Axis Of EVOO

Pam Atlas or no, it can sometimes be damned hard in this life to decide whose side you’re on…


Update: Hey, Pam:


Michelle Malkin, Dunkin Donuts Jihad Tool.

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That picture just screams Jihad. Thanks for the vigilance Pam.
I, for one, will be taking my business to krispy kreme from now on..


Umm, I don’t get it. Is that the actual photo on Pam’s site? What the fuck is setting her off? I guess it’s that scarf. You’d have to be pretty demented to see that and think “Jihad! Terrorists! Yasser Arafat!” I mean damn, that’s crazy. I mean, what the fuck man? Pam is now officially a parody, whether intentional or not.


And Hitler wore pants! Just like Al Gore!


The only possible response is to have Rachel Ray give up clothing. This would have the added benefit of increasing the ratings of all the shows she’s on.

This is all good news for Republicans.


I cannot even begin to think of an appropriate response to this jackassery – she equates a fashion statement that resembles a particular piece of clothing worn by a dead former terrorist only in color scheme to some kind of jihadist conspiracy? Is she that sad and pathetic that she has basically become a parody of herself?

Hell, if there was a Dunkin’ Donuts around these parts I’d gladly down a few fat pills just to spite her idiocy…


OK, you made me click the link. I feel dirty. And Pam is certifiably, batshit, barking, mouth-foaming crazy.


It’s nice to see that not everyone at Pammykins site is batshit insane like her:

To be fair, it doesn’t like like that pattern…of black lines in a square, like that arab thing. If you look carefully, it looks like black designs, like a paisley pattern or some other flowery pattern.

Shhhh, that kind of talk will get you banned, stat.


Oh Noes!!11!

Perky middlebrow corporate-beverage-chain promoter is wearing a scarf!!!11!!

Call Homeland Security!! Cover your children’s eyes!! Fetch me the Bacardi bottle!!


Holy fuck! It’s a fucking scarf. So, that it’s a piece of black and white cloth automatically makes it a symbol of “murdering Jews”? Even from a distance it looks nothing like it.

I know it’s been said frequently before, but just when you think they can’t get any more batshit insane, they find a way.

Andyjunction’s comment about Hitler wearing pants isn’t that far off the mark: this is the equivalent of saying anyone who has a fucking mustache is honoring Hitler.


The more insidious threat to peace here is that Dunkin’ is owned by the Carlyle Group:

It is particularly hawkish on the aerospace and defense industries, putting to good use the experience of its chairman emeritus Frank Carlucci, a former Secretary of Defense. Firms in this arena make up a significant share of the portfolio at Carlyle, one of the world’s largest private equity firms… Carlyle’s directorship reads like George Walker Bush’s inaugural ball invite list. Reagan Secretary of the Treasury James Baker serves as a senior counselor, and Richard G. Darman, former director of the Office of Management and Budget under George Herbert Walker Bush, is a managing director. Former President George Bush has served with Carlyle and Colin L. Powell, before becoming Secretary of State, made an appearance on behalf of the firm.

But wait! All those guys are old white men and all those weapons companies are killing people for the ‘Murcan Way, so that’s o.k.

My bad. The scarf is worse.


Best chuckle I’ve had all week, and that includes Tweety v. Kevin James.


Only AtlasJuggs stands between us and the insidious Islamofascihomojihadist plot to sap our precious bodily fluids via genetically-engineered keffiyeh! I’m sure they got the evil idea from the South Park “Towlie” episode…just another example of how decadent libural culture will soon destroy us all.


Dunkin’ Donuts, the sugary confections of the Holocaust!one1!


WTF? Mz. Shruggernaut must have been doing a stretch in prison in the late 80s when everyone and their dog was wearing a kaffiyeh.

Jesus Pole Vaulting Christ, these people make the guy screaming about plaid squirrels seem sane.




I think I missed a memo or a lucky number program or something.


