Reminder: SF Drinking Sadlyly This Friday

Where: Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94109, (415) 885-4074

When: Friday, April 18, 2008, 6pm PT to whenever

Who: Everybody who wants to meet up with S,N!, Three Bulls! and BARBARians! regulars and their extensive, high-maintenance entourages

Pass-phrase: “The Ruppert soars at dawn.”


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Are BostonSadlys still on for People’s Republik?

Who’s morel do I have to suck to get a post for us downtrodden east coasters?


The fact is, this is going to be a lame event. You lazy, loser liberals are going to stand around and look ridiculous.


Gary, we still on to do whippets and give each other massages later?


was the “PT” qualifier really necessary?


Aw, Gary . . . one day you’ll get over all those old slings and arrows of high school misfortune.

SF Partygoers, if Gary shows up, it would be a nice gesture to let him sit at your table and give him a nice party hat and a noise maker. Be kind. If he had ever had a little kindness instead of being brought up by Lucianne by fascists . . . well, just remember how fortunate you’ve all been and throw Jonah Gary a bone, huh?


No way Jonah has the cohones to show up for that. No Way.


Can someone expain to me what that coastal elite was doing on the curb in front of the Castle in Streetview?


The fact is, you might as well call this your little Soiree of Sedition.


The fact is, you might as well call this your little Soiree of Sedition.

That was quite funny, Gary! Keep working on your routine and you’ll be the life of the party! (Or should I say “Party”?)

I’m off to mock trial now. Wheeeeee!


The fact is, I soar whenever the FUCK I like.


was the “PT” qualifier really necessary?

Pedant’s time?


How do you pronounce Ruppert? is it “Rupp – ert” or “Roooop- ert?”

Jake Tapper, super journalist and awesome American

The fact is, I will be in attendance to chronicle all of your drink selections. If there is any drink consumed that is in any way more upscale than Coors Light, I will blog about how you are all out of touch with the Average American, and how I am shocked and appalled at this development.

What do you think?



I’m off to mock trial now. Wheeeeee!

Is this for educational purposes, or are you literally going down to the courthouse to heckle whoever is on the docket? I’ve known older people who do that.


The fact is, you might as well call this your little Soiree of Sedition.

You might, if you were an elite Frenchified Brie-eating Viognier-swilling pussy.


Pedestrian and all East Coast Sadlies,

I am willing to plan a Boston-area Sadly-thon, but need Brad and/or Gavin to post a planning thread. I’ve emailed and emailed and nagged in comments and provided text for such a post until my nicely manicured fingers were worn to tiny little stumps — all to no avail.

I despair. You may wish to use the handy “Contact” button above to attempt to redress this appalling, elitist, feminized negligence by communicating with the miscreant(s).

Otherwise, I’ll post an unauthorized event up on and let you guys know in the comments of some unrelated thread.


was the “PT” qualifier really necessary?

Sadly, no!


Dare I hope for the LA Soiree?


Thanks DB, I know you’ve done your best.

In the meantime I will smoke a fat one and play Peter Tosh, to draw attention to what is quickly becoming the great injustice of our time:

I don’t want no peace,
I man need equal rights and justice.
I’ve got to get it! Equal rights and justice.
I really need it! Equal rights and justice.
Just give me my share! Equal rights and justice.


Is it legal for me to drink along up here, 255 miles north of the city, or am I banished because I refuse to drive down and imbibe at this abortion-fest masquerading as middle America?


Here you go, pedestrian—”Equal Rights” and “Downpressor Man.”


Thanks J, that soothes me.

As the Onion has noted, nobody understands the searing social significance of roots reggae better than young American white dudes.


I prefer to call it a Gala of Gaydom.

Gavin's Fiancée

Doodle Bean – I sent you a message this morning on Facebook… maybe check it and I’ll see what I can do to help. 🙂



Done. Thanks!


The fact is, y’all will need to bring condoms and plenty of lube. No telling what you could catch at a gathering of such sleazy characters.


Enjoy your pints, fishes, and chipses Sadlynauts! Sounds like a lot more fun than, say, blacking out at Zeitgeist and waking up next to what’s left of a bucket of the Colonel’s Original Recipe.

Not that I’ve ever done that. Anymore.


Fucking wordpress.


I’ll try this again…I had to go to the library today to do some research, and thanks to the city selling off all the public parking to private developers, spent 30 minutes looking for a place to park. Finally, I found one in the public lot under the overpass – a perfectly good space, out of the flow of traffic, between marked spaces and a curbed divider, which for some unknown reason some dumbass decided to paint off with white diagonal stripes. But I figure, what the fuck, this is a parking space not blocking anything, the car fits here like it’s supposed to, etc.

