Well, you whined asked for it

And to think that it only took us a year to implement code that’s been available for 3 years.

Given that there’s no consensus as to which is best (dark or light background,) we’ve followed The Editors‘ lead and added the possibility for you, the user, to switch back and forth between our regular style and Georgia Blue Plain Jane. (See “How should I look” on the right.)

For reasons we are too drunk to explore the result isn’t entirely satisfactory in IE6, with the links on the right being displayed on some weird blue background. If you know why, tell us. If you don’t and want to complain, leave us alone, we’re drunk!


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(sound of monitors exploding)
agh! jeez!

well seb, there goes that readership. nobody will ever trust you again.


nobody will ever trust you again.

Who trusted him before?


Shh! He’s drunk and doesn’t know we’re here.

It’s all peaceful and black in here still. Not like the eye-stabbing photon blast a page back.

I’m trapped here, actually. I can’t hit the ‘back’ button without the pain taking over.


sound of monitors exploding

That was just me dropping my wine glass. Sorry.


Check your background: property in the css for those divs. Looks like you’re setting the text color correctly, but the backgrounds are being fed a different value…


I can hear your voice, Seb, but I can’t see you. Why is it so dark in here?

…Oh no. A distant, swirly glow — a tunnel. I can’t feel my body.

Not yet, Seb! It’s too soon! I want to go back!


The gray’s OK. But go back to that zestier orange or whatever for linked text.


Never mind the colour scheme: under Opera the text of hyperlinks is about 20 point. In the right-hand column it all overlaps. That is fugly.


That’s a great idea and should please everybody. IE really sucks and is hard to code for. 8(


It looks fine to me in IE 6.0.28, but the dotted line around the content moves ever so slightly when you mouse-over the links. It’s strange.


So, may this be considered a Sadly, No flip-flop?


The brain processes black-on-white a good 30% faster than white-on-black. I’m in favor of fast.




I ADMIRED that layout in Opera. It looked designy, and like nothing else on the Web.

Most people never saw the site that way, but it’s worth looking at, if you have Opera and grab up an old page from the Google-cache.

Whether it’s replicable for other browsers, I don’t know.


Scorpio you totally made that up.


Z: We’re using the styles straight from MT without changes. The fact that they work in Firefox and not in IE makes us too mad to get it figured out.

SW: We’ve gone to a new and different zesty color for links.

Re: Opera — yes, the one time we saw S,N! in Opera we weren’t impressed.


Black background. Screw the naysayers.


Thank you for the option to remain white on black. Who knew my comment would have such an impact?


Thank you for the option to remain white on black. Who knew my comment would have such an impact?


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