Um. Just clicked on the link. What in the name of the Virgin Mary’s favorite pair of shoes is up with the 200′ tall chick in the Supergirl outfit … standing in the … Hudson?!?


I don’t remember Arafat wearing frilly lace around his scarf, and the pattern is different. So this doesn’t make Dunkin’ Donuts Islamofascitabortionondemandatheists. What does make them liberal fascists is the fact that they serve LATTES!!! zOMFGWTFBBQ!!!!111oneoneone


I can’t bother with AtlasJuggs now! I’m to busy frothing with rage over Nazi-lover Charlie Chaplin!

Nothing says, “Fundamentalist Oppressive Theocracy” like Rachael fucking Ray. You should try her Death to America Pancakes.


Is this a Scarf?


The only possible response is to have Rachel Ray give up clothing.

That is, in fact, the only thing that would get me to have cable TV. I’ve had a thing for her for years.

As long as she doesn’t say anything. That kills it.


Yasser Arfatbastard

Y’see…Arafat…last syllable ‘fat’…fatbastard…

Oh, my. (stitching up sides) That’s some blue ribbon snark.

I’ll bet everyone here wishes they had one-tenth of Pammy’s laffmastery.




Also, Rachel Ray giggles in code to coordinate her terrorist confection army.


Pammy’s insane. I’ll blame the vodka. There is no way that scarf that RR is wearing is a kaffiyeh.

What Pammy fails to point out is Dunkin Donut’s terroristic use of flash and their dhimmitudinal support of the fuking Red Sox.


It’s true. I was near of box of them when her orders came through the tv. A powdered jelly donut tried to suffocate me while a french crueller, well, I don’t really want to get into the details there. Suffice it to say, it took a good 15 minutes to get the situation under control and I’m still in therapy, OK? So, I’d listen to Pam if I were you. She is wise in the ways of bakery islamofascism.


Some Guy said,

May 19, 2008 at 3:13

Nothing says, “Fundamentalist Oppressive Theocracy” like Rachael fucking Ray. You should try her Death to America Pancakes.

To prepare my famous Death to America Pancakes, you’ll need 1 cup of milk, 2 tbsp. butter, pancake mix and 4 whole eggs in the form of aborted human embryos.

Now, I like to use Bisquick for pancake mix, and it is a good brand. As for the aborted human embryos, these might be a little difficult to obtain from your typical grocery store. However, there are plenty available at most ethnic markets that specialize in Middle Eastern food. You can tell which ones they are with the squiggly writing and the brown skinned people behind the counter. *smile*

Set your stove on medium heat, and it is better to use a gas oven instead of an electric oven for this, but an electric will work just as well. Unfold an American flag over the burner, and make sure to spread plenty of EVOO on the flag. Pour the pancake batter over it, and flip the pancake over when bubbles rise at the top like this *points to pancake*. Brown the other side for approximately the same amount of time it took for those bubbles to rise.

When you’re done, it’s easy cleanup as you can just throw the American flag away, or continue to let it burn in front of US troops about to be deployed to Iraq. Another option is to serve it with the pancakes, as it makes a nice conversation piece about the Great Satan.



Is she that sad and pathetic that she has basically become a parody of herself?

This is a trick question, right? Yes.


Hey, wait: doesn’t this put the shrieking harpy directly at odds with La Malkin, who recently gave up Starbucks for Dunkin Donuts as a political protest?

Who wins that fistfight? My money’s on Pam. I can picture her wading into the fray, boilermaker in one hand, the other arm swinging wildly errant haymakers at Malkin’s head.


Cruel Jest said,

May 19, 2008 at 3:27

It’s true. I was near of box of them when her orders came through the tv. A powdered jelly donut tried to suffocate me while a french crueller, well, I don’t really want to get into the details there. Suffice it to say, it took a good 15 minutes to get the situation under control and I’m still in therapy, OK? So, I’d listen to Pam if I were you. She is wise in the ways of bakery islamofascism.

