Ooh I love legitimate theater!

Ripped from the pages of Germany’s best-selling newspaper, we bring you this sordid tale of… perverse pornographic theater!

The “work” is supposed to be art that inspires and excites audience members. But now a play being produced in Hamburg has become a case for the police! A criminal investigation has been opened because hardcore pornography is taking place on stage!

It’s not easy being a police officer in Germany. You have to watch things like this.

Audience members watch hard core pornography for 105 minutes. All for a price of 27 Euros!

To think one can download the Paris Hilton video for free. (Or read about Britney Spears’ predilection for putting dildos in her mouth.)

The rest of this post, we dare say, is not work safe.

“Eugenie” then has sex with another woman while a man watches and masturbates. In the next scenes there is oral sex, actors cover themselves with food, urinate. Pornographic movies are shown on a giant screen. Audience members are invited to join the actors on stage. They are supposed to strip and masturbate. Two men accepted the invitation on the first evening.

Now, sadly, comes the more disturbing part:

One of the videos shown, which prompted the police inquiry, shows a woman having sex with a donkey.

Get your dirty hands off Oskar!


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Oral sex onstage in Hamburg? That could give new meaning to “I ate a juicy Hamburger” . . . .

Hieronymus Braintree

Obviously, the show should have transpired in Frankfurt.


Music for this production composed by Autobahn …


Sweet labowski reference, bra!


Sweet labowski reference, bra!


When you said NSFW, I thought there would be pictures. 😉 The last play I saw in Germany was a snoozer of a modern dance piece called “Marie Antoinette.” It was really terrible. My bf’s folks did not know what they had tickets to.
This seems rather embarrassing to watch, but as long as adults know what they’re getting into… Still, the pissing and donkey is too much.


I saw a play in Berlin some 15 years ago that starred Bruno Ganz and had him performing oral sex on a woman. So this isn’t exactly new territory for the Germans.

And would you believe it, I can’t remember the name of the play… You’d think that kind of thing would have stuck with me…

Oh yes I do — the Tour Guide (Die Fremdefuhrerin)


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