Conrad Black + Richard Perle =


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Former Hollinger International Chief Executive Conrad Black and other former executives looted the company of more than $400 million, using the company as a “piggy bank” to pay for private jets and club memberships, according to a report filed on Tuesday.

In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a special committee of Hollinger’s board described a “corporate kleptocracy” at the top of the company that publishes the Chicago Sun-Times. […]

The special committee also said that director Richard Perle, a former Pentagon adviser who was a member of the board’s executive committee, had “repeatedly” signed off on transactions that were beneath the radar of the audit committee.

The panel said Perle, who remains on the board, should be required to repay the more than $3 million in bonuses he has received from the company. [Emphasis added]

Richard Perle, doing something shady and dishonest? Will wonders ever cease?


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Pearle only stole money? And only 3mil? He must be slipping. Kissinger would have taken the office furniture and everything else that wasn’t nailed down.


You know what’s cool? That Conrad Black’s name is Lord Black of Crossharbour.
Lord Black? reminds me of “darth vader” …


And remember, Perle is the only administration official to actually resign over a conflict of interest. Meaning he’s more ethical than everybody who’s left.


Doghouse Riley has an excellent point.


Perle is notorious for charging for interviews. So, at $500 a pop, he’ll have to give — um, a hell of a lot* of interviews to recoup that $3 mil if he ever actually has to cough it up.



When Lord Fatboy and Lady SpitefulBitch are publicly “defrocked”— or whatever the word for it is when slimebags lose their titles— anybody else want to join me for a special trip to London to enjoy the ceremony?

BTW, Pete M. is paying for the airline tickets!


Pirates of Crapitalism: The Curse of the Black-Per

As Seb and General Glut note, Captain Lord Conrad Black, embattled owner of a fleet of plunderers, and for far too long direct commander of the H.M.S. Journalistic Feces, even has standards above those of Richard Perle.

To gain a firmer purchase o…


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