Down at the end of lonely angry street

It’s Wingnut hotel:


Sadly not located next door to Hotel Fück. Maybe Gavin can fix the internets once more.


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I sense a future Angry Party site.


Shouldn’t it be selbstgerecht angerstrabe?


I prefer the Pee Pee Hotel, myself.


Although, to be fair, if the Dems want to build their own hotel HQ, I suggest they start here.


Hey, don’t be bringing your Eurotrash and strong currencies over here, you Frenchy Muslim-o-phile.


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icculus, remove your Sadly cookie.


Of course, hanx Righteous Bubba!!1!


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What I would like to see is Fucking twinned with Condom. That would be one in the eye for those wingnut abstainers.


Years ago, Pennsylvania had a new slogan contest. Two of my favorites:
Virginia may be for lovers but only Pennsylvania has Intercourse.
Pennsylvania: Gateway to Ohio.


Pennsylvania: Gateway to Ohio.

Not for me. I’ll gladly take I-68 – I-79 – I-70 then ever be caught almost dead on the Pennsylvania turnpike again.

West Virginia, Mountain Mama (and Gateway to Ohio, for moi).


While traveling from Condom to Fucking, you might enjoy visiting Titz and Asse.


…are you quoting the Cars? I want to float like Euripides….


Izzat the new Wolfgang Fück resort?


Hey you, that looks like my house in the background, dodgy german peeping Tom types…



would the Hotel Fück be in the lovely Bavarian village of Wank?


I took a picture of an Angerstrasse sign on a trip to Germany.

When I showed it two our German hosts, they remarked that it had never occurrred to them to parse the name in English as “Anger Street.” I then asked if they ever noticed that the city hall, where all the politicians worked, was called the “Rathaus” or Rat House. That hadn’t occurred to them either.

I want to know what the hell is wrong with Germans that they don’t walk around reviewing their own language for bad puns in the English language. You’d think they’d make that a priority. If American schools had the funding necessary to make American children fluent a language, I’m sure our kids would be hunting out English puns in Chinese or Farsi! Or maybe even English, if they taught that.

The Dark Avenger

what the hell is wrong with Germans that they don’t walk around reviewing their own language for bad puns in the English language.

Actually, HL Mencken and his brother used to ask the same kinds of
questions of their Deutchsprekening grandfather :
why if the German for cat was katz, why wasn’t the German for rat ratz.

My favorite translated English expression im Deutch:

“Affenmensch gefliegen auf meine Tisch.”


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