Actually Bill, that’s a demand side system

Bill “Shut Up!” O’Reilly displays his keen understanding of the economy in the latest edition of the Talking Points Memo:

The conservative take is a supply side system, whereby consumers spend and jobs are created by the private sector, which profits from the spending, obviously.

Jeebus Bill, what you described is obviously, demand-driven economic growth. You might want to check with an economist or two (say Paul Krugman) before you say anything else. “Supply side economics” argues that:

lower tax rates would improve private sector incentives, leading to higher employment, productivity, and output in the US economy.

Besides, you have to go pretty far left (yes, even lefter than Hillary!) to find a Democrat who doesn’t think the private sector does (and should) drive job creation in the country. (Even Europeans realize this, although that point is likely lost on Bill.)

Bill also asserts:

The left wants an economy run by the government, with money going to every social and medical program imaginable. That’s the liberal vision.

The conservative version, of course, calls for steel tariffs, quotas on Chinese bras, and a Medicare prescription drug benefit.

And that is the most ridiculous item of the day.



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