Bay Area Sadlynofest?

Where? When? How many?* Suggestions, please.

*Spontaneous toasts to the inspiring baseball play of Barry Lamar Bonds


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I’M SO THERE!!!!111!111!

Um, place? Hell you can all come over to my place! I *think* I can get it clean in time…


NO. First we were promised a BostonSadlython.
Later in the year, after I’ve moved out to Berkely, we can talk about SadlyOnTheDockOfTheBay


I’m thinking SF, but that’s ‘cos I live here. Edinburgh Castle next Friday, anyone?


Sadlynauts are clever enough to drink and not-be-in-Boston at the same time, pedestrian!


Bring. It. On.

Any place with beer will make me happy. Sorry, I am unable to be any more specific than that.


So which is it?

SF or Edinburgh?

(rolls Rs)


The fact is, you liberals go ahead and hold your little “fest” out there in USA Sodom. Here in the Heartland, we can actually take our kids outside becaus ethere aren’t any homosexauls buggering each other in the streets.


Massachusetts IS the “Bay State”…


Dude, if you want Celtic feel, you have got to try the Starry Plough in Berkeley.

That said, next Friday appears to work for me when and where ever.


Mmmm, Starry Plough. It’s been too long…


Let’s run with this thing. Just ’cause our friends on the Right Coast can’t get their shit together is no reason for there not to be a San Fran Sadlyfest.

Of course, I say that only with the greatest love for my fellow commenters. 😛


Gary is funny. Is he real or just a stereotype generator?


I say we make plans to hold another one, just for when pedestrian comes out here. That way we can make fun of the fact he wasn’t at the first one.


Snowwy – cool. Another consideration, for the smokers, is that only a couple bars in SF let you smoke inside:

– Amber (14th/Market/Church)
– Whiskey Thieves (Geary St.)
– The Chelsea (Bush St.)
– Zeitgeist (but only outside)


Also, ours is the only one that might have a Pinko Punko appearance.


Hey, it’ll take more than one warm day before we feel we can finally wander, hungry and restless, from our lairs.


The fact is, when Shania law comes, that perpetual hippie-fest and gay pride parade will come to a fabulous end.


I’m a smoker. I have no problem with going outside to smoke. If it’s cold I’ll have a cloak or something to deal with that. I know a couple of people that comment here irregularly. I’ll try to rope them into joining us.


Yeah, my friends always do that to me. Sometimes they even make up things I missed, just so I’ll feel left out. By friends I mean people that I edge up next to in crowded bars, smiling knowingly like I’m part of the conversation.


Shania law? All bow to our country overlord, Shania Twain. Honestly, I didn’t know she had it in her.

Smiling Mortician

Sign me up for the pedestrian treatment, as I am a left-coaster of the too-far-north-to-make-it-down-on-short-notice persuasion. Oh, I’ll drink that night anyway, rest assured. I mean, y’know. Don’t worry about me. No, really. I’ll be fine.


Chesapeake Bay?

Ah well, a man can dream.

Gavin's Fiancée

OK, OK Bay State Sadlys… I’ll help plan a Boston Sadlypalooza, but it has to be after the wedding, ok? You all can wait a coupla months, right?


You could always invite us to the wedding…. hahahaha I kid, I kid. A coupla months sounds great, future Mrs. G.


When? How many?

If you set one up for late December, I’ll go.

In the meantime, have fun.


Ok, I read this. I read it again.

I don’t mind coming up to the city. I’m old now, so I don’t much care for those loud boom-boom zip-zip bars that the kids frequent, but meeting some of y’all in a beer-sippin fern bar sounds just fine to me.

But, and hey, I’ll go up and read it again, but I can’t seem to find the date. I have some things on my calendar, and some open dates, but I can’t even begin to start to make it work if I don’t know what day we’re talking about.

And as an older, low-energy type, a weekday is not a great plan.

Just sayin…



Gary Ruppert said,

April 11, 2008 at 2:04

The fact is, you liberals go ahead and hold your little “fest” out there in USA Sodom. Here in the Heartland, we can actually take our kids outside becaus ethere aren’t any homosexauls buggering each other in the streets.

What Gary said. I mean, why do it in the dirty streets, when there are perfectly clean airport restrooms out there?

And while I have your attention, please remember to support my good fiend, Senator Diaper Dave Vitter.


