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NRB ‘Night of Comedy’ Decried by Veteran Broadcaster/Former NRB Board Member

That’s the National Religious Broadcasters. Wonder what that’s about.

NASHVILLE, March 8 /Christian Newswire/ — “It is ironic that Christian broadcasters will be crowding into the Gaylord Opryland Resort’s Delta Ballroom on Monday night, March 10, for a “Night of Comedy,” says 50-year veteran Christian broadcaster, Dr. Vic Eliason…

I’ll say.

…And for a ‘night of comedy,’ too.

Doop-dee-doop, checkin’ the email…


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“As Christian broadcasters we are facing a culture and nation that is increasingly hostile to biblical truth. We are looking at the possible resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine that would have a devastating impact on many of our ministries. We are facing one of the most important elections in our nation’s history that will have huge consequences in all areas of life. We face terrorism worries, economic tremors and a steady encroachment on our civil liberties,” he said. “The moral squalor in our land is ever worsening as evidenced by the multi-billion dollar porn industry that flows into our nation’s homes to the harm of our children. Nearly 50 million preborn Americans have lost their lives in the womb, and the numbers continue to mount. In the extremely limited time we have here in Nashville, it is tragically significant that Christian broadcasters are spending Monday evening laughing their sides off at three comedians at the Night of Comedy, and following that up with Monday Night Madness an hour later for a meet and greet with the air-brushed celebrities of the music industry.”

Eliason says he has seen vast changes in the landscape in Christian broadcasting over the decades. “When I began in Christian broadcasting years ago, there was a seriousness, a gravity among those whose driving passion was to air an unadulterated Gospel message. Ministry was the focus. We now have an “Industry” focus that results in Disney and Fox consultants coming in to tell us how to present the Gospel.

Shorter grampa: Get the FCUK off my lawn, you punks!1!


Perhaps a floor show?

Maybe this one?


It’s ironic. Like ray-eeeeeeee-ainnnnnn, on your wedding day.

Sorry, I’m still all hot and bothered by the post below about leather fetish night hosted by nuns.



At first read, I thought the ironic part was that a bunch of christian media charlatans were gonna hang out in the Gaylord room.


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humbert dinglepencker

Didja notice that smile of Tooley’s never seems to reach those eyes? Those dead…dead…dead…fish eyes.


At first read, I thought the ironic part was that a bunch of christian media charlatans were gonna hang out in the Gaylord room.

Exactly what I thought, Jennifer!


…And you were right!

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I think it’s floor show….like this one:


I still have the migraine and I still haven’t slept, so please forgive me if this is an unutterably dumb question, but is the point of their objection the actual word “Gaylord”? Which I’m assuming is or was someone’s surname rather than, you know, some kind of suggestion that Jesus is gay? Did the NRB turn into Beavis and Butthead when I wasn’t looking?


For some of us it’s first thing in the morning, and I’m really not into thinking right now. Make it simple, please.


Too bad the Lambda ballroom was booked.


If I was a churchman concerned with the way modern secular society is “increasingly hostile to biblial truth,” I MIGHT (mind you, I said “might”) put a little thought into WHY that society is “increasingly hostile to biblial truth.”

Is it because a disproportionate number of the most visible Christian leaders are a bunch of whiny, hypocritical, self-righteous, hateful assholes, and a large number of their most visible emulate them and seem dedicated to making Jesus look intolerant, ignorant and despicable?

One might come to such a conclusion. And one might look into the advantages of, say, Buddhism.


I deny that I misspelled “biblical” on purpose.

I just wish I had.


I deny that I misspelled “biblical” on purpose.

It struck an unbiblical chord with me.


I think we need to have a puntervention for RB before it’s too late.



Get it?

The LORD is GAY!

Jesus Christ, Son of God, prancing around in leather chaps with a pierced penis. The pierced penis of god.

In addition to the loaves and fishes, there is that little-noted miracle, the miracle of the matching drapes and loveseat. The interior decorator of god miracle.

And the LORD looked upon his miracles, and he found them wanting. “What were you thinking with the Mauve??” spake the LORD…

Hell, I dunno either. Lemme get another cup of coffee…



And when you go into thine closet, be not like the Pharisees and the Hannitees and come out drab and lifeless. Come out fabulous!

It’s not Adam and Steve! Steve is a a stick in the mud. It’s Adam and Mitch!

(Now just sit back and wait for the shrill accuations of gay bashing .. from people who usually justify and support gay bashing.)


Oh, there’s plenty of eye-ronnie to go around.

Dr. Eliason: In our endless and expensive quest for cultural relevance, we are losing the heart of the Gospel message, which is to deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Christ. . . . What a powerful thing it would be if all of those broadcasters who are still committed to getting the true Gospel out to the masses through media would kneel and seek God at a mass prayer meeting in the Delta Ballroom.

Gaylord Opryland

No reason why Christian broadcasters should deny themselves the pleasure of:

[Opryland’s] extraordinary service, luxurious accommodations and first-class entertainment. Under majestic, climate-controlled glass atriums, you’ll be surrounded by nine acres of lush indoor gardens, winding rivers and pathways, and sparkling waterfalls where you can unwind, explore, shop, dine, and be entertained to your heart’s content. Highlights include a 44-foot waterfall, fountain shows, and tours aboard our Delta Flatboats – right inside the hotel.

While you are here, experience the legendary sounds of the Grand Ole Opry®, play at Nashville’s premier golf course,Gaylord Springs®, enjoy a lunch or dinner cruise aboard the General Jackson® Showboat, get your kicks at the Wildhorse Saloon, or walk to the nearby mall, Opry MillsSM.

Rooms start over $200 a night, although they do offer special conference packages.

Only comedy is bad. Why do I suspect that Eliason doesn’t “get” humor himself and therefore concludes it’s a waste of everyone’s time?


What happens at Gaylord, stays at Gaylord.

As long as there are no incriminating photos.

Arky "I just get these headaches" The Blasphemer

The Gaylord fellow sounds like a complete slut.

Hey Gavin, any chance you could provide a link? I get the feeling we’re missing out on some major snarkage.


deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Christ.
I love a parade.


and public executions.


…we are facing a culture and nation that is increasingly hostile to biblical truth.

Perhaps because that’s an oxymoron.


Is there anyone who visits this site who believes that Jesus is the Son of God who was crucified for our sins (even those of Vic), and who will forgive us if we forgive others and began doing what is right?


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