I was sitting at a bar once, and a jelly donut came up to me and started talking. Then everything went black. Next thing I knew, I woke up in the back of a truck and the jelly donut was raping me. The french crueler was in the corner, pointing and laughing at me.


Rachel’s scarf doesn’t look anything like the tablecloth Arafat wore.

Anyway, lots of Sikh women wear head scarves, and the men turbans. Our Sikh neighbors were TP’d a few days after 9/11. That was in an upscale suburb, Fremont CA, which has a large Sikh, Hindu and Moslem population. Stupidity never dies.


I am still mulling over how the Doughboy can call Obama Fascist. I suspect that since already opponents are crying “racist” at any people of color voting for him, Goldberg will easily equate racist with fascist.


Who wins that fistfight? My money’s on Pam.

I don’t know… I’ll bet Michelle would tear Pam’s silicone out with her bare hands.


Racel Ray is a jihadist? I knew it! All this time I though I might be one of those “elitists” because I did not swoon for the charms or Ms. Ray. Now I know my terrist-dar was on high alert and I misread the signal. Thank God Pam is on the case.


Oh, it’s bad. It’s real bad. Here’s a Dunkin’ Donuts ad with Ray in one of those military jackets Che Guevara used to wear.


You know, if that scarf even remotely resembled the Fatah pattern (black and white grid with sort of triangular spots at the intersections), Pam might have a point. I mean, a point of equal validity to declaring men wearing those little furry Russian caps to be filthy comsymps, but a point.

This is more equivalent to declaring the Nehru jacket an icon of sympathy with the Red Chinese because it looks sort of like a Mao suit.


Dear J—-: I did not need to see that. No I did not. Thanks. I guess.


I myself had hummus for lunch today. What does that say about me?


If Rachel Ray is a Muslamofascist, then why did she put not one, but TWO bacon-centered recipes on the back of all those Ritz Cracker boxes?

On the other hand, she does encourage people to hate America…


Its not a purse, its a european! Its not a kafiyeh, its a scarf/shawl/thingie! My aunt knit it for me for Ramadan…Christmas! My aunt knit it for me for Christmas! We had dolman…fruitcake! We had fruitcake! Lovely Dunkin fruitcake.


As baffling as this whole episode is, note the one thing which completely fails to shock: that the wingnuts who frequent Pam Atlas spend a lot of time on I think the only surprise I can muster over that was that they haven’t yet noticed a similar pattern in the fur of a certain Chester Cheetah… if that’s his real name…


Hokay. Pam brings the truth out where we can see it.

I’ve always been hot for Rachael. (I don’t even mind her talking and giggling. I just REALLY wanna see her naked. Or better yet, I get to choose the “outfit”.) *AHEM* Anyway. If she’s all up on the Pali Genocide Arafat Pedophile Murdering Terrorist program? Me too. I want to cook with her in camp, AK slung over her cute shoulders, perky breasts wrapped around bandoleers of loaded mags and grenades, suicide vest of Semtex and Veal around her hips.

We’d make some barbequed Israeli children, basting them religiously every five minutes, and we’d drink strong black tea with goat milk and we’d laugh!! Oh, how we’d laugh. And then?

We’d go back to our tent in the al-Quaeda compound, we’d take off our weapons and we’d enjoy a brief interlude, just her and me and allah, and then we’d sleep, for the jihad can never wait…



Who wins that fistfight? My money’s on Pam.

I gotta go with pedestrian on this one. Malkin’s got that kung-fu grip action and war pom-poms to boot. They both have the Sneer of Death.


Blue Buddha beat me to it! Except tell the truth…this didn’t really happen to you. You just heard a different brad talking about it.


how much does Ann Althouse hate Rachel Ray, do you suppose?


Does Megan McAddle know that Rachel Ray has a recipe for apple fritters that contains “pineal gland suppressant”? It only uses three pans and an oven at three fitty.


