The Bible Code for by Dummies

The Dark Window takes a look at Jack Kinsella, who has apparently figured out that the bible predicted John Kerry’s treasonous behavior:

Allow me to paraphrase Paul to illustrate my point (with apologies to the Author). “For men shall supporters of secular humanism, wanting power at all costs, boasters (Was Kerry in Cambodia in 1968?) supporters of the ACLU, supporters of restricting parental rights, unthankful and unholy.

Read the whole thing — and find out why same-sex marriage is “classical Marxism.”


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Gay marriage is “classic Marxism”? News to me, especially since, in communist countries, homosexuals are reviled and persecuted. Sweet lordy-gordy, what a freakin’ MO-RON!
[I already said that in a comment I posted on Dark Window, but it bears repeating. (sorry, Seb, I saw his first, but you’ll be happy to know he linked to you.)]


Allow me to paraphrase the gospel of Luke (with apologies to the author). “Jack Kinsella is a dipshit. Thou shalt not believeth a word he uttereth.”

Holy shit! I didn’t know that by paraphrasing the bible that meant we could change everything it says! This is going to be by far my biggest weapon as the hottest young conservative writer on the internet!


Good one, Yosef!

Actually, paraphrasing the Bible is a very old trick.

In his youth, Benjamin Franklin wrote and memorized an entire Bible chapter, which he used to quote whenever arguing with the religious fanatics of his day.


Hey, Kinsella:
To paraphrase something Jesus said to his apostles,”Eat me!”


Brad DeLong asked a while back on his Website for someone to name four or five things about Marxist theory that had stood the test of time. Funny, no one mentioned same-sex marriage…


Bill S : Oh do keep up! The long-disputed “Eat me!” interpretation has now been discarded in favor of the more conservative “Bite me” in order to sideline the “Suck it up!” faction.


Well, “Eat me!” also brings to mind a memorable sight gag from “Animal House”, so I thought it more apropos for some reason.


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