Name 3 things the average American doesn’t do

According to David Brooks, those things are: ride a tank, windsurf, and get a haircut:

But the fact is that voters want a president who basically shares their values and life experiences. Fairly or not, they look at symbols like Michael Dukakis in a tank, John Kerry’s windsurfing or John Edwards’s haircut as clues about shared values.

BTW: Shared values and life experiences? Dukakis in a tank? WTF?!? Guess it’s too bad Dukakis didn’t look like this.


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Can we start applying the Ledeen Doctrine to these media asswipes?



I don’t even know what to say any more. I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to discover what values I share the The Chimperor. Wish me luck.


Riding on yachts with Saudi royalty (h/t the onion) is a shared experience between me and W.

It’s really frustrating how they keep using the same play over and over again and it keeps working.


“But the fact is…” followed by an unsubstantiated opinion?

Bobo is Gary Ruppert?!?!?!?


Relax. Tomorrow he’ll be saying that voters want a president who have the military experience that they don’t share.

Karate Bearfighter

Brooks was on NPR yesterday, yammering on about how Regularmericans hate being psychoanalyzed by a guy with a Harvard degree. Just to repeat, David Brooks — who has a degree from the University of Chicago, and has made a career out of writing books that psychoanalyze middle class Americans — thinks Barack Obama is in trouble because of what he, David Brooks, has divined about the internal mental processes of average Americans.


Umm, not to be contrarian or try to refute the premise, which is basically reasonable and accurate, but I haven’t had a haircut since at least 2005. I’m guessing here, ’cause I don’t remember.

And I was probably high….



This is Bobo, right? The Bobo who tells us that middle America has no Starbucks, no argula-eaters, no foreign films shown – and it only takes three seconds to debunk him?

That Bobo?

Ignorant Midwesternerer

What are these Starbucks, some sort of funny Hollywood money?


Yes, this Bobo:

The boy voted most likely to get beaten to a pulp by a mob of drunken, violence-prone redneck anti-elitists. Honestly, if you were a half-witted trailer park bully spoiling for a fight with an easy mark, who do you think you’d pick on first: John Kerry, or the effeminate little bald guy with thick glasses and thicker theories?


My brother spent 12 months riding in a tank — in Iraq. This experience has actually made him more likely to vote for a Democrat. Weird, huh?

Clif smells like shit

John Edwards is a faggot.


It’s my observation that the average American doesn’t put food “on their family” either. Wearing food never helped anybody survive.

I’m betting more Americans windsurf and get haircuts than shoot canned quail or ride around in brush clearing devices.



I have nothing against quail or brush. And I dunno, seems to me the tank is just a bigger target. Maybe things have changed in forty years, but I always felt the best policy was to put as much distance as possible between me an any tank in the neighborhood.

That goes for Tracks too…



By the way, folks, Canada has declared Bisphenol A a toxic , an ingredient in plastic that alters genes and causes all kinds of cancer. Polycarbonate plastic baby bottles will, eventually be banned but retailers are recalling all bottles and containers containing the substance voluntarily.

This finding probably explains the breast cancer epidemic, especially among women pleading otherwise healthy diets and lifestyles. How many gals cart water in plastic bottles to the gym. I shudder to think of it. Brita plastic water containers are safe, apparently. Thank goodness, because I’ve been using them for years.


I voted for bush cause he shares the experience of failing at everything in life with me.

That’s why WordPress voted for him, too.


Creepy slide show of Guantanamo at the Globe and Mail. Particularly the pretty little suburb just outside the camps where American officers and their families live. It has street names, hedges, flowers, white picket fences and fast food outlets. Globe article ” ‘We don’t have prisoners here’ “ Snippets:

In all camps, detainees have 24-hour access to medical care, the military says. The medical complex within Camp 6 is large and varied. In the corner of one room rest about half a dozen prosthetic legs. In another, there is a “Faces Pain Scale” instructional poster. The poster features several crudely drawn cartoon faces. The faces vary in expression from no pain to “very much pain,” which patients are supposed to use to indicate their own conditions to doctors or nurses….