“Icon of Yassar Arfatbastard”
I think I saw that one in St. Peterburg, at the Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood. Our Lady of Silicone is shown cradling the Infant Arafat.


Buddy Moleman said,

May 19, 2008 at 3:49

how much does Ann Althouse hate Rachel Ray, do you suppose?

Ooo. Blindingly! Dildo shaped holes in the wall and donuts in the shape of voodoo dolls kind of hate. Uh huh.


mikey at 3:28
You realize the Rachel is probably going to add another guy to her security deatail afer reading that. Good luck with the outfit. Were you thinking French chambermaid or leather nurse?


What would be wrong with blue lace?



Quick, someone tell Pam the jihad is even worse than she imagined! They’ve already gotten to our boys in the military! Yes, even the proud fighting soldiers of the west have succumb to islamofascism! All hope is lost.


“…have Rachel Ray give up clothing.”

No thanks. I’d gladly submit to just a bout anything before that.

Thought it might be interesting to see what she can do with a hand-cranked eggbeater…


T Gavin: Are we going to have a PDX thread soon? I wanted to discuss venue.


Donuts are the Brotchen of Liberal Fascism.

(I’ve never googled “German breakfast pastries” before, and I suspect I never will again.)



Just imagine, for the cost of those breast implants Pam might have had a functioning brain installed instead. I guess we all have our own priorities.


Ooo. Blindingly!

Well, there’s this. She’s practically shoving them in the Clenis’s face.

And wait until Ann starts fixating on DD and their donuts and glaze and jelly and cream.

Pam, bam, thank you ma'am

Everybody is out to kill the Jews.

Even the Jews are out to kill the Jews.

I’ve been stalking myself for years.

This kugel is bugged!


And wait until Ann starts fixating on DD and their donuts and glaze and jelly and cream.

Uh oh. I think I’m having a flashback.


Dunkin’ Donuts, Dunkin’ Detainees, whatever…Anything that has ‘Dunkin’ in it’s name just screams waterboarding.


This evil site allows you to buy one just like the US and British Special Ops wear!


regarding that photo, funny how bill’s necktie is the same color red and the same shape as the divot in rachel’s red dress cleavage. one might speculate…then again one might tremble with speculation. i must know…does chappaqua have a motel six?


Sometimes a scarf is just a scarf.


Rachel Ray is the fuckbum of islamofascism.


Sometimes a scarf is just a scarf.


Adding: !!!!!


Blue lace, huh. Whatever winds your clock. I’ve had MCP thoughts on how to get her to be quiet. Oops, there’s another one on watch.


I was a little skeptical at first, but it appears the Dunkin Donuts Jihad is in fact alive and well, and in fact proudly waving their glorious banner on the frontiers of the helpless West.

You can now buy their coffee at your local supermarket or bazaar in convenient plastic or recycled AK-clip packages. Islamic revolution never tasted so good!


I want to make an intelligent post or something. Or analyze it. Or SOMETHING. But I can’t, I can just hope it’s a joke, but it’s not, is it? She’s really saying this. She really means this.

Now, with that out, I figure this is a symptom of the continuing right-wing meltdown. With Republicans, conservatism, neo-cons, etc. in a tailspin as they’re exposed as incompetents at best and thugs at worst, I figure their enablers and such will melt down. This is probably just someone prone to losing it easier.


I want to make an intelligent post or something. Or analyze it. Or SOMETHING. But I can’t, I can just hope it’s a joke, but it’s not, is it? She’s really saying this. She really means this.

Nah. I figured it out.

Remember how M. Malkin got all of that attention when she freaked over the Absolut “OMG TEH MEXICANOS R COMING!!” advert?

This is Patlas’ lame attempt to grab five minutes of fame. And maybe she’s hoping DD will send a couple of boxes by way of apology.


And maybe she’s hoping DD will send a couple of boxes by way of apology.

