Why I read Roy every day

It’s stuff like this:

Unlike the Perfesser, we are less inclined to find delicious ironies in the death of innocents…

Heh. Indeed. Read the whole thing.


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Same reason I do, then. Roy is a gifted phrase-turner and can point out bullshit with astounding precision and economy. The soul of wit, demonstrated.

Arky "I Just Get These Headaches" The Blasphemer

I know it’s uncharitable, unkind and un-lots of other liberul stuff, but I want to walk up to the cretins who chant “Ha, ha, told you!” in response to mass murder and kick them in the nuts until they puke blood.


Arky, can I assist you in any way with this task?


Yeah, that oughta be the Perfesser’s tagline:

“Finding delicious ironies in the death of innocents since 2001, indeed.”


Heh, indizzle! Reynolds = Clown.


Also, looks like Althouse is filling in for Glennocide over at InstaDoofus. Might be worth a gander.


Can we find out if any of his students pack heat during class? Tbogg made a good point. Those who do would most likely turn their guns on themselves.

During class.



Florida schools to teach evolution as theory only
State education officials bow to pressure on compromise to satisfy religious right

The compromise would require teaching that Darwin’s proposal — that natural selection has driven the evolution of many species from a few common ancestors over billions of years — has yet to be conclusively proven.

“To say there is no debate is ridiculous,” said board member Phoebe Raulerson. “Then why are we here today?”

The panel includes the word “evolution” in state science standards for the first time, but it is relegated to a place among a host of ideas, including Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

on the plus side “Isaac Newton’s law of gravity is taught as undisputed fact.”

wow, I’m shocked. I mean why not throw Newton out too. It’s not as if their brains aren’t floating free of an oxygen supply.


For me it’s a tossup between Roy and James Wolcott. I’m slightly inclined toward Wolcott, mostly because he’s a bit more vicious, which I tend to like. But really, I’ll take both of them.


The answer is always more guns!

I heart Wolcott.


In some alternate universe where the Instaputz got his wish and all college students were armed there is this Sadly, No! post:

“No one could have foreseen the negative impact of arming hung-over, hormone-raging, free-for-the-first-time-in-there-lives 20 year olds with automatic weaponry.”

Update: Victor David Hanson chastises the other students for not drawing faster.


Oh it’s not at all surprising. You see, it’s no longer necessary to actually know anything about your subject; look at any of the The Perpetually Wrong Pundits.

All you need is an opinion. They have no idea what a “theory” is. But they have an opinion so Teh LAW it shall be. Legislation of the people, by the dumb, for the ideology.


Florida schools to teach evolution as theory only

I don’t have any problem with that, as long as the first thing they teach is what scientists mean by “theory” and how different their meaning is from that of some dumbfuck preacher.



The amusing thing about that is that Newton’s law of universal gravitation is known to be wrong. Or at least only applies to objects at relatively low velocity and mass. It’s been trumped by the {cough}{cough}theory{cough}{cough} of general relativity


Good luck on that, tigrismus. I was taught by Florida public schools, and honestly, I’m constantly surprised my peers don’t all go out into the rain, looking up with their mouths open, and drowning.


As a gun-owning liberal, I keep bringing this point up to gun-fetishizing conservatives: if the unrestricted prevalence of guns made for a safer environment, the safest places in America would be gang-infested inner cities. And yet strangely, those areas actually feature the highest murder rate in the nation. Which sort of suggests that factors other than mere possession of a gun may enter into the gun-violence equation.

I haven’t yet heard a convincing counterpoint from the Professor Poopypantses of this world; perhaps they’re too busy chuckling at all the ironic dead people, or formulating new ways to blame the victims.


“To say there is no debate is ridiculous,” said board member Phoebe Raulerson. “Then why are we here today?”

She’s sort of right, except she’s addressing a misquotation. The correct statement is, “There is no debate among people who have working brains.”


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