Going back to Cali Cana (da)

The management’s presence is required back in our home and native land for a funeral. Blogging may happen while we are away, and it may not. Pete M. from The Dark Window may post to keep you entertained, and he may not.

For the next few days then, you may do any, all or none of the following:

  • Visit the very many fine blogs listed on the right.
  • Get to know the following fine blogs that are not listed on the right:
    Outside the Tent, Marceau Marceau (a young blog’s strange erotic journey?,) Slacktivist, PoliGeek (now with 50% more vertical columns,) the green pass, and Uncle Horn Head (be sure to ask about the stinky meat.)

    See you on Monday.

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    Condolences. Stay safe travelling – and it’s good you don’t have to risk coming back *here* south of the border and dealing with the unskilled, paranoid border guards in our banana republic.


    I’m sorry to hear the reason that you have to return to the homeland. My thoughts will be with you and your family. But like Bellatrys said, travel safely, and watch out for Syrian musicians.


    (a young blog’s strange erotic journey?,)



    Sorry to hear about the loss. Have a safe trip, we all look forward to your return.


    My condolences, Seb.

    (Thanks for the link; I might have to add yet another vertical column now to keep up with demand)


    Sorry for your loss Seb. We’ll be around when you get back.


    Hang in there Seb.

    Safe travels.

    (Best to leave your freezer plugged in.)


    Sorry, Seb, about the funeral. We’ll miss your postings while your gone, although I’m sure Amber will let out a great sigh of relief. And thanks for the link!


    My condolences. See you (well, virtually anyway) when you get back.


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