Hit me baby one more time

Earlier this week, someone drove into our parked car (in all likelihood because of our Bush/Cheney sticker but who knows for sure?) The car (a Toyota Yaris) is now in the shop, being repaired at someone else’s expense. The car we got to drive around while we wait? This:


We can live with that.


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Cute, but what is it?


Stupid European cars! We Americans spit on your tiny effeminate European Cars! Ptoeey! Well, except for the Mini, we like the Mini. And Scions are doing well. But everythin else? Ptttoeeey!


That car is like so gay.

(I want one!!)


Needs some dubs and hydraulics.

Neon lights around the bottom would be a nice touch too.


In the spirit of the next post:



What a total POS. I’d love to see you drive that around in downtown NYC, the first Hummer it encounters would probably scare it away.


You do realize that you have to give it back, right? And hiring someone else to ram the Yaris again is not entirely legal. Got that?


The Car Bug

I must be hit by the car ownership bug after all. Because, I look at a picture of a car like this one mentioned at Sadly No and I look at the car with unfeigned lust. Mind you, I still…


You should at least drive a more ecologically sound Toyota Prius instead of that Yaris thing. After all, the greatest bloggers are famous for their asceticism. The mighty Atrios doesn’t own a car. Kos is a vegan. Pete M. emulates Gandhi by abstaining from sex, and testing his resolve by sleeping with naked virgins. S.Z. only sees movies at bargain matinees.

OK, I’m stretching. And I made up the part about Pete sleeping with naked virgins.


Pete tries to, Frederick, so it still counts.


Thanks, Alison.


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