Shorter Star Parker

What Bush means to African-Americans

The GOP’s convention shows that the Republican party is finally willing to admit that blacks just aren’t as talented or competent as whites.

Added: Shorter concept inspired by busy, busy, busy from an idea by D-Squared.


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What a waste!


I could not find that quote in the article. Maybe I’m being dense here, but I really thought you were quoting that article.


Actually, I thought it was a quote, too, and I didn’t find it, either.


I think he was paraphrasing the entire, dumb, idiotic column.


That’s what “shorter X” means – you summarize what they’re saying – sometimes not explicitly, but what they’re tiptoing around – under the heading


Shorter Halliburton: Give us your money and don’t ask any questions.

Shorter John Ashcroft: God hates breasts.

Shorter Ann Coulter: Love is hate, where’s my baseball bat?

But it works better if you have someone who’s good at the right kind of understated humour.


Star is a fierce black drag queen, right? Right?

Or maybe he’s/she’s auditioning for a Donna Summer cover band?

I’m so grateful the GOP can’t really hide their racism, much as they lamely try, because otherwise the African-American vote would probably fall more naturally to the Goopers.

Thank you Trent Lott and all your fellow travellers.


Ok, that one made me want to cry.

Sadly no guy (gal?)…I guess I’m just not up for that bitter dose today…God, what’s up with this woman. She makes me want to cry!

Basically she is saying: When I want a competent person, a white person will be really competent. And so I don’t mind at all when all the people who are leading are white men because when I want a competent person I look to a white man.

I think what she means is: I don’t care what race someone is if they can do the job. But that’s also claptrap because WHY WOULD SHE THINK THAT IT MAKES SENSE THAT ONLY WHITE PEOPLE HAPPEN TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS PARTICULAR JOB!?!

Waaaaahhhh…gonne go cry now.


Ok, I just figured out a way to make myself feel better. Let’s just suppose she has been taken over by the spirit of Jesse Helms.

It’s not comforting (poor woman!) but the alternative is just so much worse.


Spreading the word that White people are ultimately the right people to do the job in all circumstances is my job. It is a message we don’t hear enough these days. If we get the message out, then hopefully people will hear it and all the Black people will lose their jobs, and give all the jobs to Whites. Except me. They will not give my job to a White person because I do it better than any White person… Wait a minute. Am I off message?


New title!

“What Bush Means to an African-American named Star (no not the stripper, the other one)”

I am praying that Bush garners no more than 5% of the Black vote. I’m proud Blacks stood against Bush in 2000 when it counted. No one should purport to stand for African-Americans (plural) unless they really stand with Black consensus against Republicans. Otherwise, they are just representing far too few people and confusing way too many.


“What Bush Means to an African-American named Star (no not the stripper, the other one)”

Star Jones is a stripper???

Michael Boxenbaum

How dare this woman who overcame poverty, promiscuity and drug addiction embrace the values of Christianity and conservatism!
How dare she turn her back on the roots of hatred for the “system” and the celebration of victimhood for the nonsense of being repsonsible for one’s own life – no matter what is thrown in your face.

What’s next, Liberals embracing God?

Is there no end to this folly?

The fact is that to be a black in America today means…well….being black and living in America.

When will we understand that there is no black brain. Or white brain. Or Asian brain. Or Hispanic brain. Or Indian brain.

Just black, white, Asians, Hispanics and Indians thinking about what is best for them and their families. With completely different points of view in and outside their respective races.

How hard is this?

I can not wait for this new generation — which is now coming up and is showing strong signs of not caring about race as a barrier to life — to blossom into power.


“Shorter” or “twisted”? You can summarize any column in any way you like and claim it is a “shorter version”. The only way to check if it really is a “Shorter” version is to ask the original author/speaker if that is what he/she meant.

Does anyone think Star Parker would confirm that this “Shorter” version accurately conveys what she wanted to say?

Sorry, but the entire concept is too stupid to be funny.


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