Fact checker to the Limbaugh Aisle please!

Rush Limbaugh, September 3, 2004:

No doubt to the consternation of his one-time media admirers, Mr. Schwarzenegger described how, in 1968, he observed a presidential debate between Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon.


“Listening to Nixon speak sounded more like a breath of fresh air,” Schwarzenegger said.

There’s only one thing wrong — Nixon never debated Humphrey.

According to the prepared text of Schwarzenegger’s speech the passage was written, “I remember watching the Nixon-Humphrey presidential race on TV…”

Mercury News reporter Jim Puzzanghera, who was in Madison Square Garden during Schwarzenegger’s address and who taped the speech, said after reviewing the audiotape that the governor said “race” not “debate.”

Apparently then, Rush couldn’t be bothered to watch the GOP convention either, and used the CNN report to “write” his editorial.


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Of course Arnold has said “debate” before and there was NO such debate.

So Rush is doing a double lie, as I doubt as he reported Arnold saying “debate” he didn’t bother to correct the record.

Of course, in 1968 Rush was busy taken care of the pimple on his ass.


Arnold did talk about the “race” and not the “debates” in his convention speech, but Attaturk is right that Ahnuld has, at other times, recycled the canard that he saw a debate that never took place as here.

But whether or not Ahnuld talks about watching a “debate” or a “race” or “press conferences” (which is what he said on Hardball a while back), there is no question that he lied about what he heard. Nixon did not campaign on a stronger military or lower taxes.


Has anyone asked him why the fuck anyone would admit to being inspired by Nixon?


I think the real question here is whether Nixon would, indeed, have sounded like a breath of fresh air to a native speaker of German, which is, as we all know, so gutteral.

Well, that and the question of whether it’s permissible to describe as socialist anybody to the left of his father…


Cut Rush some slack. You’d have trouble distinguishing between those two words too if you were going deaf with your head up your ass.


Checkers the dog really spoke to me. I asked my friend, “What kind of dog is that?” And he replied, “It’s a Cocker Spaniel.” And I said, “Then I am a Cocker Spaniel, too!”


It wouldn’t be the first time Ah-nuld had committed a Reaganesque assault against history.

Remember when he told his tearful tale about having seen Soviet tanks when he was a boy in Austria?

He made it up. Soviet tanks were never in Steiermark. British ones, yes. Is that what he meant by a commie socialist occupation?


vaara: Thanks for the link. Why does this remind me of Reagan’s “belief” that he was at the liberation of a concentration camp? I also like the linguistic stylings of Schwarzenegger’s spokesperson. It was one hyphen away from “socialistic-style of government and governing-related program activities.”


Of course, the real question is – was this event seared into Ahnulds memory as one of his formative political experiences? Or was he merely mistaking it the noise of his last few synapses sizzling under the horse steroid grill?


Map companies regularly mislabel, slightly, one thing, or include an unimportant road, as protection against copying.

Rush’s misquotation via a second hand source is par for hid drug-addled course.


And his 2nd hand CNN source would be his new girlfriend, Daryn Kagen? Shudder
(Scroll almost to the bottom.)

Shouldn’t he be on a national “Do Not Marry List” or something? Three strikes and you’re OUT! Have to uphold the sanctity of marriage and all that.

Kidding. But if he’s going to be an arrogant, sanctimonius prick, can’t we beat him upside the head with it?


This is in regard to a comment from Attaturk I read today
in the Kansas City Star regarding Musharraf taking off the
uniform, especially the “being a good enough democracy
for the man made president by our own Supreme Court.
Attaboy, Attaturk!
Good to read you.


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