You could always invite us to the wedding…

How could you go without wearing a sign reading “The fact is,”?


Sorry, I can’t make it. I’ll be in the Heartland buggering Gary Ruppert in the streets. Have a beer for me, though.


Sounds awesome. My suggestions: Where – somewhere fun and not trendy or pricey. When – Fridays over Saturdays. Then I can go after work.

I will have to devise a Bonds Bomb cocktail, that I will force you all to drink for everytime you have posted on the internet in praise/defense of Sir Barry. DA I am looking in your direction.


I vote for the Starry Plough!


Count me in for Boston, post-nuptials. I can crash with cousins in Somerville after. You know, instead of dodging the herds of pink elephants moose on 95 North in the dark.

Of course, that sort of assumes that the party breaks up before dawn. Now that I think about it, probably not a safe assumption.


Oh god, this meeting people from the internet thing is getting out of hand.


You beer drinking smokers should be aware of a little owner operated joint called Inner Mission, (formerly shotwell bar) On 20th and Shotwell. Great place, owner is real friendly and you can smoke and play pool at the same time.

I might regret telling you all this, if the SF sadlynaughts take over then I won’t be able to get a beer without having to wade through all the gay commie aborted babies wearing burkhas and spending my tax dollars on hillary care! SPLODE!!!


the SF sadlynaughts take over then I won’t be able to get a beer without having to wade through all the gay commie aborted babies wearing burkhas and spending my tax dollars on hillary care!

don’t forget, kellygreen, we’ll all be calling each other and ourselves variations of Gary Ruppert the whole time too.

Gavin's Fiancée

You could always invite us to the wedding….

Oh, but pedestrian, the wedding is far, far, far away from Boston in a magical faerie mushroom forest. It would be terribly inconvenient for Bay Staters.


Fair enough, I’ll just have to buy you both the liquid wedding gift of your choice when we all get together. But bring me back some mushrooms. And a faerie.


Shania law? All bow to our country overlord, Shania Twain. Honestly, I didn’t know she had it in her.

Just whose bed have her boots been under, anyway, that she gets to be overlord? i hear Mutt Lange is the power behind that throne.

I think it would be great if there could be several regional Sadly-thons. I’m too impoverished both in time and money to travel far. I could make it to Minni/St Paul or Chicago, though, if I put me mind to it. I know I’m probably just dreaming here . . .

Feelings, nothing more than feelings, wishing I could see Sadlies, close to my home . . .

I just ate an entire leftover Beatrix Potter chocolate Ishtar bunny, and I’m having a bit of a sugar buzz.


Since I actually *am* in the Heartland, couldn’t you have it someplace swinging and lefty and sodomerrific, like Madison, WI? Maybe a softball game of sadlynauts vs. the onion?

And the official shirts absolutely MUST have ‘The Fact Is,’ on the front, and Sadly, No! on the back…

Or: ‘The fact is, I’m a Sadlynaut’

Contest! Contest!

Teh Anti-Medved


We could split the difference and have a get-together in Grand Island, but…

1) it is Grand Island; and
2) Matt McStupid was probably show up




Honestly, though.

How good an idea is this, really?

I mean with the obvious exception of the voluptuous Jillian and the charming Dr. Marita, are the rest of us truly better represented in meat and bad clothing than we are in ASCII and Unicode?

Me? I’d show up to shake DA’s hand and for the chance to meet the personification of dignity and humanity that is Pinko Punko.

But the disappointment I’d generate would be palpable…



I’ll bring my pain meds, does that convince you mikey?


i’m in. san francisco, the mission, depending on the time/weather zeitgeist might be perfect. otherwise, uptown (17th and capp), kilowatt (16th between valencia & guerrero), or, i suppose, any one of our prodigious collection of divey bars…

Smiling Mortician

OK, now Nutella’s tempting me to just bag work and buy a plane ticket . . .


I suggest simultaneous Boston/SF SadlyFests with satellite video links and go go dancers in cages.

Also bears and pumas. We support the troops.

Rugged in Montana

Where? When? How many?* Suggestions, please.

You’ll have to count me out, LIE-bruls. As much as I’d like to show off my fully erect Airsoft M1 Battle Rifle™, I’m over my head in Islamosexuals trying to take over the heartland with their Shanai Law and such. Maybe you’d like to hold it in Butte instead? I can get into Butte any old time, and I love it there! We’d show you G*dless commies what a good time is!!


