Ecumenical Pants-Off Dance-Off!!1!

Balloon Juice says go, we say yes:*

See, it has Muslims in it.

Okay seriously, here’s another. Whatcha got, y’all RINOs?

* Cf.


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What was that?


As usual, we innocent bystanders suffer the most.



I almost forgot our mission to spread Teh Ghey and terrorize Gary:


You kids and your filthy rock’n’roll. A good strong dose of Lawrence Welk will straighten you out:

In case you don’t make it all the way to the end, Herr Welk’s “outro” describes the Brewer and Shipley classic as “a modern spiritual.” It certainly brought ME closer to God. Enjoy!


NobodySpecial said,

February 26, 2008 at 21:27

I almost forgot our mission to spread Teh Ghey and terrorize Gary:

Perhaps Gary would like to do a little soccer practice.

BTW, your links aren’t working. I have to copy & paste the text.


Oh god.

Having grown up in a household where “Pop! pssshhhh” was a staple every Sunday evening, the mere mention of LW sends me cowering under my desk with the dry heaves.

Thanks a lot.


[…] says dance, we say “How High, […]


What about Saffy in Morocco slathered in yogurt?

Not a song, true, but yum!


Oh Blancmange.

I will raise you these pinks.

Kissing the.


Vicious. Oh crap- You Tube fails on the Vicious Pink. Gavmo???


Hrmm. It seems when I cut and paste the links, it forces me back to the thread.

/sigh. Defeatened by the intournetts, indeed.


Nobody, in order to continue my quest for my M.O.O. (Master’s in Overstating the Obvious) you’re doing it wrong. Here‘s the correct way. See the second example where they show how a link to their own site looks.


What would Chairman Mao say
If he knew what they’re doing with his wife today?

ATLien in the Mist

For the huge wave of fey Britpop in the 80’s, I blame Thatcher.


Awesome video!

Here’s one:




I owned … wow, I STILL own this single- picture sleeve. Import. I was embarrassed about it then, I’m embarrassed about it now. Awful New-Wave

Adam Ant, Goody Two Shoes, aka the opening theme for Hot Fuzz. Still raises a smile

Arky "I just get these headaches" The Blasphemer

I almost forgot our mission to spread Teh Ghey and terrorize Gary:

Oh yeah?

This one was banned in Britain for flagrant use of the “H” word.

Guaranteed to flush Ghary right out of the ‘tubes.


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