What if it’s not silicone, but pastry creme?


Wow, I don’t remember Malkin freaking out about that, when was that one? Then again, MM freaks out so much it’s hard to remember it all without coming here…otherwise I find keeping track of her sort of depressing without all of you guys.


O noez! othur dai i wint to Pizza Hutt an tableclof had checkbord patrn too! O no!


DragonScholar said,

May 19, 2008 at 4:26

I want to make an intelligent post or something. …

No. I completely understand the urge. I do. And yet, no. It is literally impossible to approach this kind of stupidity with reason. Furthermore, their arguments do not deserve to treated as rational. Essentially, they have spent the last 20 years denying the existence of gravity. How do you ‘argue’ with that? You don’t. Scorn, derision, insults and lots of explitives are our only hope. Eventually, people will realize they are barking mad, then they stop getting interviews with the U.N. ambassador. I think.

That is why I have loved this website from the moment I found it.


I sincerely hope that the legions of followers of Atlas’ Juggs can save us from Sicilio-Cajo-Yum-o-fascism.

Pam, bam, thank you ma'am

Just remember, the anti-semites are everywhere, poised to round us up and put us in camps all over again.

And when they do, my readers and I will be the kapos.


Oliver Hardy wore a Hitler mustache ergo he assisted in the killing of millions of Jews! O noes Pammy, must denounce dead comedy star!

P.S. I used to think Pammy was dangerous, but now she’s officially pathetic.


I’m completely at a loss. What is she upset about?


BTW, when Rachael says EVOO, I throw up a little in my mouth. Is it so hard to say Extra Virgin Olive Oil (which ain’t so great for cooking in some dishes anyways)?


You will all laugh until the premiere of Rachel’s new show “30 Minute Intifadas.” Then you will be sorry. And then you will laugh again. And then maybe be sorry again. Or sleepy.


I feel dirty for mocking someone with a mental illness.


I’m Sleepy…


Well then, that makes me dopey.

At least I’m not fritalian!

P.S. If our planet was hit by a meteor and destroyed, at least we’d have a decent excuse.


Cruel Jest,

Indeed, this site helps me process the weirdness out there. But this is just so far out it’s hard to deal with.

This to me emphasizes how I have felt dealing with some of the right – they’re on different planets, they’re differentially sane. It really hit me when a friend of mine was ranting about how I apparently didn’t understand the world – he was bang alongside attacking Iraq AND the Saudis. Or something.


The bitch has flipped her Yankees cap.



Or better yet, I get to choose the “outfit”.

Bring the… rawhide, and the honey…

Couldn’t find the clip I really wanted…

Helene de Sisis: [seeing Claude, whom she thinks is Philippe, dressed as a monk] What are you doing in a monk’s habit?
Helene de Sisis: I didn’t know about ‘the monk and the choirboy!’
Helene de Sisis: I thought you wanted to do ‘the woodchopper and the shepherd!’


What makes it even funnier is that the shemagh is a pretty hot seller as Special Forces-chic… (As much as it embarrasses me to admit it, there’s one I like with a woven skull-and-crossbones motif replacing part of the traditional checked border – if it came in black-on-white instead of black-on-olive or black-on-coyote, I’d seriously consider getting one…)


(And I see Nylund more or less beat me to it…)


The worst thing about Rachael Ray is the cavalier way she treats extra virgin olive oil. It’s way too expensive and subtly flavored to waste the way she does. And anyway, if you’re buying an extra virgin olive oil cheap enough to waste on high-heat cooking, it’s probably a really crappy one regardless — and so you’re losing out on your dips and dressings.

Her show would probably be about five minutes shorter if she substituted “oil” for “EVOO”, especially considering that over 50% of the time she explains what the acronym means anyway.


El Cid,
I tried to program my tiVo to record “30 Minute Intifadas” and it’s not in the Guide. Will it be only on Al-Jazeera?
As a life-long fan of “Low carb Fatwah’s” and “Molto Mario Martyr”, I am looking forward to another quality gourmet jihad show.


