Mrs. Mohammed, would you like a Molotov cocktail while you wait for your perm?

Ah, the sweet smell of freedom:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Two months ago, Baghdad had a spree of attacks on liquor and music stores. Now beauty salons are being bombed.

Women in Baghdad say it’s much more than an issue of unkempt hair. They say the bombings are part of a larger effort by unorganized, illegitimate armies to foist a more conservative lifestyle on them. The armies of Islamic militants have gained power on the street since the fall of the more secular Saddam Hussein.

Beauty shops in Baghdad often are run by women. Many of them have shut down in recent weeks because they can’t afford to rebuild after an attack or because their customers have been scared off. […]

The 47-year-old owner of a beauty shop in the Karada neighborhood, who asked not to be identified, said she used to take in up to 150,000 Iraqi dinar a day, about $100. On average, she now brings in 3,000 Iraqi dinar a day, about $2, “enough to buy bread and go home.” She let two of her staffers go last month and now runs the shop alone. She earns much of her living by going to the homes of clients who are afraid to come to her shop.

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These folks are just expressing their religious opinions, just like bombers of abortion clinics. What could be more American?


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