Anyone watching this debate?

As Atrios says, we’re halfway through and they haven’t asked one policy question yet.


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You mean the debate between the Sox and the Yankees?

[trying to resist bragging that I know the newest Red Sawk]


There’s a debate tonight?


If by “debate” you mean “unnecessarily long and pointless discussion of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright”, then yes. Yes there is.


The fact is libruls are TEH GHEY


This isn’t a debate. It’s intellectual pugilism. It’s a character assassination pornographic snuff film.




I can read the transcript. I can check out the post debate debate.

But I simply have nothing left, no patience, no will, no ability to actually take these ridiculous displays of meaningless, gotcha, mindless discussions of a series of statements and events that have absolutely no bearing on the future or on anything that anybody in their right mind might feel is important seriously, no willingness to subject myself to the most vapid, mindless, slanted questions that can possibly be raised.

And I would actually admire the candidate that said if this is the structure of a debate, I’ll no longer participate.

Make it substantive or shove it up your ass.

That candidate I would happily support…



Vote for me, Mikey! I’ll even add in bonus swearing when I tell them to shove it up their shit damn hell ass!


Man, I’ve had the flu since Sunday morning and, consequently, I’ve had to shy away from the noble weed. There’s no way in hell I’m watching that debate. Democrats is the silliest peeples.


I can’t. I can’t take it.



Let’s go Red Sox!

[clap, clap, clap clap clap]


Doc Marita, if I could live in a sane place, where resources were used to actually improve the lives of the people, where economies and technologies were judged on the basis of sustainability, where the best and brightest spend their lives developing solutions to make people healthier and wealthier, not solutions for killing them in ever larger numbers, in short, a place where you were an option to be chosen for a leadership position, well, in that place I would spend less time hoping that any minute now I was going to wake up from this LSD fueled nightmare where greed and destruction not only dominate, that status is accepted and respected, indeed, defended.

Sadly, I fear this nightmare is real…



Y’know, I hear about these media bullshit artists and want to die inside. But then I realize that would make me into them.


I like Will Bunch living blogging:

Did anybody else think the opening montage, with the dueling accusations, reminded them of the “Monday Night Football” opening. I kept waiting for Obama and Clinton’s heads to collide like helmets and explode.


It’s the kristol method epidemic. We must fight it at any cost.


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