We only use high quality polyunsaturated ArraFATs in our jihadists dishes!


Krassen, I don’t know what to tell you, since I just got finished watching “Iron Chef Death To America”, where the “secret ingredient” was C4.


You know, I always suspected that Rachel Ray was a terrorist. I mean, really. Look at how she cooks. She takes traditional American fare, and then proceeds to ass-rape those recipes with her Taliban-sympathizing shortcuts. You know, terrorists often need a meal that can be cooked and eaten in 30 minutes…and Rachel Ray delivers it right to them.

She’s practically firing the rocket-launchers herself!

Oh, and Paula Deen likes to deep-fry Jewish babies and serve them swimming in butter and salt. NON-KOSHER SALT PEOPLE!!!


Christ!!!…what, with all the co-ordinated propaganda campaigns they manage to orchestrate, you’d think they’d be able to get their daily fatwas straight!

Mike in the Heartland Shoulderland

30 Minute Jihad? Cool! Those full-scale Librilslamofacist Jihads are just soooooo exhausting.

Dunkin’ Donuts is Aboreaslamofacist too . Just look at the pattern of that bark . Only purveyors of Islamic penetration would try to sneak that past good Christian Maple-fearing loving Uh-murikens.

Mike in the Heartland Shoulderland

#^$^&*~&*($#! WP


I’m moving that the Dunkin Donuts Jihad flag show up whenever Pam makes any kind of comment.

You know . . . as a warning.


The “Dunkin Donuts Jihad flag”? Is that what you kids are calling it? Well well.
Rest assured that her comments do not have that effect on me.


And of course, when you bite into a doughnut, what do you get?

A fucking crescent, that’s what!

Can’t you see?!?


So, do I want to even know why Malkin decided to switch from Starbucks to Dunkin? I mean, aside from that nasty-ass “whipped topping” Starbucks serves?


Between the Starbucks boycott and the Dunking Doughnuts[1] boycott, these ladies might end up more or less giving up on coffee altogether, which I have to say might be not a minute too soon.

Lots of you chaps could actually probably stand cutting down a bit on the old caffeine too 😉

[1] I will never surrender to Americospellingfascism


Halal food is De-LISH!!!!
/almost agreeing with Pam just to get sound of that word out of head.


Did y ou see all the ads on her blog? Smart move with Rachel Ray post, and others like it I’d guess she has, she sure is generating traffic.

Patrick Bateman

Wait. Didn’t those “reporters” bring St. McCain a box of Dunkin Donuts? Has he denounced Rachel Ray yet? Does McCain have a donut problem? How will the public react to this dount problem?


I seek revenge on Rachael Ray and the Food Network. Can’t you make her… eyes fall out or something? …Tits fall off?


I shun Starbucks AND Dunkin’ Donuts because their coffee tastes like hot water with a brown crayon dipped in it. But thanks to Geller’s and Malkin’s hijinks, I may have to reconsider.

commie atheist

Is it just me, or does Rachel Ray’s head look much bigger than it should in that photo?

Whoreson Welles, barrista to the stars

I shun Starbucks AND Dunkin’ Donuts because their coffee tastes like hot water with a brown crayon dipped in it.


You’re right. I’ll go put in another crayon.


Here’s the original.

It’s actually a video. Rachael talks about having your coffee with skim milk, which is obviously a coded message to all the deep-cover Islamojihaditerrists.




Is it just me, or does it look like Malkin’s wearing a brooch shaped like an onion ring?

It’s probably just me.


While we’re on the is-it-just-me track, am I the only one who has never heard of the acronym EVOO before (nor did I know much about Rachel Ray—yay for no cable TV) and thought that it said EVDO, as in the Verizon Wireless high-speed Internet technology for cell phones?


I had nothing to do with it.


