Live from an undisclosed location, it’s subliminal softball

Look everybody, it’s 43 and 43!



Imagine that! (Link via Katieweb.)


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I don’t understand.


Subliminal faux baseball at the RNC

From Lean Left comes Stone Court’s fascinating discovering of subliminal messages in a baseball video aired at the RNC. The 43rd “President” appears after the Bush Twins’ disastrous speech to be speaking via “live” video in front of a hometown…


uh, I still don’t get it… Did Pete put you up to this?


Bush is the 43rd President. Several players in that “game” had a jersey with the number 43.


Are you suggesting that Our Great Leader appeared in front of a bluescreen baseball game?

This sounds familiar, sort of. Oh, yeah…Wag th e Dog.


Whatever he did, we think it was well deserving of a Ribbon of Shame (ROS.) Do you know someone who has an extra one they could spare?


That’s a pretty good crowd who showed up to watch a pick-up softball game. Too bad none of them noticed that there are still good seats available down the first-base line.


Don’t you mean subliminibible softball?


Am I the only one who has noted that Shrub seems to have–un–packed on a few pounds since he declared victory in Iraq?


Is this what passes for social/political commentary these days? 🙁

Ask not for whom the ROS tolls…


No matter how much of an asshole he may be, who in their right mind would keep on playing softball when the president was standing only a few yards away?

And are we honestly supposed to believe the Secret Service would let ordinary citizens wielding baseball bats that close to him?



Trust me MSG, those are no ORDINARY citizens…


The issue is ALL the players have 43 on their shirts.


Bush was here at North Middleton Township PA yesterday, snarling traffic in adjacent Carlisle, home of The War College, to the disgust of only one party, who declared it all a pain in the ass. His comment was speedily bleeped by our news media whores who were scavenging for pithy comments from a gaggle of morons on the street.

The drool of the many, resulting from the close proximity of their idol, was later hosed from the streets by the fire department.

Why be surprised that all were number 43?

Just another spontaneous Repulsican Campaign Event Pennsylvania style.


I still don’t even understand why they went through the subterfuge. What were they trying to convince us of? That 43 is a great number, and we wouldn’t want to switch to 44 already?


To gazould: Of course!


gazould et al; The “43” jersey’s weren’t the subliminal part. They were just wearing those because they had them around as campaign giveaways (and yes, the number refers to Bush being the 43rd president). The fact that they were all wearing the same jersey simply helps to illustrate that it wasn’t a real softball game, just a folksy backdrop for the President. As did the fact that nobody sat on the first base side (as “dmm” said) and that the game continued while the President stood speaking to TV cameras nearby and that no Secret Service agents felt it was necessary to stand between the President and dozens of people with bats (as “No MSG” said) although they did feel it necessary to surround Michael Moore the other day to protect him from the evil press and as did the fact that nobody in that game could friggen’ pitch or bat! He should have just staged a terrorist attack while he was at it to fit in with the rest of the convention’s theme “After Three And A Half Years Of Us You’re In Terrible Danger So Vote for Us Since Only We Can Keep You Safe! (Kerry sucks.)”


Mojo, close yes but not quite. All background is fake. Shirts added in-line, maybe post production (see ads inserted as backboarding in baseball telecasts.)

Bush speaks from wherever; background is inserted. Done because is possible, and for practice, also to condition audience to accept synthetic images.


They joked about Gore with the earth tones, but
why does aWol always seem to have a dark blue
shirt on when trying to be casual. Did KaWen
do this to him?


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