I know I’ve said it before, but…

Lost is the best show on tee-vee. If you’ve never seen it, get the first season on DVD in your Netflix queue. You’ll thank me for it.

William F. Buckley adds:



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Smiling Mortician

Stop teasing me, dammit! As a proudly TeeVee-less-American since the early 1990s, my knowledge of such things is limited to Netflix. You current-season snobs persist in taunting those of us who must remain content with Season 3 until whenever . . .


Fank kew, brova.


Desmond, brova. Great work tonight. Good to see you restuck in time again.


Don’t spoil it. I have to wait for the HD rip to come online to watch, or rather I’ve chosen to this season.
It is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better this season than last.


West coast; still waiting for the new episode. But this season has been great so far.


I have no opinion on tv shows.

Ask me about underpants.

That’s where we’ll get to the nub of the thing…



West coast; still waiting for the new episode.

Savor tonight’s. It’s one of the best the show has ever aired.


I can’t believe those two finally did it. Tears all around.



Best show ever was Action.

C’mon? Titus Scroad? Genius!


I dunno, I tried that show for most of the first season and just never got gripped. All the conflict seemed to come from people being paranoid and stubborn or stupid. That may be true to life, but if I wanted life I wouldn’t watch TV.


(I was talking about Lost. Oops).


I liked the look on Joe’s face when Elvis sunk his teeth in.


My friend who got me stuck on Lost about midway through the third season says Desmond is Merlin.

Keep that in mind, he hasn’t steered me wrong yet.


That was a good one tonight – they’ve been uniformly good this season. I’ve been rewatching the entire series online, which you can do here if you’re so inclined.


Yesterday my aardvark Sing Lee A-Cha-Cha died disproportionally. I don’t know how she got stuck in that sink. My question is to Allah… Why did it have to be my Sing Lee A-Cha-Cha?


I just liked that they finally showed Fisher Stevens after having him in the credits for the past 6 episodes.

I’m starting to think they’re just going to run the whole season with Harold Perrineau in the credits without ever showing him, just to fuck with us.


Tonight was second only to the finale of season 2. Fisher Stevens was great, and I love the Desmond story. I’m waiting for Michael’s return. However, the Wire is the best show on TV.


Episode 8. Ep. 7 will probably involve some sort of Michael cliffhanger – my guess is, he’s the captain of the boat. When they see him, I hope he yells “WALT!” and they cut to black.


My guess is that Michael was the fellow who opened the door for Desmond and Sayid. I loved that those two had all the face-time tonight.


Oh, and while Lost is indeed great, The Wire is a class unto itself.
The Wire is the Jim Brown of tv.


I’ll be honest, I’ve been disappointed with the hook of this season. I like the media stuff, I wish they’d even show more of it, but the serial killer story has left me cold.


The progression of this LOST season ALMOST makes me feel ok about Jimmy McNulty’s impending doom. Almost.


I think the serial killer device is Jimmy’s (perhaps clunky) white whale, or his tilting at windmills. It is the desperate act of a man fed up. Not only that, but it will also aid in the ruin of Bunk, Lester, Carcetti, and Daniels. It has already ruined Omar due to Marlow still being on the street.


I quite enjoy this running WFB tombstone gag.

However, the best show on TV is Battlestar Galactica.


I definitely agree about Lost, and it certainly seems like they turned the dial up to 11 this season.


However, the best show on TV is Battlestar Galactica.

Metalocalypse. Everythings else is totally dildos.


Fuck. I can’t believe I forgot Lost was on tonight.

Also, I love the Wire, and only partly because I live in Baltimore. The 9th episode of this season was by far my favorite of the series. It’s weird that someone liked the media stuff since that’s what I’ve seen criticized the most. I like all of it, realistic or not.


bit torrent nub skillet! who rents tv? HD epps can be found for all seasons, including this one (im dling tonights right now)



Sorry, lost interest, round about episode 6 in the first series.


bit torrent nub skillet! who rents tv?

That would be wrong. We on the left have principles.


sure you could get it off of itunes, and pay for worse quality!


Considering that my employer can track my moves with the GPS chip embedded in my employee ID tag, the whole premise of Lost made little sense to me. Of course my employer thinks I’m asleep in a desk drawer right now….


Metalocalypse. Everythings else is totally dildos.

Can’t argue with that. Brutal.


I think I liked Lost better when it was called The Prisoner and not produced by the genius behind Armageddon, Felicity, and Alias.


I completely blew it off midway through the first season. I’d keep hearing how good it was, and try an episode here and there, but it didn’t catch. I started watching this season, and now I’m hooked. I still feel like there are about fifty sub-plots I have no idea about that are inside jokes to the faithful. Meh.


