While we were grieving

As earlier posts today might have indicated, we have now made our way back home to Germany, allowing us to go back to being the best darn blogger we can be. (And send Pete M. back where he belongs, i.e. The Dark Window.)

Many things, most (if not all) unimportant, happened while we were away. Here’s a summary of things you might (and will wish you had) have missed:

  • Over at The Dark Window, Andrew McNamana-sha-sha-sha-ra-na-ma announces he is about to start an all-singing blog.

    Things we learned from in-flight entertainment:

  • Scrubs is funny.
  • The King of Queens is anti-funny.
  • Just for Laughs Gags is not only just flat out painful to watch, it’s enough to make you ashamed of being from Montreal.

    Best thing someone said about us after our father told him we “come from Germany:”

    Ah, he speaks French really well.

  • In an earlier post, we mistakenly referred to Happy Furry Puppy Story Time as DVDs by Actress Nora Dunn. We apologize for the error.

    More shrillness later today.

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    I’m very sorry about your loss. Allow me to tender my condolences.

    Welcome back.

    dirty old lady (aka A. Murray)


    “The Free Dictionary” is just a ripoff of wikipedia, with ads added.

    The original wikipedia page is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_For_Laughs_Gags


    You just wait! My all-singing blog is going to rock!!!


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