A few feet away stands a guard wearing gloves and a face mask. It is a common occurrence, our tour guides say, for detainees to throw feces and urine at the guards. In Camp 4, such an act might get a detainee sent to one of the other two camps. In Camps 5 and 6, it’s not clear what the prisoners have to lose…

Standing outside the entrance to Camp 4, Lieutenant-Colonel Ed Bush tells me, “There is no punishment in Guantanamo — which is why we’ll constantly correct you on: ‘They’re not prisoners and this isn’t a prison.'” Col. Bush, who heads up media relations in the detainee operation at Guantanamo, says prisons are all about rehabilitation and punishment, neither of which takes place here…

Designed after a U.S. maximum-security prison, Camp 5 has no communal living. Prisoners here spend about 22 hours a day in isolation cells, with soldiers checking on them through slits in the doors every three minutes. When the reporters arrive, guards place covers on the slits. Soon, the prisoners begin yelling in Arabic and slamming the walls, the sound reverberating through the hallway…

The word interrogation is also rarely used in Guantanamo. All meetings with detainees are referred to as reservations, as in, “The detainee has a reservation at 8.”

The Nazis would be proud.

Clif smells like shit

All of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay deserve to be tortured and executed.


The word interrogation is also rarely used in Guantanamo. All meetings with detainees are referred to as reservations, as in, “The detainee has a reservation at 8.”

A large part of the world around me is simply beyond parody.


When Pretzeldent Bush appeared on that aircraft carrier wearing a flight suit, the first thing I thought was “Michael Dukakis in a tank”. And dopey old U.S.A. elected him for a 2nd term anyway.

“With WordPress, the very gods struggle in vain.” – Friedrich Schiller


Troll smells like shit. If you ever feel suicidal, please do the world a favour and take the plunge.


When you take a life, your conscience goes through a little checklist.

If you REALLY had no choice it’s an amazingly painless process.

Your life IS more important to you than his.

If you actually had a choice, but were in the middle of a fight, it’s not too hard to justify.

If he was savagely wounded and you just finished him, you can decide in your soul you did him a “favor”.

If he was running away and you shot him in the back, it’s a lot harder to get right with.

If he was trying to surrender and you killed him ’cause you didn’t want to deal with him, you’re going to have problems with that later.

If you accidently killed non combatants, women and children, even though you KNOW you didn’t do it on purpose, again, you’re gonna have problems.

If you killed non combatants on purpose, that’s gonna be extremely hard to carry through life.

But these guys. Slowly, brutally, dishonestly ruining lives, destroying families, and many of these people we KNOW are innocent.

These americans that have perpetrated this horrendous crime are gonna be some sadly hurtin units when they try to process what they’ve done, what they’re responsible for, and they try to find a way to integrate it.

I suspect a lot of Nazi concentration camp dudes never could get it back together, and died in a bottle, or ate a bullet, or found some other way to avoid facing the truth.

We’re making victims faster than we can even comprehend. It’s just got to stop, peeps.

It’s just GOT TO STOP…


Clif smells like shit

The entire middle east with the exception of Israel should be wiped off the map. Every single muslim man, woman and child should be exterminated. They must be made to pay for their barbarism and nuking the savages back to the stone age is the only way.


Troll smells like shit, that’s eggzactly what Muslim extremists think about Americans and other westerners. Now, do you really want to think that way or are you just parodying the worst of both worlds.


This troll is almost certainly another incarnation of Saul, just trying to stir up shit.

Clif smells like shit

I really think that way. As do most of my conservative friends one of whom this idea was proposed to me. He is a military veteran who was stationed at the Panama Canal and he is a very intelligent man.


Uh, riding horseback, riding in cigarette boats off the coast of Maine, clearing brush?

Clif smells like shit

I don’t understand what you’re asking or if you’re even talking to me?

Clif smells like shit

Will somebody in the site management please fix fucking wordpress. I mean, come on how do ya expect a troll to work if all his comments keep getting eaten. Geesh, I’m trying to make a living here thank you.

Clif smells like shit

I mean, come on now. Evil rightwing trolls have to make a living to.


You know, I don’t think McCane is going to get into the WH if he can only rely on the “Vietnam fighter pilots who were shot down, survived, held as POWs, released, came home and dumped their wives for a prettier, richer model” vote.

But I’m a latte sipping islahomo, so wtf do I know?


Apropos of Mikey’s comment’s, this item appeared today

Canada’s military suicide rate doubled in a year, documents show
Last Updated: Saturday, April 19, 2008 | 5:54 PM ET Comments70Recommend76
CBC News

BY AMBER HILDEBRANDT — The suicide rate among Canada’s soldiers doubled from 2006 to 2007, rising to a rate triple that of the general population, according to data obtained through access to information requests.

