure that’s perfectly in keeping with the Catholic family values you wear conspicuously on your sleeve, Lizzie. Unlike Obama, the happily married-only-once family man.

So yeah, Cindy “Cruella” McSame is not “off limits, because unlike Michelle Obama, Cruella is hip-deep in political scandal, which she knows her tax returns would clearly show.

Lizzie’s Catholic family values. Gotta love ’em.


Plus how fucking pathetic is their attack on Michelle Obama. They’re micro-parsing ONE PHRASE she said – that’s their entire ammo dump.


“They’re micro-parsing ONE PHRASE she said”

The upside of this is that that’s all they’ve got and boy is the public going to be tired of it by November.

Ann Althouse's Slowly Tilting Wine Glass

When did the Cankeress drop the veil of anonymity?


The first time she got a paycheck?, maybe.

This woman does the Dance of the Seven Veils of Wingnuttery constantly. She juggles wordly cattery with pious murmerings and bloodthirsty outburst. She’s like K-Lo, only crazy. Which means…

The Anchoress is to K-Lo :: Malkin/Oshry are to Althouse/McArdle

If we could reduce wingnuttia to mathematical formulas, maybe we could predict their behavior. Oshry’s still out there, free as a loon, and a time bomb waiting to go off.


I apologize–I did not mean to imply that K-Lo might not be crazy.


I’m sure Anchoress’ doctor has explained to her a thousand times already, you can’t actually die from terminal priggishness.


I sort of agree with the Anchoress with this. Given that the Myanmar junta has blocked most other aid, getting only condoms is a slap in the face.


Uh, blog priorities aside?

There’s something wrong about a government that will take condoms but blockade food, water, and medical supplies.


Our dearly beloved Anchoress riffs on astrology and the tubes. Is it beautiful, a solo voice above the renaissance faire choir? No, not exactly:

Oh, come on now, this is just netroot paranoia writ mainstream. They’ve been saying for 6 years that Bush would “declare martial law and suspend the elections.” I’d like to point out that the uber-Clinton haters said the same thing in 2000 (um, well…they did almost have to pry the Clintons off the wallpaper of the WH, but Bill & Hill managed to finally leave with the furniture). If you’re really afraid of martial law being declared, here’s a hint: don’t riot, don’t bomb things, don’t re-enact 1968 with 2008 communications and weaponry.

What generosity of spirit! What a collection of trackbacks in one place!


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