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This post is little more than stealing a page from alicublog, but nobody ever called us original. David Adesnik in the Wall Street Journal, August 26, 2004:

This time around, OxBlog will provide an inside look at how journalists come up with publishable stories about a non event.

David Adesnik on his blog, August 29, 2004:

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Miss America Erika Harold is visiting Bloggers Row!

If you scroll up, you can see that David talked to Ari Fleischer (remember him?,) and it turns out that Ari agrees with Scooby Doo McClellan’s strategy re: 527 organizations:

dodge the question by condemning all 527s.

David did manage to ask Ari a question:

That was when OxBlog asked, “How do you score hot Jewish chicks on J-date? I’m still single and Jewish.”

This guy is still single? adesnik.jpg

You don’t say.


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Even Matty Yglesias seems to have stopped referring to Adesnik’s blog ravings.


I shoplifted from roy before you did, Seb! Neener Neener!


OT– did anyone else read the opinion piece “Dick Cheney Gets His Gay On”? It was in an online version of one of the New York papers yesterday and now I can’t find it back. Help, please!


He looks like a teenage version of Captain Mauser (Art Metrano) of Police Academy 2-5 fame…


Found it! I was only off by about 3000 miles (it was published in a SF paper). Why did I think it was NY? Here’s the link, if anyone else is interested. (Sorry, I don’t know how to do the cool “click here” thing. You’ll have to cut and paste, but it’s worth it.)


If you do find a woman, you should hold onto her like grim death. Which isn’t far off I might add.


More Assorted Crap: Covering the Coverage

Icon??? Pfft.

Meanwhile, Tacitus, presumably to avoid Adesnik’s unseemly eruption of G.O.P. goo, heads for the streets so that he too may sate his carnal desires. Alas, he is disappointed by the “Kerry Voters” who apparently lack the granny pantie…


I thought Ari was gay.


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