Last year, the number of suicides among regular and reserve members of the Canadian Forces rose to 36, the highest in more than a decade, military police records obtained by Maj. Michel Sartori show.

Sartori, a Laval University doctoral student, has been gathering information about military suicides for years. It’s the subject of his thesis and a topic close to his heart, since five of his colleagues killed themselves after a tour of duty in Yugoslavia in 1994.

He believes the rise is linked to the intensification of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan when soldiers moved into the volatile southern region in 2006.

Based on the military police reports, he found that the average suicide rate among Canadian Forces military members, both regular and reserve, between 1994 to 2007 was 16 per year.

Sartori has been gathering information about military suicides since 1994.

He found that from 1994 to 2005, the suicide rate among Canadian soldiers hovered between 12 and 17 per year. The data include regular members of the Canadian Forces at home and posted overseas, but do not include reservists.

But the number of suicides among members of the military rose to 20 in 2006 and then jumped even higher to 36 in 2007, or a rate of 41.4 suicides per 100,000 soldiers. That’s double the rate in the previous year.

Sartori says he was alarmed when he received the latest numbers.

“It was a shock, total shock,” said Sartori. “I almost fell out my chair.”

The 2007 numbers put the military suicide rate at triple that of the general Canadian public. Over the past two decades Canada’s overall rate has ranged from 11.6 to 14 suicides per 100,000, though recent numbers are not available.

Dr. Greg Passey, a former military psychiatrist and head of a post-traumatic stress disorder clinic in Vancouver, says the spike in military suicides is “disturbing” but not surprising. He says he believes it’s related to what he calls the “increased tempo” of the Afghanistan mission, which began in 2002.

“We’re now a number of years into that mission and the frontline, the combat soldiers, and even the support staff are having to do multiple tours,” he said.

The psychological stress of those missions is cumulative, he said, and Sartori’s discovery may be the wakeup call the military needs to deal with the issue.

Veterans Affairs says that the number of vets experiencing some kind of operational stress injury, such as PTSD, has tripled in the past five years, and they expect it to continue rising with Canada’s mission in Afghanistan likely to last until 2011.

Roughly 2,500 Canadian soldiers are serving in and around Afghanistan’s Kandahar region, where they are battling Taliban insurgents.

I guess suicide is one way to get away from a messed up war effort your country won’t give you any respite from.




Canada’s military suicide rate doubled in a year, documents show

Are you fuckin’ kidding me?

The Canadians can get their government to release that information?

But yeah, we have the “freedom” market cornered!


Name 3 things the average American doesn’t do

1. Read David Brooks
2. Read Mark Steyn
3. Like Dubya


Thank goodness we have lots of upper and upper-middle class Republicans who can accurately reproduce the mindset of the proletarians they love. Their mental powers of evidence-free deduction also lets them vicariously enjoy the thrilling patriotism of military combat without ever having to leave their favorite restaurant tables.


I wonder if Bobo has the “God, Guns, and Guts Made America Great” bumper sticker on his Mercedes?


The fact is, most Americans are not efffete elietist liberals faggy snobs like you. Stop projecting. Here in the heartland, we are not gay at all.


David Brooks is a hypocritical, lazy piece of elitist shit.

The end.


McCain got shot down. Isn’t that, you know, like failing?


While Gary sits at home eating Wheaties and typing his heartland bullshit, liberal and homosexual American soldiers are dying in Iraq.


Despite what Gary says, I know lots of smart people in the heartland.


I am very badly in need of a haircut. If you looked at my you might well think that is something I don’t do.



I cannot share these life experiences.

I can neither ride a tank (civilian), nor windsurf (pansy sailborne approximation of actual surfing) nor get a haircut (bald as a rolling stone).

Yet somehow I agree with these elitist armored, sailriding, tonsorially unchallenged douchebag fucktards.

Could it be…POLICY???

Nah. That might mean I was, like, thinking. Or something.


John McCain set his own goddamn carrier on fire.


Michael Dukakis blew his tank photo-op by riding in the loader’s position. The loader is the lowest-ranking crew member. He ought to have been in the tank commander’s hatch. Of course, in the Army you seldom see anybody above the rank of lieutenant on a tank– so, bad photo-op idea from the get-go.


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