Hah! Found it.

Better late than never, I suppose. As soon as I read this dribble of spit, I immediately thought of this picture, but couldn’t remember where I saw it. Now, I share it with the rest if you. It should be referenced each and every time some assclown spouts this sort of moronity.

Hey, Pammykins, are you offended that this guy is wearing one? Go ahead, you tell him he has no right.


I like the scarf. Where can I get one?


Even that dumb skank’s commenters think she’s nuts.

not even an mba

Geez, do not poke the Rachel Ray. If you think they dittohead chorus and LGFers are insular, psychotic, rabid, delusional, frothing at all orifices fans of their idol, you have not met the Rachel Ray fanbase.

Forget circumcision trolls, Creed supporters, Zionist Randian Objectivists. If the Zombie Hordes of Rachel Ray get wind of this, we’ll all be pureed in a blender, stuffed into a pre-baked pie shell, topped with Dream Whip and canned fruit and offered for sale for under forty bucks a day!!!!

Comrade Rutherford

Dammit, the right-wingers are dumber than a bag of hammers!

We got Jonah Goldbrick’s book saying that because the Left shunned fascism back in the ’30s while US industrialists like IBM and Ford (motors) embraced it, therefore all leftists are Nazi-loving fascists.

We got Michele Mal-kin (bad relatives?) who is so stupid she got fired off of FOX!

Now sPam Pratfall declares that any scarf with a loose edge is jihadi-wear, despite the pattern not matching at all. Hey, I have it on good authority that Arafat wore SOCKS!

How is it that 28% of this nation still believes the blatant lies from these welfare junkies?

Just to be serious here for a minute:
Charlie Chaplin had the mustache long before Hitler. And word has it that Hitler loved Chaplin’s work so much that he adopted the mustache.

So Chaplin makes the Great Dictator in response, (for you kids under 30, in the Great Dictator, Chaplin plays two roles, Hinkel (Hilter) and a Jewish barber who fought for Germany in WWI and was then hospitalized for decades. The barber gets better right when Hitler starts persecuting the Jews and the barber has no idea why the Nazi police keep harrassing him. Hilarity ensues. Like when he tries to wash off the Star of David that the police paint on his shop window!

Chaplin made this film right before the US got involved in WWII. Hitler heard he was making a film about him, and was all excited to see Chaplin. Hitler had it screened privately, asked to see it again, and then banned it in Germany and never spoke of it again.

You kids don’t know about this movie because:
1) it’s more then 2 years old, and you kids don’t know of anything that existed before 2006.
2) it’s in Black and White, and you kids can’t see anything that’s not in color.
3) it hasn’t been remade starring Ashton Kutcher, or some other can’t-act 20-something (and making sure to remove everything that made the original movie any good).

For those interested here are some clips, so you can see what a genius Chaplin was.

Dancing with The World:

The Great Speech:

Comrade Rutherford

“circumcision trolls”

Foreskins of the world, Unite!

not even an mba

Ashton Kutcher turned 30 in February. Besides he’s too big to pretend to be Chaplin. You’re probably thinking of Speed Racer. Oh and by the way, ignore the critics, Speed Racer is totally awesome.


[…] can’t make fun of this stuff fast enough, because it keeps coming true. Of donuts and dumb celebrities By Michelle Malkin May […]


Join the Dunkin’ Donuts boycott. Don’t stand for racial/ethnic stereotyping, or Dunkin’ Donuts support of nut jobs. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of The Joker (aka Rachael Ray), but I could give a care about her wardrobe. I’m joining a boycott of Dunkin’ Donuts for reinforcing irrational fears about ethnic minorities in this country.

Write to Dunkin’ Donuts at:

Dunkin’ Donuts Consumer Care
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021
Tel: 800-859-5339


Appropriating the keffiyeh for our own fashion use could only undermine its power as a symbol. Dunkin Donuts could at least point that out in its own defense.


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