Well imagine that!

Ann Althouse is unhappy about this claim by NYT TV critic Alessandra Stanley:

It is particularly confusing on Fox News, where so many of its blond female anchors look like Amber Frey.

Writing in reply:

Yes, all those blondes look alike, don’t they? I think most Fox News viewers can tell the difference between the beautiful Laurie Dhue and anyone else.

Which isn’t especially noteworthy until you realize that Althouse herself looks like Amber Frey:

althouse.jpg lp_frey.jpg

PS: Laurie Dhue, beautiful? File this one in the few would dispute that Ann Coulter is a babe file.


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Anne coulter is not a very attractive woman. She’s too thin and gaunt, boney and her hair is stringy. Laurie Dhue is quite an attractive woman though.


Maybe it’s just the 3/4 head position, but Althouse looks nothing like Amber Frey.


I find Ann Coulter attractive, physically. But her use of language is positively intoxicating:
“The portrayal of Sen. Joe McCarthy as a wild-eyed demagogue destroying innocent lives is sheer liberal hobgoblinism.”
few would dispute that Ann Coulter is a babe


Her lips are always so wet and, well, dewy!

You know Hannity & Hume gotta have a running “Do the Dhue!” joke.


[Praying] Dear God, thank you a million times over for making me homosexual.


I was just telling my girlfriend today that Amber Frey looks like Coulter. I haven’t seen them together at the same time, have you?


I feel sorry for the law students in Madison who are taught anything by a woman who can write “…Bill O’Reilly, by far the most prominent news analyst on the channel…” without gagging. If Bill O’Reilly is a news analyst, Dennis Miller is a sportscaster.


Ann Althouse has that same Chardonnay and Xanax look Ann Coulter used to have after purging at The Capitol Grille.

In a middle-aged kind of way.


These truths ought to be self-evident, politics be damned:

– Ann Coulter is a babe. (She offsets this by being a psychotic pathological liar.)

– Laurie Dhue is beautiful.

– The two women pictured in this post do not resemble one another at all.

As for Amber Frey and the reputedly numerous blondes on Fox News, I’m not qualified to comment.


Any professedly heterosexual male who calls Coulter a babe has got some serious soul-searching to do.

I’d post the pic of Coulter with five o’clock shadow that’s sitting on my hard drive, but I can’t access my server from this machine. Maybe next time this absurd idea of femininity and Ann Coulter being even remotely related comes up.


I see that Althouse called your post her “Weirdest Link of the Day.” Scrolling through her posts, I was struck by this:

When I was in Ithaca a few days ago, I noticed a lot of yard signs that said:

Bush must go!
Bush lied, thousands died.

Of course, I can’t stand this sort of hostility and bitterness in general

This reminds me a little of Inhofe’s “I’m outraged by the outrage” (about Abu Ghraib). The “hostility and bitterness” reflected in the yard signs “of course” upsets Professor Althouse more than the possibility (I would say “fact”) that Bush lied and thus caused thousands of people to die (and thousands more to be maimed). I’m glad she’s got her priorities straight.


I e-mailed Prof. Althouse re the above. Her response:

You won’t reach moderates this way. Have you ever tried to imagine the number of lives saved by the war? Projecting years into the future?

I responded that she and I evidently had very different views on the results of the war, which seem to me have been disastrous.


Re my above comments — Prof. Althouse and I exchanged several e-mails about the above subject (I left the subject of blondes alone). It was a pleasant enough colloquy, but I doubt either of us persuaded the other of anything. She still seems to think that the Iraq war was a fine idea.


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