Why not come to San Jose? Theres lots of alcohol and cheaper flights here.

Smiling Mortician

I’m over my head in Islamosexuals

Well, who isn’t?

I can get into Butte any old time

I’ll just bet you can, you saucy minx.


Screw that, fly into oakland. We’ve already settled that it’s in Berkeley.


I’m so there.

I’d vote for the Starry Plough, but Edinburgh Castle is fine too. Or anywhere. Since we’d likely want to just drink and talk, a place without live music going on would be nice.


I’m not a local in either of the locations under discussion…but I have been planning a trip out to northern CA to look at the big trees, so depending on when it was, I could maybe make it there…


I’ll bring my pain meds, does that convince you mikey?

The fact is, you’ll need your “pain meds” if you’re going to that USA Sodom. You’ll be whipped, chained, and butt-plugged by all the leather-loving-liberals. Here in the Heartland the butt-plug threat is almost nil.


Why do you think I got em in the first place?


There is no other possible option than Zeitgeist. It is directly across from the best pot club in the city. These two facts are not completely unrelated.


If SF is gonna be the place, might I suggest The Zinc Bar, not far from Union Square, on Post Street maybe, tucked in a little alley on the other side of the street from Bullock and Jones? The staff all speak French, the booze is quality and the music is soulful…….it’s been a long while but….what a place!


There is no other possible option than Zeitgeist. It is directly across from the best pot club in the city. These two facts are not completely unrelated.

So I’ve got the narcotics, Gil’s got the cannabis, who’s bringing the coke?

Smiling Mortician

You’ll be whipped, chained, and butt-plugged by all the leather-loving-liberals.

Had this information been included in the original evite, I might already be booking a flight.


Funny, I was just in SF yesterday. Managed to miss pretty much all the Olympic torch foofaraw, except for seeing protesters lining up at Pier 39 around 9 in the morning. Frankly, I didn’t mind because my husband and I went to SF to spend some time at the Exploratorium and didn’t want to have to fight through all that to get there.


Fear not, Gary Ruppert, my butt-plug and I are heading your way. You know what they say, if you can’t bring Gary to Sodom, bring Sodom to Gary.


Super, I move out of town, y’all get your party on. How am I supposed to live concern-troll you from here?


Gavin’s Fiancee, as long as I have the dream of a Commonwealth-area Sadly-palooza to cherish, ‘after the wedding’ is just fine by me.

Until then, I will just bitch & moan about the left-coasters having Too Much Fun without me. Because if us non-Kaleefurnyuns are not bitching, how will the lucky participants at the First Ever Sadly-palooza know they are having enuf fun?

Governor William J. Le Petomane

Fake/real Gary is on fire right now. With everyone else as straight man. No pun intended.

The fact is, Governor Le Petomane says you should have this shindig in Austin during ACL Fest or during SXSW next year.


Zeitgeist is a good idea. The Toronado in lower Haight is another excellent SFO bar. My favorite option would be the San Francisco Brewing Company at Columbus and Kearney, just down the street from City Fucking Lights (and two or three other bars worthy of visiting if SFBC runs dry).

Outside SFO? No clue. Can’t help. Scary monsters outside city limits.


Dude(?)! I’ve been trying to get you to come to a BARBARian Drinkfest for evah. We will be convening this Saturday afternoon (1pm till evening) at Ben & Nick’s in Rockridge/Berkeley if anyone would like to join us.

As far as locations for SadlyNofest:

Zeitgeist is teh awesome but many people are aware of this and when the weather is nice it looks like a penguin breeding area (packed, not because of people in tuxedos). So if it’s going to be a Friday nite or Saturday plan to get there real early and mark your territory (it’s hard to recognize bloggers’ meatspace manifestations sometimes).

Edinburgh Castle is good too. More of a cavernous indoor bar space as opposed to the Z’s open air biergarten valhalla. The fish and chips is delivered from Chelsea’s (owned and operated by old asian guys) down the block. The grimy charm of the Tenderloin is well represented.

Both are prime locations with lots of space and good beer/booze selections.


I vote Edinburgh Castle. Mikey and I can sneak out for Ka Kee Moo at Thai House Express. Also, I shall consider attending- I’ve just signed up for the company helicopter, so I can whirlybird in from places unknown. As Mikeywagon says, I’m not good with the calendar, so I’ll need a date to tell the chopper pilot.


