Why, It’s Like Something Out Of Jules Verne

LOLhacks — Photoshop Friday

Over at MyPetJawa, Rusty posted a nasty pic of Helen Thomas. I brilliantly added the comment/caption “I Can Haz Pulitzer?” and thereby created the first LOLHack, LOLCat spoofs of our stupid-ass arrogant media.

I say, chums, whoever imagined that man could fly — and in a rocket submarine, no less? Why, there’s simply no telling what that clever Ace lad will think up next.

Slublog makes the first official one:

Our finest minds are at work trying to reverse-engineer this technology. Oh wait, a breakthrough:

Above: CPAC Blogger of the Year, Ace of Spades

Update: Welp, here’s what that clever Ace lad thought up next.

See, I actually think both of those posts are pretty good, in a formal sense. They’re allusive yet not overdetermined, and provide what the musicians call a ‘circular bassline.’


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Or else invisible breasts.


Or invisable brests, in keeping with the theme…..


invisable [sic] inflatable doll?


I Can Haz Boobeez?


can I haz frist now?

Pirelli's Purse

Clearly a sammich.


Hey, has anybody noticed that the Nazis were National Socialists? Socialists…hmm…


I clicked over to Detective A.O. Spades, and the Google Ads said:

“When will you die? Take our free death quiz.”

I think Sadly, No! Investor Relations needs to make an appearance over there and point these fine fellows to some prior art (as it were).

Pirelli's Purse

His kung fu is strong. He needs this


“When will you die? Why, you may ALREADY be dead! Take our free death quiz to find out!”


The tech department sent a wireless telegraph. They’re still undecided about the prototype:




He has an expression sadness and longing. As if he hungers, yet knows that hunger can never be filled.

Boobys it is.


“I did not has sex relasuions wit Larry Craigz b3||z”


The fact is, I brilliantly concluded.


You can’t be sad with a big sandwich in your hands. Susan’s right.

Pirelli's Purse

Isn’t he saying he killed a lion with his bare handses? You know that embarrasing Val Kilmery pose from “The Ghost and the Darkness”

Five of Diamonds



Man, nobody saw the twelve I posted earlier in the week.

Damn, begging for traffic puts me in the running for a ‘Baggie.


The next thing you know, they’ll do a LOLObama!!!11!

Can you imagine?

Can I Haz President NOw?

That, or something about cheeseburgers. They’re smart, those Photoshopping bitches.


“So I got the little woman around the neck like this and I showed her who’s boss…”


hahahahaha!!! ACCORDION!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vizible asshole


Give poor Ace a break, he was too busy laughing about the dancing hamsters.


All our Ace are belong to us! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Are they his hands? They look rather dainty for a warrior-class blogger like Ace. Did someone sneak up behind him and do an hilarious “oh oh I can’t seem to control my hands” routine involving eggs, a soda symphon and a couple of cream (of cheeto) pies?

Also, they look like they’ve just released his jowls and they’ve sprung bck into their normal position. An animated gif would showing them quivering and bouncing in perfect harmonic motion. A sight, as they say, to behold.


I Can Haz Subway?


Dress him like Karnak with an envelope in one hand.


“I did not has sex relasuions wit

dat sammich!




fish said,

March 7, 2008 at 20:34

Give poor Ace a break, he was too busy laughing about the dancing hamsters.

Seriously. I think he finally upgraded from Gopher to Mosaic Netscape two weeks ago.



Nooooooees! DO NOT WANT!

U can haz own wingnuts; we haz plentee nao.




I say old chap, but didn’t Sadly No create this new art form over a year ago with LOL Cons?


/scoff. LOLcthulu is much more du jour.


Over at MyPetJawa, Rusty posted a nasty pic of Helen Thomas.

As if there are any other kinds of pics of Broom Hilda…



i must bow before superior minds at crooked timber who came up with



superior minds at crooked timber

I think they found it and didn’t create it.


a jeez,
LOLwhatever has now jumped the cat now that Ace has discovered how to write text over images.


At least maybe now we can consign the weird english to Gary’s dustbin of NotFunny?

Hey, a I guy can hope….


Andrew A. Gill, SLS

Leon said,

How about this one?:


I did that with the Zell Miller picture years ago.

Also, LOLPhilosophers:



“And then Iz grabbed herz ass and…oh noes…Epic Fail!”






“Preznit give me turkee.
But I eatted it.


Shouldn’t that be PhiLOLsophers?


So ace actually posted S,N! run through some lolcat automator? What, teh Postmodernism generator was too new for him?
Is ace secretly an old person, who is constantly amazed the web does stuff?


The main theme of Hamburger’s[1] model of the neocapitalist paradigm of expression is the fatal flaw, and thus the stasis, of cultural sexual identity.

Totally. The golden arches are tits, I get it. Can I at least have Cloth Mommy? Wire Mommy is hurting me.


It is to sad forever that Ace is not in party hat.

late to the party

I knew I’d seen that face somwhere before.


Shouldn’t that be PhiLOLsophers?

The flickr group is called that. You get clever points for parallel invention, though.

The group is kind of amusing and has a few gems like this one.


The golden arches are tits

They are? Damn.

I’m gonna take a closer look at that dollar menu…



Hahahaha. Just like Right Wingers to arrive horribly late to an internet meme, do it horribly wrong, and in doing so, remind all of us of the comedic value of doing it to them.

Funding your own destruction was never so hilarious.

Innocent Bystander

Can he haz spelling lessons?


Typically, no one uses the words “I brilliantly” without it being sarcastically self-deprecating.


PhiLOLsophers is the funniest fucking thing ever. This one and this one and this one especially. And Smut might like this one.


And Smut might like this one.
I am so busted.

Can I at least have Cloth Mommy? Wire Mommy is hurting me.
My immoderate giggles are awaiting moderation.


Here is cloth mummy, pedestrian.

a concerned citizen

Sadly, LOL.


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