I keed, I keed!

Following up on Atrios’ post here, here we go:

I thought my blog was done,
But that’s not what they say
Do an insult post,
We need it for blog showcase

Cram in the bloggers
It?s time to take a long hard pee
Time to mess up the biz
Like our pal Andy

[Verse One]
Fox News books, that’s what I look for,
In the discount bin of my local Target store.
Hannity or Colmes, oh which should I pick,
It’s like choosing which freeper post to link.
And when I want something even more fruity and fit,
I look up K for Kurtz or C for CNN.
So many skills Howard?s making a buck at,
Does he write, does he host, he doesn’t know what to suck at!
Now as for the bitches, let?s give Lileks thanks,
For the rant that launched a million girly rants.
You were a pundit, that had to think hard,
You had more lies in your mouth than the Weekly Standard.

I Keed, I Keed
He’s just making little jokes,
I joke with you,
Little blog, Little jokes,
I Keed, I Keed,
He’s just making little jokes,
and you?re a good writer too.

[Verse Two]
Now lets go to Insta,
Where they won’t link to me,
That blogger?s brain is in a jar in MT.
But you can see Andrew in all his sluthood
It’s like reading Kaus but the grammar?s not as good.
I want to stuff my PC?s floppy with a dollar
Still I’d read you if I could find my monitor.
You’re harder than Andrew seeing Bush pander,
Only Den Beste can write more than you!
And yet you’re too dumb for the NYT to hire,
They’re checking out the faculty at Rensselaer
Soon Glenn will try to get Linda Tripp,
To blog for him and I don’t mean online!
Was the first blogger our own Colonel Ollie?
His articles premiere in the WorldNet Daily.
I believe they set up an innocent guy.
You know what else? I believe I can fly…


Now look how frickin cool those guys from the freepers are
Their ideas are three times as old as my posts are
Hey Tom Friedman guy, is that an analogy or a metaphor?
Shouldn’t you be teaching high school gym mister?
Hey Townhall, maybe you should be Clownhall.
The retards of The Corner, I like you so much more.
Somehow your group blog reminds me of the precious
I think that when it’s over, Smeagol hates you
Yo Jonah, is that your beard or a tattoo?
I didn’t know Supercuts had a drive through
Yo Kim, what the hell kinda name is that?
That’s about as manly as an Easter Bonnet hat.
And Rush says he?s clean now, you make the call
The guy’s higher than Billy Joel’s cholesterol,
Kos there’s only room for one liberal blog putz
And I can write, can you make Luskin go nuts?
William Safire, are you in journalism still?
I didn’t know having a hunch was a skill.
K.Lo, K.Lo the giant blog-o
For a blogger?s hit count, that’s the holy grail-o
Coulter?s blog?s fine, but she won?t post.
I watched Tom Friedman for a thrill
I emailed Luskin and got too stalky feely
He let loose a lawsuit that was dumber than O?Reilly?s.


Tammy Bruce, democrat queen, now there’s a kidder,
Go back to NOW, they need a janitor
James Lileks, hey Target fan, are you kidding?
Write a post with a fucking meaning
And on the list of pooches, don’t leave off TCS,
I scared Glassman, so they gave the hook to me.
President Bush, why do you find me so scary?
We?re just two regular dudes who masturbate to Chalabi.
Wipe off that frown, just do without
Hey my mom was a bitch too, but I don’t go writing posts about it



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hey, sadly, i corrected my link on my blog. if i can only increase my linking skills, my typing skills, my analytical skills and my giving a flying f**k if people care about my capitaliazation skill skills, i might have a blog!

good work.


ur a fucking dum ass bitch ass nigga get over it i’m getto and got a phatty

Sierra Sue Patterson

Only when we have nothing to say do we say anything at all.


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