Who here is ready to be judged by Josh?

Not too long ago, we wrote some unflattering things about one Sheri Valera, whose claim to fame is that she’s never been kissed. You can imagine our disappointment when, in spite of our best efforts, somebody else got credit for mocking Sheri:

This engendered some snide Internet commentary, including on the July 29 edition of the blog Whizbang, where a poster with the potentially subversive handle of “Allah” opines, “Hot though she may be, do we really want a chick who refuses to kiss to be the voice of young conservative America at the convention?”

Then again, perhaps “the Lance Armstrong of professional virgins,” which is what we called her, isn’t quite New York Metro material. Yet we (with help from Pete M.) had managed to discover Sheri 6 day earlier. So what did we get for our trouble? Well, a one-way express ticket to hell, if recent comments left on our Sheri Valera post are any indication:

Shame on all of you, I know and I love Sheri, she’s a good Godly girl. Because she is standing up for some thing she believes in, your making a fool out of her. Remember Christ, remember that He, God, will judge you someday… –Jordan

or this:

Sheri is an awesome Godly young girl and she has accomplished more with her life than you will ever think to accomplish. Jordan is right… You will be judged by God for your comments and you will get no sympathy from me. –Josh

Jordan, is that you? Have you tried giving Sheri the tongue yet?


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Hey, Jordan and Josh, I know and love Sadly, No! (in a platonic short of way). It’s a good ungodly girl … I mean blog. And Seb has indeed thought of accomplishing just as much with his life as Sheri has accomplished. Just the other day he told me that he had thought about being a a loser in the “Who Wants to be the Token Young Person Who Gets to Speak at the Republican Convention” contest, which is something that Sheri has accomplished.


Told [her pastor said she might be the first woman president], Sheri blushed. ?Pastor Roy said that? That?s very flattering. Well, he might be right.?

Shows how much she really knows about the Constitution. Women aren’t allowed to be president.


Why do you continue to do this? It must be jealousy of her, she is a bautiful woman who actually morals and will make something of her life, which you won’t.

Heh, just kiddin’. I just wanted to see if I could write like a teen who just attended his first church lock-in.


The very idea of Sheri got Jordan so worked up that he posted the same comments three times. I guess its hard to hit the post button when only one hand is available. . .


Hey, say big deal. So she’s never been kissed. I don’t care if she never kisses anyone or if she screws everyone at her college with a varsity letter (do they still have varsity letters?). What makes her such a great paragon that she thinks she should be admired? Ego? And what is this Repubican war on human sexuality? Why do the Republicans hate human beings so much? They espouse a morality that is sick and perverse, and the result is a constant stream of stories like Jack Ryan’s and Al French’s, stories of how repressed sexuality expresses itself in bizarre ways. Ed Schrock, using the Internet for cybersex and phone sex with guys. Do i care that he does that? Hell no! Do I care that he does that while, at the same time, co-sponsoring the Hate Homos Amendment? Hell yes! Do I care what that Jack Ryan tried to turn his wife into an exhibitionist? Hell no! Do I care that he did that and then included “family values” as part of his campaign, acting all pure and moral and alkl? Hell yes! And so on. Prosecutor Al French is all “Kerry lied” moral Republican, but then it turns out he signed an affidavit that was false and is being sued for sexual harassment.

So stuff your virginity, kid. It does not make you betterthan anybody else, nor does it make you an example of virtue. It means you made one choice for your own reasons while others made choices for their own. Acting like you’re all holy and better than anyone else just shows that you choose not to respect others.


She’s a man, baby!


As a father of two girls, I admire her “virtue” and her adherence to her own moral code, and hope that my daughters are have somewhere near that level of moral compass when they’re her age.

What I don’t admire is her need to wear her virtue on her sleeve, like it was a badge of courage. Does she think she is competing for the virgin of the republican party award?

“…A tenacious arguer who ?takes pleasure? in crushing overconfident college Democrats in debates over affirmative action, Sheri has this church-and-state rap down cold…”

ah yes, I also hope when my daughters grow up that the know not to take pleasure in “crushing” others’ ideas just for arguments sake.


So according to Josh, if you make fun of an airhead, God will send you to Hell?


Is that Jay Sekulow’s kid? What tool.


Unfortunately, the first thing that I thought about “never been kissed” was the daily delivery of spam promising “(woman’s name) first time”, “see virgin (woman’s name) do it”, etc.

The second thing that occured to me was that she might be a closet case. Funny she should have Condi Rice as a role model…

The third thing that occured to me was that she was sincere, and using this as a strategy to land a marriage-worthy man.


“So stuff your virginity, kid.”

Ah, Mr. Frogsdong, not to get too clinical about it, but once it’s been stuffed, I think the virginity label is moot.


If I recall, didn’t Julia Roberts’ prostitute character in Pretty Woman prefer not to kiss her clients?


This blog is mildly amusing but the comments on this thread criticize Sheri for something she never did. She was put in an article by a friend who worked for the student newspaper. Because she is extremely attractive and accomplished, the article has subsequently gotten a good deal of attention. She never attempted to proselytize others or encourage a “no kissing” stance, she just discussed her own choice. Criticizing the moral choices of others is not too surprising coming from the left, because your dissonance is almost de rigeur.

Josh did not claim he would judge you, he said God would, and that is something everyone who is sometimes enraged from the mockery of the wicked takes great comfort in.

Finally “Jordan” is definitely not Sekulow’s kid, he works way too much ensuring Kerry loses badly to be reading enough blogs to go down the list to this fairly unpopular and obscure one.


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