Are you in the market for a ?55,000 car?

If so, Sadly, No! recommends:


This one goes up to 11 12.


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“The CLS-Class is a unique vehicle concept which combines the elegance and dynamism of a coup? with the comfort and practicality of a saloon.”

I’d rather just buy the saloon…and are they suggesting I drink and drive?!?


Bo-ring. I want one of these. A car made of wood!


Needs some ground effects and spinners


It’s the future! Where are all the flying cars?


Up to 12 what? Donuts? I wanna Toyota Prius because I’m a tree-hugger.


Just as Spinal Tap made their amps go to 11 through the miracle of using a different friggin’ scale, this alleged automaker has pulled the same trick to make their car appear to top out at 250. “Kilometers per Hour” indeed! Who ever heard of such a thing?!


Instead of the G-Mail account, I will take one of these as my reward for reading your blog. Thank you.


Nice ride.

That is definitely the car for guys who want to get hand jobs from beautiful women they hardly know.


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