We’re obviously not watching the right Olympic games

According to Germany’s best-selling newspaper, this is the favorite “athlete” in Women’s Breaststroke.

We don’t know where you work but chances are this link isn’t work safe.


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I clicked before I read the second line.

Oops, now I am going to be fired.


Definitely not very aerodynamic.


Unfortunately, the pun works better in English. Unless, of course, schwimmen has a double meaning I’m unaware of.

Not to say that “breast-swimming” is a bad thing…


I knew I learned German for a good reason!


damn I miss Germany. They have great beer, billboards featuring topless nuns, many other fine amusements.


Uhhh Gryn … that would be ‘hydrodynamic’, not aerodynamic.

My hypothesis is that the erectile tissues in the nipples would act as vortex generators keeping the boundary layer intact and resulting in less drag. When you consider the fact that the specific gravity of mammaries is less than 1, you would also have a net lift which should result in less mass being in the water and therefore subject to less drag.

Of course the only way to test this is to be present with the subject in a small body of water, e.g. a bathtub; add a substance to increase the surface tension of the water, say like Mr. Bubbles and light a couple of candles.

Experiment … what experiment, I just wanted to get her alone in a bubble bath!


You should see their entry for the pole vault!


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