The little people… they love Adam!

Adam Yoshida is no stranger to readers of Sadly, No! There are a lot of reasons for that of course, among them the always reliably craptacular quality of Adam’s writing:

Napoleon Muhammad: The ?Emperor? of the Islamic Republic of France is a distant relation of the original Bonaparte- a half-French, half-Algerian who was initially elected as the President of the Fifth Republic in 2037, the new Napoleon fused together France?s rising Islamist tide with a growing and virulent strain of ultra-rightism.

The best response was posted in the comments at Adam’s web site by the management of Hairy Fish Nuts:

I do wish you’d work in more Ninjas, talking pies and laser swords in your fictions.

Speaking of Hairy Fish Nuts, they also offer their thoughts on NewsMax:

I love NewsMax, it’s so transparent and sloppy, it’s like if Pravda were run by monkeys who had three quarters of their brains sliced out and replaced with shredded copies of L. Ron Hubbard novels.

Ah, to be witty and sarcastic like the other kids!


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And the chronicler of the new Napoleon fused together a rising tide of rightist blather with a growing and virulent strain of comma splices!


“This (along with the discovery of other secret Moslems throughout French history) is repeated on a continuous basis by the government and is widely believed both by increasingly indoctrinated French youth and the nation?s Islamic population (which is now nearing a majority).”

Dang, I hate it when I get the runs too.

How’s this:

Yoshida’s prose was running on and on and on with nary a period in sight when he crossed the intersection between grammatic terror and outright Islamo-Franco-phobic incoherance in his search for narrative, witticism, and insight. (whew)


“the nation’s Islamic population (which is now nearing a majority).”

The real figure is something like 10-12%.


These books also claim that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake

Is this like some Neocon revisionist history meme, that she *wasn’t*, and that’s why Yoshida is presenting it with a bunch of Orwellian stuff in his AU?


Yes, but Iceman, they’re having lots of kids, while those homosexual Frenchies aren’t, so they’re going to outbreed all the White Europeans of Christian Cultural Background, like Adam Y, and you know how quickly these populations of unrestrained inferior Irish-Catholics can explode and overtake the – wait, I got my centuries mixed up in mid-racial-paranoiac rant, there…


Judging from the comments at Adam’s site, the only people who read his weblog are leftists who enjoy making fun of him. At least he doesn’t censor all the negative comments, you have to give him that.


Nah, rik, go back a bit via HFN and in the Moslems Take Over Canada comments there is a sock-puppet type named Allan who does the “Vampire! You fools, there are Vampires all around you!” shtik.


I know someone who claims that Napoleon was secretly inclined to Islam, and that the Code Napoleon reflects the influence of Sharia Law.
I can’t see it myself, but he says it is. Here:
“David Musa Pidcock is currently editing The Other Road to Serfdom by the late Arthur Swan, a history of the abuse of money covering sixty years of economic and monetary policy. He has also organised the translation from the French into English of Napoleon et l’Islam by Christian Cherfils, published in 1914, which chronicles Napoleon Bonaparte’s conversion to Islam in 1798, leading to the Code Napoleon, the French civil law adaptation of Islamic law.”


No, if that had been for real, Rowan, we’d have heard about it from Hillaire Belloc and company. They were already bonkers about The Islamic Threat (you can pry our grappa from our cold dead fingers) by WWI, and Belloc’s native-born British pals were also up in arms about the effort to “frenchify” Britain by making them adopt the metric system.

If there had been a way to plausibly combine the two Furrin Perils, they would have written book after wild-eyed book about it, which would even now be being reprinted by Christendom Press and reviewed in First Things.


Napoleon Mohammad? I just saw that movie! It was hilarious! I don’t remember anything about France in it, but it has a cool dirt bike in it, and tater tots. I definitely recommend it.


So, wait a sec… Read the little description top left: “This blogger is maintained by Adam Teiichi Yoshida”. So, who (or what) is “the blogger” he is “maintaining”, i.e. the entity doing the actual blogging?

Assuming that one would not speak of “maintaining” a human being (although with ultra-conservatives, it’s hard to know what their attitudes towards serfdom run to), it seems that Mr. Yoshida either has a pretty smart trained animal or particularly crappy AI program churning out the crap on his blog.

You know, it would certainly explain a thing or two.


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