That’s gonna actually work out great.

‘Cause I’m hurtin for a decent Ka Kee Moo with a nice Vietnamese Coffee and I’ve got the company Blimp for the next fortnight!

Bring it on!

Oh, and this whole edinburgh castle thing?

I’ll be running a recon mission this weekend.

I’ll get you a hostile activity report post hoc….



Of everybody from Herr Smut to the Mortician to Gavin and Bradrocket, the Sledgehammer of Justice, the one regular I wish could join into this meeting of the minds is Matt T.

There is a peace and kindness he brings with him that we might need…

And a really fine sense of music…


Doctorb Science

Right on Captain — nowhere else has Ng Ka Pi.

Actually that’s probably not true, really.


Heck, Mikey, I’d kick in a little sumpin to ship Matt T. to the Left Bay for your Sadlypalooza. But only if he promises to write us up a report afterwards!


Okay, I’m counting several votes Zeitgeist. Friday, April 18.

Let’s put it to a vote and I’ll update with a post above, noon tomorrow (Friday, April 11).

I also count several Bezerkly votes and at least one for San Jose. Thank fucking Christ none of you Marin fucks want us to go to Swill Valley or something.

Anyway, keep in mind that this is only the first drinkapalooza meet-up for Sadlynaughts and assorted flotsam … we can have future ones in the various quaint suburbs of The Only City That Matters if we desire to mix with the rustics.

Also, for Shystee – bring the BARbarians to us, or we will meet you on neutral ground next time and Teh Editors will entertain us with live cartoon follies or dance or not show up or scrofulate fetally in his ghey Googthulu cube until the end of time.

And lastly, I promise to pass the hat Friday for enough money to fly out Mencken, Matt T and Leonard Pierce from their Dixie shitholes for one of these events.


PS The Warrior blow goats. That’s what you get when you play five guys 40 minutes a night for 75 straight games, Nellie.


Alright, if it is Zeigeist, then the targeted pork snorkel will be…cochinitia pibil.


Well you can count ME out, DA. Asshole.


I just ‘got’ that ‘Uncanny Canadian’ is a reference to the X-Men. That is how long it take ‘me’ to ‘get’ things.


‘Warrior’? ‘Take’?

I am dropping ‘esses’ like Shazam breaking up with his Egyptian super-hero girlfriend.


I vote Ed. Castle.


or Zeitgeist. Whatevs. but pinko cannot make me eat a tamale.


I’m more inclined to the Castle, too … just because the weather is key to Zeitgeist and it can be dicey to plan for it more than a week out …

BTW, voting is being tallied interpretively, with succinct and clear posts like Kathleen’s carrying the most weight …


Okay, K just totally fucked up the whole ‘succinct and clear’ thing with her second post ….


Something to consider about Zeitgeist: “Our rooms are just upstairs and priced right at $30.00 per night.”


I’m like the Pythagorean theorum, DA. You have no solution for me!


Not long ago I helped a friend celebrate a birthday by drinking at Zeitgeist from opening to closing. Yes, it was as pathetic and as delightful as it sounds.


Oh, darn. I won’t be able to interview and hire a stunt double on such short notice (mikey, this is how I avoid the inevitable let-down of the face-to-face). And also OMG I’m a Marin fuck, and it seems I’ve let my Marin-to SF-visa expire. I could try to cross the county line illegally, but that’s risky, and not just because the county line is at the mid-point of the bridge. Those “abandoned” WWII bunkers in the Headlands (yes, the headlands, we has them: bluffs and cliffs and stuff overlooking the Pacific and San Francisco Bay. Just because we have headlands doesn’t mean we don’t have us some heartland) are, rumor has it, being retrofitted for use by the Initiative Homeland Security. From beneath you it devours.

Oh well. I’ll drink to y’all from just north of Swill Valley.


Zeitgeist is fine if you wear a hat and wait out the people who get too cold when the sun goes down and the wind picks up. Also, if any of y’all play euchre, that’d be bonus.


Larkspur you are still invited because Lefty Gomez is from Larkspur (or was it Buddy Biancalana, I forget?)


Jealous! I wish I could make it.


I will crush you at euchre, especially if I am pissed at being cold. Edinburgh Castle!


Since the Berzerkley option is out, I vote for E. Castle.


This lurker votes for anything from SF to Berkeley. Weekend’s best.

