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Well, Pete M. kicked things off for the first year blogiversary of the inimitable S.Z., and that secret ceremony he forced us to perform when we asked him to guest blog for us now requires us to finish his review of World O’Crap’s greatest hits. (Don’t worry that secret ceremony doesn’t compel us to write long sentences without any punctuation whatsoever.)

Pete M. stopped his review at the first mention of his blog on WOC, and who can blame him? From his point of view that was arguably the high point of S.Z.’s blog. Really? Happily, No!

It’s true — the best was yet to come. (But behind the monitor, things were quickly falling apart for S.Z.) So what did we get to read over the past three months? What you’ve come to expect and love. Now on sale in aisle 1, kidney jokes:

And lastly, since there is no “hard evidence” of “higher ups” giving orders leading to the abuse (and no photos — that you know of — showing George Bush conducting his own Skull and Bones-style initiations of cabinet members), then you have to believe that the abuse stopped at the people charged by the military, or else Thomas gets one of your kidneys.

It wasn’t all kidney jokes (sadly) and TownHall summaries however. Sometimes WOC also featured summaries of third-rate conservative pundits — pundits who can’t even lay claim to the title of hottest young conservative writer on the web. People like Selwyn Duke, whose work can be summarized thusly:

Anyway, the rest of the piece is just about how women have such big egos these days that they get mad when you imply that they can’t do stuff as well as men can. However, if Selwyn says he can beat his 95-year-old aunt at tennis any day of the week, it doesn’t mean that he has a big ego, it’s just a statement of fact. So, women should just accept that men are the better athletes and go make bake some cookies or something.

Hmm, cookies. [In spite of the success of her blog however, friends say S.Z. was on the way to a drug filled self-destruction like her idol, Rush Limbaugh.] Moving deftly between serious theological posts on Family Circus predictions and insightful psychological analysis on the rearing of children by America’s Worst Mother, S.Z. shows us that a blog need not only cover frivolous topics like Amber Pawlik’s breasts to be funny. Instead, a blog that combines the adam’s apple of Ann Coulter and the manners of Bill O’Reilly can thrive on that little thing they call the internet. So here’s to you Mrs. Robinson: a happy first blogiversary, see you at the party.


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World O’Tribute: S.Z. Turns One

August 20th, 2003: Exactly one year ago today. It was a day that started like any other day. The sun rose, Rush Limbaugh popped a few pills, and Wing Nuts all over the country shrieked. Yet this day turned out to be far from ordinary.

Had you been…


S.Z.’s post about Scott McClellan coming home to find the wife boffing some other guy was very funny — even though S.Z. gave the wife two different names and didn’t correct it after I e-mailed her about it.


Frederick, I swear I never got your email. I think McClellan must have intercepted it and part of a White House plan to cover up his bigamy.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words, both from you and from the inebriated Seb. You guys are the greatest! You know, when compared to the other people who didn’t say nice things about the anniversary of my blog.


S.Z. shows us that a blog need not only cover frivolous topics like Amber Pawlik’s breasts to be funny

S.Z. prefers covering topics like the breasts of Mommy of the Family Circus (which are actually more interesting than Amber’s because they fluctuate so wildly in size from one day to the next).


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