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…sure would be a shame if anything happened to it. An unidentified individual writes on his blog:

Favourite Website
Posted by: Darkwindow rocks dept.

Some guy named Pete runs a hilarious website called the dark window where he picks apart the arguments of right-wingnuts. His site is certainly the best of the genre, even though Sadly, No! (aparently run by some guy named Seb) is pretty good as well.

Excuse us? The Dark Window is funnier than Sadly, No!? Sadly, No! As a public service, we are happy to offer the comedy rankings of various internet sites, as compiled by our research department:

2. World O’Crap
3. Sadly, No!
4. The Unofficial Wayans Brothers Web Page
5. DVDs by Actress Nora Dunn
7. The Dark Window


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But, but, but, what about fafblog?


Yeah, Fafblog! At least Top 5!


What about me?

Top 10? Ok, I left out a zero. Maybe 2 zeros.

Never mind.


Fafblog?! Poor Man?!


Well, Fafblog certainly has the funniest color scheme we’ve seen in a while.


Poor Man got your number man.

this is gonna be a rumble.


For the record, my weblog is called “Happy Furry Puppy Story Time,” not “DVDs by Actress Nora Dunn.”


Agreed — the omission of fafblog is unconscionable. Giblets is way more funny than Henry Kissinger. Unless, of course, he is Henry Kissinger ( a real possibility).


The Poor Man could whip Henry the K’s ass with his pixels tied behind his back.

I like a man with big pixels.


Here’s some love for Norb that doesn’t, well, come from Norb, but Seb, are you, like, unaware of the existence of Tom Burka or something?


All well and good, but J.C. Christian, affectionately known as “Jesus’ General”, whose little soldier was killed by Bill Clinton, remains the funniest in my book.


Yes, Jesus’ General and fafblog emphatically deserve to make the list. You’re probably just afraid to list them because you figure if you do so one or more of your readers will die with laughter reading them, whereupon their survivors will sue your French-Canadian German expatriate ass for every cent you own.


The Henry Kissinger celebrity page has NO nude pics. What a disappointment.


Just wrote a note to the General this morning – he’s becoming one of my first stops.


Come on, dude! You’ve GOT to give Henry Kissinger more credit than that. He’s by far funnier than the Wayans brothers!


There’s somethin’ kind of funny about fafblog. It makes me think about things that I shouldn’t be thinking about like fashion and dance music.


What? DVDs with Nora Dunn doesn’t include her X-Files appearance?

Those who find Dr. Kissinger funny need to check out the website in question.


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