In other words, we may have found the latest and bestest young conservative writer on the web

If his picture is any indication, Zeav Ott is this week’s hottest new conservative writer on the web. There are some people that have a way with words, and some who don’t. Fortunately, Zeav… has way:

The goal of the modern-aged conventions is to gain more votes for that party. In other words, when everyone exits the convention on the last day, everyone feels pretty good about their political party because the convention has served its purpose: It has gained more votes.

That theory, just to make sure there’s no confusion, is Zeav’s. That is the theory that he has and which is his and what it is, too.

I am getting absolutely sick and tired of what the Democrats are trying to do to win the mid-term [sic] Election. First they spend 60 million dollars on anti-Bush ads, the Republicans don?t retaliate. Now, they are going to give it all that they’ve got to ruin the Republican Convention. How is that exactly fair? The Republicans left them alone in Boston, why can’t they do the same?

But mom, it’s not fair!

I simply cannot understand why it is that Democrats always have to be the crooks and the ones that don’t play the game fairly. Somehow, they always get away with it too. When will be the day that Democrats will find some respect? [Emphasis added]

Yeah, why is that? Don’t you realize how hard it is for the Republicans to be the only party that cares about having law abiding citizens as members?

Zeav Ott has been labeled as Internet radio’s “tough love” personality. He has a political radio show on the Internet where he discusses many of the current events issues that occur throughout the week.

ok — we don’t mean to be rude, but: logging onto AIM and chatting with some friends does not, not, a radio show make. Not even after you’ve repeatedly typed STFU Dems, CTN b/c POS / “9” and YTB GOP.


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Where do you find these guys?! If they weren’t for real I would swear you made them up. You should so a special issue on Mullenex News, or whatever they call themselves. Priceless.


This guy sounds suspiciously like George W. Bush. I think you have unknowingly stumbled onto Dubya’s internet alter-ego. Sure the picture doesn’t look like him, but on the internet who is to know that Georgie just googled a picture to use for his imaginary bio? Another give-away, the mistyped name. That v should be an l, for Zeal Ott…


Umm, just when I think the right can’t be more ridiculous.

It’s utterly depressing.


finally, a steve martin joke!


“When will people start focusing on my cogent arguments and not the fact that the high-top fade has been played out since 1993?”


Thin at one end, very very big in the middle, then thin again at the other end.

Except that Anne Elk had it right, of course.




I’d kinda like to hit that once. :$


You guys should read his other articles.

Many of his statements make a lot of sense.

Whoever wrote that “logging onto AIM and chatting with some friends oes not, not, a radio show make”.

For your info, he actually does do a radio show.
Go to to listen to his show when it’s live.


Can I read some of your other comments Diana?

Do you make any sense in those?


Another excellent addition to your great bestiary of Hot Con Net Pens.

“If there’s one thing that he loves to hear, it is ‘facts'”

If there’s one thing I like to laugh at, it’s ‘writers’.

Like young Dickie Mullenax himself.

“In Richard’s future that’s sure to be followed by nothing but success, he plans to go to college to major in broadcast journalism…”

Not unless he learning to read and write the english good.


Thank you for the free publicity!


Everyone from Mullenax News.


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