Or a trip to the heartland to bugger Gary in the street.

Dealers choice.


I have maybe posted 4 comments.
But I read every day. Every single day. Every comment.
Except maybe that one. Or that one.
But most of them.

Am I invited? I vote either Edinburgh or Zeitgeist, OR the Plough. I am flexible and an East Bay resident.

I have no idea what you all look like though, so we’ll have to wear funny hats.


Oh sure. You pull this shit right after I move from the Bay Area to the OC.

Damn you.


DA: I will spread the word to the full BARBARian email list, such as it is. I know from experience that they will not be averse to drinking two weekends in a row. PS: Mr. and Mrs. The Editors are scheduled to appear this Saturday. Don’t mean to name-drop but I just did.

PP: Thai House Exp rules. I used to favor Sai Jai Thai down the street because they had a picture of Keanu eating there but they were just too inconsistent. THExp are like surgeons. Their Pad See Eeeew is the bizzle.

Edinbrouaghaha sounds like a good bet for a Friday night. If it’s warm the Z tends to develop lines out the door around 6 and nobody likes that.


Fuck! I just learned I have a conflicting engagement I cannot reschedule. So I’ll send my camera.

Enjoy your bacchanal, lucky bastards.


Half Moon Bay. The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Easy to get to – 20 minutes from SF, a little further from the east bay and a great location.


Ka Kee Moo Ka Kee Moo Ka Kee Moo!
shystee- the only thing that is bad about THE is the fact that if you eat there first and like it and then realize that in the entire city of SF you won’t ever find a place as good and that everything is down hill from there.

I’d rather have people stumbling around the TUSTOSAN* than North by Northwest driving home from Half Moon Bay. Not safe!

*The Urine Soaked…


to all who attend, please don’t fly. take a greyhound bus or drive.

seriously. your FAA ain’t working.


Rugged in Montana said,

April 11, 2008 at 3:19

You’ll have to count me out…

That’s what he said to the army when they asked him if he’d enlist.


It’s times like this that I hate living in the Heartland. Other times I hate living here include: trying and failing to shop for butt-plugs, every time I buy a sack of shitty brownish weed, when it snows, and always.

Sodomizing trolls is all that makes life around here worthwhile.


Having been a Kilowatt denizen for some years now, that would probably be my first vote. Zeitgeist can be problematic (read, really fucking crowded, as in line-out-the-door crowded) on nice weekends, but otherwise is a fine drinking establishment.

Of course, if there aren’t too many, and the timing is right, there is always the option of kicking off a truly upsetting tequila-fueled bender at Tommy’s Mexican out in the avenues. Best margaritas on the planet, and one hell of a tequila selection. My liver is kicking me like a firewalking Rockette just thinking about it.

Speaking of Benders, they’re open again as well, aren’t they?


Oh, I almost forgot,

becaus ethere aren’t any homosexauls buggering each other in the streets.

Gary, you minx, just what were you doing at the Folsom Street Fair, anyway? Wink, wink.


Gavin’s Fiancee,

Was there a sports-related bet involved in the location of your wedding, by any chance?

(Just checking…)

I would be willing and able to organize a Boston-area Sadlynautithon before the wedding, if you would prefer. I need something to keep me off the streets, fornicating or otherwise…

Just let me know!


Here in the Heartland the butt-plug threat is almost nil.

Best possible Gary post for all time, or just best Gary post so far?

Gavin's Fiancée

Doodle Bean,

There was no betting in choosing the wedding location. The wedding outfits on the other hand… well, let’s just say that my sister-in-law isn’t thrilled with the hot dog costume we’ve chosen for her.

If you’d like to plan a Boston Sadlython before the wedding, I’m completely fine with that. If you’re a merciful soul, you’ll find a good spot in Cambridge for it. Between work and wedding planning I’m completely demolished. I’m a big fan of not venturing too far from home at the moment. 🙂


Cool. I’ll do it. I was thinking of just copying DL and using The People’s Repulik — easy Central Sq/Harvard Sq location, appropriate name, no loud music, decent quality/price food and drink. Plus, if Ace shows up it’d be funny to get a photo of him in such a pinko commie lieberal place! Heck, the bartender has a ponytail!!!

Besides, why would I want to give my fellow Sadlynauts a choice?

So, now the question is weekday evening or weekend evening? Boston-area ‘nauts weigh in!