So I get back from the library, and the ticket fag has been around and put a $30 ticket on my car, and marked the violation as being parked in a “no parking ANYTIME” spot. But there’s not a no parking sign there, there’s no red curb…there’s really no reason at all why parking in that spot is a problem. And I also happen to know that people park there at night all the time, which, if it’s a “no parking ANYTIME” spot should, you know, be a problem. Except the ticket fag doesn’t work at night, so apparently it’s really NOT a problem – it’s just a way to gouge people who park there during the day. Well, fuck it – I’m not going to pay it. I had my camera with me, so I took pictures of exactly where and how I was parked, and I’m going to make a trip down to see the judge next Wed. I’m sure they write these things all the time thinking that most people can’t be bothered to call them on it so they just write the check. Fuck that noise – I’m not “most people”. And I’m going to take a big bag of dicks with me, just in case the judge doesn’t see things my way.


OK…Um…anyone in, you know, Kansas?

DAMN YOU ALL!!! OK, that’s it. Can I come if I’m on Skype? Will this be live-blogged? I’m so sorry I moved back to the Mid-West, truly! I just wanna go to the party!!

Sob…sob…sob….Humboldt, do you know my favorite bass player, Trevor Dunn? He’s from up there. His playing works better on my TN pain than my meds do.


pedestrian, the Peoples Republik sounds promising, but I couldn’t make it until 7 Friday nite. Is there a plan for us out here on the upper right coast?


Jennifer, that sucks. Do you have a blog?


You lazy, loser liberals are going to stand around and look ridiculous.

Umm, yep.

Pretty sure we are.

So, do you have a point? Other than on top of your head?



jennifer that does such. Do you live in my city?

Oh, and wordpress can kiss my ass.


Also, if we drink PBR, we’re elitist hipsters. If St. BBQ drinks PBR, it shows he’s in touch with the common man.


I’m in Tampa for the weekend.

It’s not like Columbus, it’s warm!11eleven!!


mdhatter – no, and yes, I get your point. But I had to vent somewhere and since I don’t have a blog…


Man, that is some kinda funky lookin little dive!

Not that that’s a bad thing…



When I start with PBR I always wind up with the Schlitz.


I read reviews of it on Yelp. Got good reviews except some folks said it smelled bad.


Also, if we drink PBR, we’re elitist hipsters. If St. BBQ drinks PBR, it shows he’s in touch with the common man.

That’s because we drink it ironically.

And wordpress was the 20th hijacker.


WordPress killed irony on 9/11


Heineken? FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!



Come on now, people!

Birds eat bugs.
Cats eat birds.
That’s how nature works!

The fact is, I eat comments. That’s all.


You lazy, loser liberals are going to stand around and look ridiculous.
The best part is that we can take part in that without even living in SF.

WordPress once killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die.


Wha?? Where did I go??


The fact is, whoisthisdoingthissynthetictypeofalphabetapsychedelicfunkin?


Damn. I’m already committed to an Elks meeting.

Another comment

I woke up and found I couldn’t move. WordPress was standing by the bedside. Then suddenly we had somehow moved to inside the mothership. There were star-charts on the walls, full of strange constellations. WordPress was subjecting me to an anal probe.


I woke up in a hotel room tub full of ice.

My right kidney was gone, and a WordPress server was sitting there saying I should call 911…



Check out his link to Roy Edroso’s brilliant dissection of teh winger blogs.,a-confederacy-of-dunces,411897,1.html/7

Great stuff, particularly teh Stupid/Evil index.


The fact is, nobody answered my question.


another brad was surfing around the intertoobs, when suddenly, everything went black. When he came to, WordPress was raping him, while haloscan stood in the corner, pointing and laughing.


Damn, that should have been a different brad.


WordPress didn’t kill the Romanovs; he did, however, soak their bodies in acid, burn them, and bury them under the bridge.


pedestrian said,

April 17, 2008 at 2:15

WordPress didn’t kill the Romanovs; he did, however, soak their bodies in acid, burn them, and bury them under the bridge.

They fed WordPress poisoned cakes, shot him four times in the back, bound and thew him in the icy Neva River. Remarkably, he was still alive as he made the sign of the cross while floating down the river.


They put arsenic in his meat
And stared aghast to watch him eat;
They poured strychnine in his cup
And shook to see him drink it up:
They shook, they stared as white’s their shirt:
Them it was their poison hurt.
—I tell the tale that I heard told.
Wordpress, that fucker, he died old.


Abdul Al Hazmat

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh W’rdpr’ss R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtan
Ia! Ia! W’rdpr’ss fhtagn!
Cthulhu W’rdpr’ss fhtagn!!


You all are gonna miss Battlestar Gallactica!


And again:

I ate WordPress for breakfast.


Dammit, Javascript IS enabled….

Jennifer, I think that you at least can and should fight city hall. Do it up and ROFL over the haloscan comment…..HAHAH!

Hazmat, that may be the only thing that helps at this point…..

Doctorb Science

WordPress sold weapons to our avowed enemy and illegally used the proceeds to fund death squads.


Are people still reading this thread?

I’m leaving from Berkeley tomorrow around 6:30ish. Anyone want a ride?


Sorry sadlies, I can’t make it after all.
I’m going to see The Whorsehoes (best band name EVAR and friends of mine) play….at the Starry Plough.

Time and space are my enemy.


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