If it makes you feel better, it’s possible twenty-five of those sub-plots are inside jokes to the writing staff and even the faithful are just getting jerked around.


Lost. Good? eh, not really.
The best? Oh, fuck no.
That would be The Wire.


My GF has been trying to get me into Lost. I do think it’s very well-written, the ensemble is really good too. I must admit that this season seems better than last, too. Maybe because not everything has to happen on the stupid island now.

I just ignore the sub-plots. Most of ’em don’t seem to matter much except to obsessive fans.


wait, did someone just suggest that Michael is Ben’s “man on the boat?” dammmmmmnnn. That would be interesting.


For all y’all complaining about not being able to get previous seasons/episodes of Lost, it looks like the whole thing is online at ABC.com for free. Just fyi.


Sorry, but I lost Lost interest about midway through the first episode I saw.

On the other hand, The Vicar of Dibley was great! Who knew I had something in common with Billy Boy Buckley!

And Billy Boy, the wedding episode starts here. Now that you are dead, you have plenty o’ time to watch it.


I tried to get hooked on Lost during the first season, due to my mother’s enthusiasm for the show. Unfortunately, I missed a few episodes, and couldn’t pick up the string. But I can’t suspend disbelief enough to become a faithful watcher because I don’t understand how the really chubby character hasn’t lost any weight since being stranded on a desert island. Really, I can believe there’s a mysterious entity knocking over trees in the jungles, that there are weapons caches secreted in caves, etc. I just can’t believe that the chubby guy hasn’t lost a few pounds by now.


And Billy Boy, the wedding episode starts here.

Ah. So that’s where he got the idea of our wedding attendants being Daleks. Thanks for nothing, BBC!


Greetings folks.

Sorry for the OT post but I was wondering if anyone at Sadly No would care to dissect this road kill of an article I came across:

I refuse to retype the headline but here’s the link.



I fucking hate J. J. Abrams and don’t want anything to do with any of his stuff. So I’m really conflicted about the upcoming Star Trek prequel.


I just can’t believe that the chubby guy hasn’t lost a few pounds by now.

&, why doesn’t everyone’s hair look terrible, why hasn’t someone been driven crazy by a toothache or a broken toe or diarrhea that won’t go away? & how is it that their clothes are all intact still?

Same things occurred to me.


Sorry for the OT post but I was wondering if anyone at Sadly No would care to dissect this road kill of an article I came across:

“Dissect”? How do you dissect a mutated abortion? & why?

Would be better if we all went to the site and rated that piece of crap propaganda down into the ground.


Who is that idiot (author) and why isn’t his name on the byline?

what a load of horseshit.I particularly like the line where he says we didn’t invade Iraq.


I just can’t believe that the chubby guy hasn’t lost a few pounds by now.

We faithful fans know that’s because among the many things the Dharma initiative has brought to the island, it has brought ranch dressing and other fattening food. Which Hurley eats straight out of the jar. (No, I’m not making this up.) There are amenities (showers, clothes, antibiotics, etc.) on the island, you just have to know where to find them. And by this time the survivors have found most of them. Including places where there might be some Pantene Pro-V.

Great episode last night. I love all the Desmond episodes.


and why isn’t his name on the byline?

A residual sense of shame? Or just doesn’t want to be vulnerable to challenge?


Poor Buckley. The wedding episode was one of the funniest.


Here’s an email link to their editorial department. I am in the process of asking them why they defecated on my computer screen.



I’ve never watched ‘Lost’, but it’s hard to avoid the promos, so I have a dumb question. How does the enormously obese Guy stay that way after years on a Deserted Island? It’s so obvious I’m sure they made up an explanation to cover it, but still, even if there’s some secret stash of high caloric food you gotta figure he’d lose a little by now.


This is a great season, but I actually found the “solution” to Desmond’s problem rather contrived (yes, my nerd slip is showing). There are plenty of areas where I am more than happy to suspend disbelief, but that one was a stretch.
His sensitivity to the effects of leaving the island and his visions of the future are probably linked though.


What you people smoking, and can I has some?

Lost sucks my ass; it’s a case for the return of radio as the primary means of entertainment.


The fact is, in blaming America first for al-Qaida in Iraq’s presence, Barack Obama shows the difference between being glib and being articulate and just why John McCain should be president of the United States.

It was as if Neville Chamberlain was blaming World War II on Winston Churchill, or if someone had claimed Hitler wouldn’t have invaded France if the British hadn’t put their expeditionary force there first.

In an incredible long-distance exchange with McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee for president, Sen. Obama first states that he would send soldiers back to Iraq “if al-Qaida is forming a base in Iraq.”

When McCain responded that “al-Qaida in Iraq” has that name because it is already there, Obama replied that there was “no such thing as al-Qaida in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain decided to invade Iraq.”