Gavin's Fiancée

I would tend to vote for weekend early evening (getting going around 5 or so). The People’s Republik has food these days, so people can maybe grab a burger if they want, and we have time to stake out a corner of the place before it gets crowded. Also, people driving in from out of town would have time to hang out before they drive back, if they aren’t staying in town.

My $0.02

Gavin's Fiancée

Of course, after the Boston SadlyFest my cover will be blown and everyone will know my true identity. Hmph.


Gavin’s Fiancée,

Why do you think I was asking weird questions about your wedding? I thought I had cracked your secret identity, damnit!

Meanwhile, could you use your pull with Gavin to get a Boston Sadlython thread posted? Pretty please?

Gavin's Fiancée

Oh Gee, Doodle Bean. You have the tools to know my secret identity anyway.

Hint: Facebook is very wise.

I’ll speak with Gavin about getting a Boston Sadlython thread posted, but after he’s off work today. 🙂 Of course Bradrocket could also post one, but I’m not sure he will have ventured this far down the thread.


Gavin’s Fiancée

BWHAhahahahahahahaha! Your secret identity is mine! As for the actual gathering, you could just lie.

I might!

I’ll email Brad and he and Gavin can race. Or whatever.

Gavin's Fiancée

Yes, I know, my secret identity is shocking, isn’t it? I’ve actually kind of wondered what percentage of people on here know…

By all means e-mail Brad. We decidedly need a new thread. No one seems to be joining in on this one at this late hour. 🙂


Hey, guys, if you must have secrets would you mind not going on and on about how spicy and delicious they are?

I’m super jazzed about SadlyNOtsoB!!
(too Ron Paul?)

Gavin's Fiancée

Mmmm… secrets are tasty!

What? Oh, hello there pedestrian. I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.


Oh, pinko, did you just smacktalk me? Over euchre? Really?

Bring *it*.


Berkeley- Starry Plough, Jupiter, Albatross or anywhere else.


Done. Boston area Sadlies, please wait for the Boston-thon thread so we can leave this one for those oddballs on the Left Coast!


Will there be a prominent and glorious announcement within the main blog of this auspicious cabal? Or should we ratchet our spam filters down from “disintegrate” to “stun”?

And, how large are our ranks? Zeitgeist appreciates hearing beforehand if a party of 20 or more are inbound — a few stacked up on a Friday means either more barbacks or Peak Pintglasses. (Speaking of, Zeit won the SF Barback Olympics last week, so shouts out!)


if Gavin’s fiancee is Megan McCardle, please no one ever tell.


you liberal west coasters have NO SKILLZ compared to us in the HartLan when it comes to euchre.

Because we don’t have as many buttplugs, you know. Buttplugs are not conducive to euchre.

Also, euchre matches are strictly regulated here. No red trackies allowed. PWNED!!!

Gavin's Fiancée

if Gavin’s fiancee is Megan McCardle, please no one ever tell.

I’m going to try to pretend that you never said that, Kathleen.


I’m in NYC, but I’d come up to Boston on a weekend evening.


How about the Raritan Bay Area?

Overcrowded, post-industrial, great views of Staten Island.


No one?

(Slinks off into the swamps of Jersey…)


I need to make trips to Boston and San Fran. A week’s notice for San Fran is a little tough though and if I did go I’d be bringing the wingnut friend I’ll be staying with. Boston is a little easier and I’d happily give a couple of NY area Sadlynaughts a ride up there. Gas, grass or EZ Pass though. Nobody rides for free.



Your solution is just above: take the train to NYC and catch a ride with Lawnguylander.


[…] Zeitgeist and the Starry Plough also got a lot of votes. Let’s keep the Starry Plough in mind for an East Bay S,N! drink-a-thon at a later date. And here’s the vote tally on meet-up locations as pulled interpretively out of comments on this thread: […]


Doodle Bean–

Doing that tonight, going up for an assiete de charcuterie at Gavroche in the Village.

All the talk earlier this week gave me a hankerin’ for some fancy ham.

Jambon de Bayonne, Busetto Rosette de Lyon, 4 different pates (no goose or duck), cornichons, pickled onions and great bread.

Oh, yeah.



I’ve got the EZ Pass. If this thing does happen my wife and I might take you up on it.


Not that I comment enough here that any of you care, but I very well may be there. I can regale you with various items of dirty gossip about San Francisco political figures. Some of it even true.


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