The bitch Lord set me up!

Ah Richard, who would have ever guessed that you could be fooled by a friend?

Last fall, as the board of Hollinger International prepared to oust its founding executive, Conrad M. Black, the director most protective and supportive of him turned to a friend and balked.

“This is a kangaroo court,” a person recalled the director, Richard N. Perle, as saying in defense of Lord Black, who had been accused by investors of improperly siphoning millions of dollars to other companies he controlled.

But last week, Mr. Perle’s view of Lord Black changed. Issuing his first public statements since being heavily criticized in an internal report for rubber-stamping transactions that company investigators say led to the plundering of the company, Mr. Perle now says he was duped by his friend and business colleague. […]

In the face of federal investigations and a scathing internal report for Hollinger by Richard C. Breeden, a former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mr. Perle has broken ranks and turned on Lord Black. […]

Gee, he broke ranks with the good Lord Black? What else did that report have to say?

“With the notable exception of Perle, none of Hollinger’s non-Black group directors derived any financial or other improper personal benefit from their service on Hollinger’s board,” the report said. “It is, of course, possible for a conflicted board member to act at least somewhat responsibly. As a conflicted executive committee member, however, Perle did not. Rather, his executive committee performance falls squarely into the ‘head-in-the-sand’ behavior that breaches a director’s duty of good faith and renders him liable for damages.”

Perle was tricked by his friend into receiving financial or other improper personal benefit. And now he’s mad at his friend — well, who wouldn’t be really? Next thing you know Perle will admit it was very unusual that attractive women came to his hotel room to have sex with him.

From his vacation home in southern France late Friday, […]

Oh, we can’t add anything to that! (WCAATT is a registered trademark of The Dark Window.)


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When caught in crooked dealings, yet another neocon pleads stupidity.


I see that Michael Ledeen says the charges against Perle are bogus. That’s good enough for me. How could anybody have a better reputation than someone who was involved in Iran-Contra, has a daughter who got a job with the CPA in Iraq for which she was unqualified, who helped to write the policy papers that led to the war in Iraq, who has said we now need to attack Iran, Syria and Lebanon, who derides FBI claims that his friend Larry Franklin passed classified information to Israel, who … well, that should be enough to prove to anyone how absolutely unbiased and reliable Ledeen is.


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