Andrew, bitterness doesn’t become you

Andrew Sullivan is back, and the blogosphere’s favorite bipolar disorder victim can’t control himself:

Meanwhile, the Family Research Council distributes fortune cookies at MSG with the message: “Real Men Marry Women.” I guess Jesus and the Pope aren’t real men.

Did Sully just compare himself to the Pope and Jesus? Jesus Christ. Trouvez l’intrus, as French people might say:

A. Jesus
B. The Pope
C. Andrew Sullivan

Andrew followed up with this:

Yes, the few times I have attended these shindigs, I’ve noticed that the Republicans are usually much sexier than the Democrats – especially the men. The people running the show are hipper as well. Odd, I know, given the religious right dominance. But striking nonetheless.

Striking? Ever taken a look at the pictures of an NRO cruise? It’s hip to be square we guess. We bet that Yosef fellow is way hot though.

PS: For SullyWatch — professional liars.


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He must have a thing for cowboys or something. That is what I saw at the convention, lots of cowboys. Yee hah!


What’s with the Michelle Maulkin “wind blown hair” look anyway? She has ths sema look at her blog site. What, has she hired someone to fan her wherever she goes?


Fat Andy has a thing for anyone(thing) that will have him. Which is thoroughly understandable if you’ve seen Andy lately.


marceaumarceau– I have noticed that myself. Maybe she’s trying to subliminally say that she gets “blown” a lot.


*SIGH* I’ll burn in hell for saying this, but Rich Lowry, with a slightly better haircut, would be really cute and I’ve always had a fondness for the weak-chinned bassett-hound look of the Ed Gillespe’s of this world.


I went to a democract fundraiser that had Natalie Portman in attendance.
She is so much better looking than anyone at a Republican Fundraiser.


Oh, ick, now I have to clean my CPU after reading the Swift Boat Liars for Bush “Letter to John Kerry.” “Clarify the conflicting accounts involving the Bay Hap River incident of March 13, 1969 (Bronze Star and 3rd Purple Heart).” I think John Thurlow needs to explain why his account differs from the testimony of Kerry, Rassman and his own shipmate, Lambert, as well as the Bronze Star citations of Kerry, Thurlow and Lambert, and his unit’s action summaries. “Acknowledge…that you were never in Cambodia over Christmas or any other time…” No, first let John O’Neill explain how he knows Kerry was never in Cambodia when he himself admitted to Nixon that the Swift boats went into Cambodia. “Apologize for your conduct once you returned from Vietnam.” You first, SBLB, apologize for criticizing the war record of John Kerry without one verifiable piece of evidence. “Affirm that… if any of these purple hearts were falsely awarded, that you would not have been eligible to leave Vietnam after serving only four months.” And while we’re at it, affirm, all you SBLB, that if you had any evidence at all to back up your claims you would have presented it by now and, seeing as you have none, there is no reason to believe you.


“I guess Jesus and the Pope aren’t real men.”

File under I’ll burn in hell for this, but: We don’t know with absolute certainty that Jesus was not married (the public records from back then aren’t available online yet). And some popes had been married before and sometimes during their popehood (?), papacy (?), uh, term in office. There are genetic papal descendents walking the planet.

As to the criteria for absolute 10s on the manly scale of gender, I suggest visiting Jesus’ General.


Natalie Portman. Yum. Dorothy Hamill and Mary Lou Retton don’t even come within a million miles of Natalie Portman in the looks department.

And yes to Miss Authoritiva. General J.C. Christian is, in fact, an absolute ten on the manly scale of gender.

I hope you have all written to State Senator Dave Syverson to tell him that you want Alan Keyes replaced with General J. C. Christian on the Republican ticket for Illinois Senator. The General can defeat that Frenchman Obama, and he isn’t as crazy as Keyes.

Remember, we want our crazy man ont he ticket, not their crazy man.


Unfortunately Vietnam and the Swifties are Kerry’s “Willie Horton”. It won’t matter what he says or doesn’t say. He wrapped himself in the flag and now they’re going to bury him in it. It’s a shame – there’s so much other tastier stuff to get into him on – 20 or so years of flipping waffles (when he showed up to vote) in Congress for example.

We saw the tip of the iceberg last night from Cheney and Miller and its only going to get worse (or better, depending on your POV). Kerry’s not going to have the chance to define himself as anything other than “I’m not George Bush” because he’s too busy defending his claims about his Vietnam service and sidestepping his post war activism and Senate voting record.


That should be “Swift Boat Whores for Goof”


Yeah, I’m pretty hot.


Please, somebody post something so Yosef’s lie won’t be the last comment! Oh, never mind.


I’m still pretty hot, Mojo. You can’t hide the truth.


I will not be convinced of your hotness until I see some photgraphic evidence of it, Yosef.


so break out that speedo, boy!


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