Slick Willie, meet slicker Barack, who is blissfully unaware that terrorists hate us for what we are, not what we do.

There are many reasons why we liberated Iraq, and John McCain whispering in George Bush’s ear was not one of them. We did not “invade” Iraq. We went in under authority of U.N. Resolution 1441, which gave Saddam Hussein a “final opportunity” to give a full accounting of what happened to the WMD that the mass murderer used against his neighbors and own people, or there would be “serious consequences.” Saddam didn’t, and there were.

We’re sure Obama would rather have used some “aggressive personal diplomacy,” as he so glibly puts it, on Saddam. His policy would be to bomb an ally such as Pakistan while talking to a soon-to-be nuclear adversary such as Iran.

And as long as Obama’s borrowing phraseology from other politicians, we’re surprised he hasn’t paraphrased the words of the late William Borah, whom he rivals in naivete.

On hearing of the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, the Idaho senator lamented: “Lord, if only I could have talked with Hitler, all this might have been avoided.”

Ah, if only Barack had been able to talk with Saddam …

Whether we’re talking about Saddam’s Iraq, al-Qaida, or other states and terrorist groups, the fact is that they were and are linked by a common enemy and goal — they want the U.S. destroyed. They are allies as much as Germany, Japan and Italy were allies in World War II. They may not coordinate every jot and tittle of their efforts, but the enemy of their enemy is their friend.

That there were links was confirmed by Lee Hamilton, vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission, who said that the commission did not disagree with the administration’s assertion that there were connections between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Added Thomas Kean, commission chairman: “There were contacts between Iraq and al-Qaida, a number of them, some of them a little shadowy. They were definitely there.”

Indeed there were. For example, Abdul Rahman Yasin, a member of the al-Qaida cell that detonated the 1993 World Trade Center bomb, found safe haven in Iraq, and documents recently found in Tikrit indicate that Saddam provided Yasin with both a home and a salary. Why?

Back in 1999, ABC News reported that Saddam had offered bin Laden asylum, citing their “long relationship” and a December 1998 meeting in Afghanistan between Osama and Iraqi intelligence chief Faruq Hijazi. And so on, and so on.

In 1998, the Clinton Justice Department alleged in an indictment against bin Laden that “al-Qaida reached an understanding with the government of Iraq that al-Qaida would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al-Qaida would work cooperatively with the government of Iraq.”

As the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes has reported, reams of captured documents show that elite Iraqi military units trained some 8,000 al-Qaida terrorists. They belonged to groups such as Algeria’s GSPC, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ansar al Islam and the Sudanese Liberation Army, at camps in Samarra, in Ramadi and at Salman Pak, where a Boeing 707 fuselage was used for terrorist training.

Perhaps Obama has an explanation for Iraqi intelligence operative Ahmed Hikmat Shaker helping one of the 9/11 hijackers get to Malaysia and attending the Kuala Lumpur meeting in January 2000 with two of the hijackers, a meeting roundly acknowledged to be the initial 9/11 planning session.

The charge that our liberation of Iraq has caused terrorists to flock to Iraq disproves Obama’s own argument that Iraq is not central to the war on terror. Better they flock to Iraq to be killed by American and Iraqi troops than flock to a Pittsburgh or Detroit to execute plans to kill Americans here.

A President McCain will understand that.


Awright, I seen it, n yeah, wow. Lost can have the title of best show that’s not the Wire. In two episodes that’ll just mean best show, anyhow. I vaguely worry this means Desmond is gonna die soon, tho.


I enjoyed a show very similar, in fact almost identical to, Lost when I was young. It was called All My Children. I watched it for years…unfortunately, I have no recollection of anything ever happening.


All “drama” no action


I love Lost but I thought last night’s show was pretty horrible. Trite nonsense like the out-of-commission radio that is magically and easily fixed just long enough to save the day? Weird time-vortex happenings will all be neatly fixed if Desmond simply latches on to his emotional anchor? Good grief.


Anything that can echo Billy Pilgrim being unstuck in time is alright by me. I’ll stay with Lost until the end.


How does the enormously obese Guy stay that way after years on a Deserted Island?

Episodes do not measure actual passage of time.

The plane crashed in 2004.

They’ve been on an island for maybe 90-100 days so far.

It is still 2004 in the show as of yesterday.

This has been, “answers to annoying questions about Lost.”


The next person who asks how come Hurley’s still fat has to watch the last three series again with those annoying popups at the bottom of the screen.

The real question is how did Daniel have time to teach Eloise the maze before she died? Answer me that, Gary Ruppert.



If I was going to make a stupid time-based assumption, I would probably ask, “why is Aaron still three-moths old when they’ve been on TV for four years?!”

Maybe I’m just willing to accept a big fat guy on TV.


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